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Myth Buster 22: Cutting Your Finger Nails At Night Causes You to Meet Some Accident

Published Hunyo 6, 2015 by jptan2012

trimming-nailsThere’s a Filipino superstitious belief that cutting nails in the evening is bad luck and might cause you to meet some accidents. Is there truth to this?

Feng Shui wise, there’s no truth to this but why is this belief so prevalent to a lot of Filipinos?

The truth is very simple, during the olden times when there was still no electricity and cutting nails is still quite primitive for some provinces here in the Philippines because they don’t use nail cutters, and they will have to cut nails under a lamp or candle, it can be quite hard, and the person doing this usually hurts himself. Parents would then warn their kids not to cut their nails in the evening because it will hurt them. How did hurt become accident? Well, for the simple reason that a lot of us has the propensity to exaggerate.

Some parents would warn children without giving a valid reason, and soon fact because of the condition then became a superstitious belief. So go ahead cut your nails in the evening, I can assure you won’t meet any accident, just don’t do it in the dark so you don’t hurt yourself.

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