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Feng Shui Blunder That Caused Serious Marital Problems!

Published Hunyo 4, 2015 by jptan2012

When the Vajrapani Ruel was first made available, a cousin requested for it. She didn’t mention as to why she wanted to have it and I didn’t ask, but I did feel that there was more to her than simply wanting to have a rare and very powerful amulet that was made available half a century ago.

Two months after she got the pendant, this particular cousin called me again, and poured her heart out to me because she wants me to use Feng Shui to help her. She said her 17 years of marriage is on the rocks because she and her husband have been having problems for quite some time already. She said that is the reason why she got the Vajrapani Ruel and she clarified that the ruel has improved their relationship a lot and they were fighting less, a lot less, in fact, she said since they had the ruel they’ve stopped arguing. However, she feels that although the triggers were already gone, it seems like the wall between then has not yet been broken.

I decided to look at their chart and found out that they should be fine and it shows that they will live to grow old together and have a good life. I was a little stumped because I don’t understand as to what is causing the problem. I called up my cousin – in – law (CIL) and confessed that my cousin has asked for my help. My CIL confessed that they used to fight a lot and he believes that the Vajrapani Ruel has put an end to the fighting, but somehow he feels like he loves a stranger. I asked him what he meant by loving a stranger; he said he feels he still loves my cousin but that somehow it feels like she was emotionally distant. The funny thing is my cousin said the same thing. She still loves my CIL but she feels that he is emotionally distant.

Two beds put together to become a marital bed will surely cause some marital problems.

Two beds put together to become a marital bed will surely cause some marital problems.

I suggested to look at their house, and I took special attention to their bedroom, because marital problems are caused by a Feng Shui blunder inside their room. However I can’t find any, everything seems to be fine because they believes in Feng Shui and has consulted me before so this shouldn’t be really surprising. I am becoming desperate because I can’t seem to find the problem; there is simply no Feng Shui blunder, until I sat on their bed. When I sat at the edge of the foot part of the bed, I notice a hollow part on the middle. There it clicks! I think I might have found the problem. I requested my cousin to lift the bed sheets, and realized that their beds are actually two twin-sized bed, pushed together to make a singe king sized bed. They did this because they wanted to save.

In Feng Shui putting two beds together to make a single marital bed is a big blunder. It signifies togetherness yet being separated! I told her to get a new bed. I believe the problem has been solved.

Writing this now because my cousin and cousin – in – law shared with me that they now have found the spark again.

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