Myth Buster 14: Feng Shui Works 100% of the Time

Published Setyembre 1, 2013 by jptan2012

I recently got an email asking whether Feng Shui works 100% of the time. This got me thinking, whether Feng Shui really works 100% of the time. The truth is I’ve already written about WHY FENG SHUI DON’T ALWAYS WORK more than a year ago.

However, I believe that it is worth writing about it again, this time I would like to stress two of the major reasons that I have observed why Feng Shui don’t always work. The reasons I’m writing about now is an expounding of the last reason that I’ve written in WHY FENG SHUI DON’T ALWAYS WORK which is BEING TOO NEGATIVE.

A number of emails that I receive are from women who looking for love or wants to have the ‘love of their life’ return to them. Modesty aside, I’m happy to share that there are a number of them who got their lover/partner back, and that’s because they either got the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT or thru asking them to fix something in their room or house, or one which is through a powerful amulet pendant from Thailand.

Nevertheless, recently one of them got separated again, and she came to me complaining that Feng Shui only worked for her for a while. Since I already got to know them pretty well, I’ve already formed some ideas as to why they got separated again, but, I thought I’d still talk to the husband as to why he left her again for the 3rd time.

The husband who is also a believer and practice Feng Shui said that no amount of Feng Shui can help his wife. He said, she simply was not the woman she married. She has become very negative, often times very offensive and downright disrespectful to everybody. He said, all their money has gotten to her head and that she no longer sees the poor woman she married that’s very loving and caring with everybody.

This confirmed my belief that the woman has become very negative that the husband decided to leave. He also added that he still loves her but she should start helping herself and change herself.good_or_bad_attitude

I totally agree. I know for a fact that this woman will make a person suffer just because she didn’t like what that person did. One time, she even bragged that she sent a former friend some threatening messages just because the former friend failed to deliver on time the things the woman requested her to buy. She said that she send it anonymously using a different number so that her former friend will not be able to send her negative thoughts. WRONG! Karma is in the act that one did not in the thoughts sent by another person.

I have already warned her about attracting too much negative energy, but since she continuously gets good financial luck, she just ignored my warnings. However, the negative energy that she’s accumulating is attacking her through her personal life. She still hasn’t conceived even her Bazi / Paht Chee shows that she has descendant luck. Now her husband has left her for the third time.

Writing this now, because I notice this to be true with a lot of people, they want all the luck but they remain to be very negative. Not only negative in terms of being pessimistic but also negative in a bad attitude way. The bad news is Feng Shui can only do so much. One has to learn to change also.

Just Be Happy!

Published Agosto 5, 2012 by jptan2012

I recently received an email from a reader who said that she has incorporated all Feng Shui charms for peace and happiness; however, nothing seemed to have worked for her. She even went as far as blaming the online store where she bought her Feng Shui cures, saying that she thinks they might be fake or used items.

Since she shared with me where she bought her Feng Shui cures, I told her that it is unlikely that the said online store will sell fake or used items, in fact, the items of the said online store has always been copied by a lot of our local Feng Shui sellers here in the Philippines.

But why is it that Feng Shui doesn’t seem to have worked for her?

I always say that you need not believe in Feng Shui for it to work for you, but I also said in one of my previous posts entitled WHY FENG SHUI DON’T ALWAYS WORK, it’s not all about Feng Shui,  sometimes, it’s about your Paht Chee or Bazi or sometimes it is simply about your outlook in life.

A lot of us, will always say that we want to have peace, we want to have happiness, and we do buy Feng Shui charms to help us attain it, however, one of our biggest mistake is we don’t condition ourselves from within. We expect it from the Feng Shui cures, we expect it from the people around us that they will work for us to have peace and be happy, but we sometimes forget to work on it from within us.

If you want to have peace, do start from within. Focus on the things that give you peace. If you want to be happy, do start from within. Be happy! Focus on the things that make you happy. I think it’s where we should all start.

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