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Witchcraft: It’s Not What You Think But It Is More Common Than We Think It Is (Part 1)

Published Nobyembre 11, 2016 by jptan2012

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A few weeks ago a reader shared with me that he thinks he is a victim of witchcraft done by his ex – wife. Not really an expert in identifying witchcraft or sorcery and so I dismissed it and told him that it is not my expertise but will just ask my Guru Lama about it. Honestly, at that time I honestly thought that it was just a mild hallucination and desire to blame somebody else for what is happening. GP if you get to read this, I’m sorry for thinking that way. But really there are a lot of people who thinks that they are being a victim of witchcraft or sorcery but a lot of times it really just is their own bad karma or bad Feng Shui.

However, I went to ask my Guru Lama about GP and true enough according to my Guru Lama GP is a victim of witchcraft done thru a medium (a witch or somebody who is familiar with it) by his ex – wife.

My Guru Lama, sort of reminded me what I should know already by this time. That is WITCHCRAFT or SORCERY is not really how it is portrayed on TV or movies, wherein the witch is an ugly girl with a sharp nose, messy hair, with a cauldron and a voodoo doll. Although it is possible that some of them uses a voodoo doll. My Guru Lama also said that witchcraft or sorcery is more common that we think. To stress the lesson to me and to remind me not to be judgmental my Guru Lama reminded of some of the cases that I encountered that involves witchcraft or sorcery. Although some of these we didn’t really call witchcraft but if you analyze it, it is really witchcraft.

Allow me to share some the cases here on this article.

One of the cases involves DAS. For the purpose of this article let’s call her Diane. Diane was married to a Chinese guy who seems to be totally controlled by his mother, Diane’s mother – in – law. To make the long story short, Diane’s husband, let’s just call him ES, got a gift from his mother. The gift is a faux diamond set in silver. Aside from ES, his father, Diane’s father – in – law, also got one. Now the question here is, why were the other children and Diane and the grandchildren were not given the same pendant by the mother – in – law given that the reason given by the mother – in – law is that it is for protection. She is also very well capable giving all of them the same pendant because (1) it doesn’t look very expensive, and (2) the mother – in – law is really reach that she can afford to give one to all the members of the family even if it cause (exaggeration) around one hundred thousand Philippine peso each. However, Diane noticed that since having the pendant, her husband and father – in – law seems to always bow to the will of her mother – in – law, who totally dislike having another independent, self – reliant woman In their house like Diane. ES and his father have also a lot of times grown to rely on Diane, something that her mother – in – law detests. My Guru Lama and my Feng Shui teacher and a Taoist Priest in Hong Kong confirmed that the pendant given by Diane’s mother – in – law to ES and to her father – in – law is a way or means to control them. A lot of people can argue that this can be just a product of an over imaginative mind. That’s possible. But explain why when the ES stops wearing the pendant, he stopped being his mother’s pawn.

Another story is that of a married wife. BY is a happily married wife until he found out that her husband had an affair with two different women. When he was found out, the husband professed his love for BY and his family and promised that he will stop seeing his mistresses. They didn’t have any problem with the first mistress, but the second mistress is out to get him back. And so there are times that the husband seems to be not himself. He will all of a sudden feel anxious and feel as if the girl is calling him. There are times that he will just stare into space and seems to be somewhere else. It was later on confirmed by my Guru Lama and another psychic consulted by BY that this second mistress has an employed the services of a witch to help bring back BY’s husband to her.

There is yet another story of another reader whose son is madly fell in love with a older woman of what can be considered is of an ill repute. The woman works as a hospitality girl; she is a kept woman of a politician. When the mother of the guy found out about the relationship, she set out to break them apart. The son came to his senses and went back to his mom’s loving arms. That’s when the problem and change in his son started. According to the mom, his son started staring into space; there are times that he seems to be awake without any ‘spirit’ inside him. Still there are times that the son would act like the woman is the most important thing or most important person in his life. Still there re times that he will sleepwalk, something that he never did before he got involved with the said woman, he will walk out of his house. But whenever he will come to his senses, he will go back to his mom’s house. However, there are times, that he himself doesn’t understand why it seems that he is unable to control himself and stop thinking about the woman. His mom brought him to see a psychiatrist, thinking that he might be depress because of the break – up. He end up seeing two different psychiatrist who saw him several times, when he was in control of his senses. They concluded that there is nothing wrong with him and that he knows that the woman is no good for him. However, still all of a sudden he would look for the woman and act strange. Until one day, he sleep walked going to the house of the woman. When his brother found out that he was not in bed, he called his mom and dad, and his mom knew that he must have gone to the house of the woman. They followed their instinct and went to see the woman. They were met by the woman’s mother who told them to leave. They refuse and asked the barangay officials to help and intercede, but since their son is already 20 years old, technically speaking he is an adult and if it was his free will to be there they cannot do anything. Still they insist to see his son. The woman then came out to talk to them to assure them that their son is speaking soundly and wanted to be with her. The mom refuses to give up on his son, and so she and her husband continued to argue and insist on seeing the son. All of a sudden, their son came running out crying and said he doesn’t understand why he went to the house of the woman. He went home with them. It was then that the mother thought that it maybe witchcraft. This was confirmed by an albularyo (Filipino Shaman) who tried to break the power of the witchcraft, but the sleep walking, the depressed moods, the staring into space moments continue to happen until the mom having read my blog contacted me. I in turn contacted my Guru Lama who also confirmed that it is witchcraft.

Still, there is another story of another reader whose child kept on getting sick, really sick that she has to drop out of school. This was a big blow to her because this happened right after when her problem with her husband just got solved. You see her husband fell in love with another woman, a very rich woman, but even before she found out about it her husband ended the affair with the other woman, she found out about it because he admitted the affair to her. This created a temporary friction between the two of them because she cannot fathom the fact the he betrayed her love and trust, plus it doesn’t help that the other woman seems bent on destroying their relationship and still pursues the guy. In the end their love won and they patch things up. This was when their only child started getting sick. They initially unable to find out the disease, but it was later found out that their child was suffering from leukemia. They sought the help of some of the best doctors in UST Hospital, but the child seems to be getting worse and is not responding to chemotherapy as well as the doctors expect. They were told by a friend who is supposed to be psychic that there is witchcraft involved. This was when they contacted me, and I in turn contacted my Guru Lama who confirmed that indeed witchcraft is involved. By this time, they have forgotten about the other woman, but my Guru Lama is the one who brought it up and said the other woman wants them to run into a big problem and run into financial problem, to come to a point where in the husband will go back to her and ask for financial help. Remember the other woman is really rich.

These are just some of the stories that my Guru Lama reminded me. And yes, I realized that Witchcraft or Sorcery is more common that we thought it is. It is more accessible that we thought of. We should take away our stereotypes against witchcraft or sorcery but we should also realize that it is more common that we realize.

And so going back to GP. He is indeed suffering from witchcraft. To make things worst, his second wife, and daughter from his second wife are getting affected also. GP himself started getting ill and was diagnosed with a heart ailment. My Guru Lama confirmed he is being attacked through witchcraft by his ex – wife. The ex – wife seems to have contacted a relative who is familiar with it. She is doing this simply because she wants GP and his family to suffer to the point that GP go back to her begging for forgiveness. GP’s case is work in progress; my Guru Lama is helping break the witchcraft done on him. Let’s all pray it works.

Diane’s case is also still a work in progress. I lost touch with BY so don’t know what really happened. But the son who fell in love with the woman of ill repute is now totally sane and has gotten rid of the power of the witchcraft over him. He is now working and earning a good sum of money every month. After a series of chemotherapy who at the beginning she was found not to respond well on the said medicines, the child who suffered from witchcraft because of her father’s other woman is now doing well and is back in school. The cure recommended by my Guru Lama varies, but usually involves powerful amulets.

But looking back at the stories, you will see the witchcraft involves people who have some relationships with the one who propagated the witchcraft. Why? This is because witchcraft or sorcery is more effective if there is an emotional or even binding relationship between the one who propagates it and the victim. By binding relationship I refer to either marriage or parent and child. A strong emotion is also a powerful conduit, so love and extreme anger are strong conduit. In the case of the child who had leukemia, she was not involve, but either the love or anger of the other woman to her dad is the conduit, and in turn that conduit is extended through the love of his dad for her.

You will notice also that most of the witchcraft involves a woman. It’s not because they are more evil but it is because a woman’s emotions is naturally stronger than that of a man, and emotion acts a conduit to make the witchcraft more powerful. Having said that it doesn’t mean that a man cannot be a conduit for witchcraft to be effective.

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Vajrapani Ruel Stories (12): Finding Long Lost Biological Father with A Bonus of Finding True Love!

Published Hulyo 13, 2015 by jptan2012

Today, I would like to share with you another wonderful Vajrapani Ruel story.

RD is a 36 – years – old single man born out of wedlock. His mother fell in – love with his father who is a German. Unfortunately, due to circumstances not very clear with RD, because his mom never shared the whole story with him, his father left them even before her mother found out that she is pregnant with RD.

When RD was about 8 years old, his mom married again, this time to a fellow Filipino. He can’t say that his stepfather was bad to him, but neither did he treat RD as his won. According to RD, his stepfather provided for him, but he seems a little distant. His relationship with his half – siblings are great but RD felt that his stepfather simply took him as part of the packaged that he couldn’t get away with. Because of this, RD’s father’s image is his maternal grandfather. But when his grandfather passed away when RD was 21, he started to yearn to search for his biological father.

That became the beginning of an on and off search. But without pictures, with a very common name, and no last known address except the city, the searched proved to be quite difficult. According to RD the German Embassy here in the Philippines has been helpful, but they would always reached a dead –end. At one point, given that they have gotten in touch with a lot of Germans, who is about his father’s age, he thought he must have found his biological father already with one of the men, but that his biological father simply denied because he doesn’t want RD.

Photo uploaded from Google Images.

Photo uploaded from Google Images.

In the process, RD is unable to have long-term relationships. He would have a girlfriend, and his longest was 5 years, but he simply feels that he hasn’t found the right girl. As a result they will leave RD, to which RD would feel it is a relief because he simply feel that he can’t love anybody enough to trust them. But this kind of attitude also bore him 2 children out of wedlock, a boy and a girl.

It was RD’s younger sister who happens to be regular reader and a friend of my secretary who got the Vajrapani Ruel for him the very first time I wrote about the Vajrapani Ruel.

According to RD he didn’t really know what to do with the Vajrapani Ruel when it was first given to him by his sister, but kept it anyway more to make his sister happy than really finding it useful.

However, that same week, RD through a friend was introduced to a woman, who was here on a vacation. According to RD they clicked right away, and he felt he found the one. In RD’s words this is the first time he felt that way, but something was holding him back, because he knew that NL, the girl who was introduced to RD by a friend, is only here for a vacation. RD felt he is not the type of person who can stand long distance relationships. He can’t keep relationships when the girl is here how much more long distance relationships. So like his other relationships, RD held back from her and didn’t really open us.

NL works in Germany as a live – in private nurse. RD confessed that maybe it was because she was a nurse in Germany that he decided to keep in touch with her. So they would chat on FB and sometimes do video chat on Skype. Two months after NL went back to Germany they formally became boyfriend – girlfriend. This is also when RD decided to open up about his life and that he was looking for his German biological father.

When NL first heard about RD’s search she felt pity for RD because the name of his father’s is a common German name. RD’s father is also from Berlin, and as much as she wants to help it is difficult for her because she works in Frankfurt.

NL herself has a good life in Germany, although working as live – in nurse, the family that she worked has been really nice to her. And the wife of her patient would sometimes talk to her about her personal life. It was approximately 2 weeks after NL found out about RD’s story that she got to share this with her patient’s wife. NL boss became very interested with the story and inquired about RD’s name and that of RD’s mother’s name.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It's important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless.

To make the long story short, as it turn out, and as fate would have it, NL’s patient’s wife’s brother is the father of RD. In fact, NL had met the guy a couple of times, although she only knew him with his first name and not his family name. NL also doesn’t know her patient’s wife’s maiden name (her boss).

Apparently, another German friend found out that RD’s mom got pregnant and informed RD’s biological father. However, when he tried to look for her to bear responsibility for the child, he can’t find her because she left province in the Visayas, and came to Manila to start a new life. She also purposely broke communication with him and left no forwarding addresses because she found out that she has a family in Germany.

RD and his father have now gotten in touch with each other, and his father has come here in the Philippines to see him. If everything goes well, he is also arranging for RD to visit him in Germany and perhaps start a new life there. Meanwhile RD and NL are ‘madly in love’ with each other, and I’m using RD’s words.

According to RD, he believes that all these became possible of the Vajrapani Ruel. Personally, I know that the Vajrapani Ruel helped, but who am I to say that fate has nothing to do with it.

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