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In Feng Shui A Little Common Sense Will Help Appease Our Worries!

Published Agosto 2, 2016 by jptan2012

Several months ago somebody called me who is quite frantic, because her prayer bead or mantra bead or mala broke while she was using it. She was really scared that this is an omen of extreme bad luck. In the same manner, I was reminded of another call that happened a few years back, a friend called me because his citrine with nine – eyed DZI bracelet broke just when he was about to take it off. He became worried also that this is also an omen of financial bad luck.

But you see the lady who called me about the broken mala has been using her mala for more than 10 years already. And the guy has had his citrine beads with nine – eyed DZI bracelet for almost 2 years, and he takes it off and wears it everyday. So you see, common sense dictates that there is no omen. It is really just bound to happen because of wear and tear.

Nevertheless, I cannot blame them from panicking, because a lot of Feng Shui writers will attribute such occurrence as an omen. And in some way, they may be correct, but this is where common sense should come in.

If you have been using your mala for more than 10 years it is bound to break, maybe earlier if the quality of the string used is not so good. Beaded bracelet needs to be replaced every year because the garterized thread or nylon thread used in those bead bracelets if stretched everyday will only last about a year, sometimes even shorter if you live in a hot weather and if the quality is bad. So you see, they are bound to break, and not every breakage is a sign of bad omen.

When should you worry, if the incident of the breakage is somewhat can’t be explained. Like a 2 – week old mala breaking off, or a bracelet breaking off without an apparent reason, that’s when it should be considered as a bad omen. What should you do if this happened? Consult a Feng Shui or if one is not available, take a sea salt or rock salt bath to help take away the negative energy.


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How To Handle Worries

Published Setyembre 17, 2015 by jptan2012

worry-quotes-photos-for-facebook-share-4-6369af7eI felt the need to write this post because I know that a lot of us are natural worrywarts. That is we tend to worry about something even if we have all the necessary charms and amulets. Sometimes, even if we have the Vajrapani Ruel or the Surangama Mantra Amulet, we still worry a lot.

The truth is, I used to be like that, but I find it that channeling my worries to a more positive energy like chanting mantras is a very effective way to control my worries and at the same time it creates a lot of positive energy that is extremely beneficial.

I choose a mantra that is appropriate for my worries, but if you have the Vajrapani Ruel you can chant the mantra OM VAJRAPANI HUM.

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Attracting Good Luck – It’s Not All About Feng Shui

Published Mayo 14, 2012 by jptan2012

Why do some people, even if they take care of their Feng Shui, still attract bad luck? One reason is karma, but another reason is that for some of us, we tend to concentrate too much on the negative.

I just read two Yahoo! articles that are too good for me not to share here. I think there is something that we all can learn from here. Please take time out to read them. Below are the links….


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