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Rituals to Eradicate Minor Bad Luck and Minor Problems!

Published Mayo 8, 2018 by jptan2012


One of the best way to eradicate problems or bad luck is really to arm yourself with loads of positive energy or good chi by continuously having a positive outlook, and of course, having powerful amulets like the VAJRAPANI RUEL, FOUR DHARMAKAYA RELIC MANTRAS & LAMA ATISHA COMBINED AMULETS, or SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO. Some of the amulets enjoys a lot of personal miraculous stories or enjoys a quick turnaround time for the people who got them. Of course, aside from the amulets chanting of mantras and reciting of sutras are powerful tools to eradicate problems and bad luck also.

However, the sad truth is that not all people can chant mantras and recite sutras or acquire these amulets, because it can get relatively pricey for some. Real and powerful amulets do really get pricey because of the materials that are used which are really rare, the rituals and offerings that goes with it. And so, taking this into consideration, I would like to share with you some rituals that you can do to eradicate minor problems or bad luck.

For the first ritual, you will need 30 pieces long incense sticks. In an old can, place 3 crumpled yellow paper, then loosely place the 30 incense sticks, make sure to allow some air to flow so that when you burn them, it will burn easily. Then on a piece of white paper, use a red ink to write down your concern. Then place it on top of the incense. Then use another white paper to light up the incense. Please note that the idea is to light them up like a bonfire and not the usual incense burning wherein there is not much fire. While it is burning chant the mantra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin (also spelled or called as Guan Yin, Kuan Shi Yin, Guan Shi Yin, Avalokitesvara, Chenrezig) – OM MANI PADME HUM – 108x followed by the mantra of Bodhisattva Vajrapani – OM VAJRAPANI HUM – also 108x.

Another ritual requires you to write down your concerns on a piece of white paper using a red ink. Place it on your altar then every day for 3 days light an incense then chant OM MANI PADME HUM (108X) followed by OM VAJRAPANI HUM (108X). After 3 days tear up the paper, then dig a hole then plant a tree or flower or an herb. Place the torn paper first followed by the seed or shrub or tree. This is a symbolic way of asking the earth to take your problems but you are also replacing it with a good chi of life.

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What Businesses Will Do Good and What Will Be Bad This 2018 Year of the Earth Dog!

Published Disyembre 29, 2017 by jptan2012

In the preceding post – 2018 YEAR OF THE EARTH DOG FENG SHUI FORECAST: WHAT DOES THE STRONG PRESENCE OF THE WOOD ELEMENT MEANS? – I talked about the effects of the lack of the metal element and the very strong presence of the wood element in the chart. I suggest that you read that post and all the other posts about the 2018 forecast to understand what’s instore for 2018 better.

However, today I would like to focus on what businesses will face a challenging year, and what are the businesses that will do well this year. But before that I want to clarify that although in the preceding article, I classified agriculture to be part of earth. You see this has been a point of contention amongst Feng Shui enthusiast whether agriculture is earth element business or wood element business.

The quick answer to that is that there are businesses that possesses one or two or even three elements. For example, a writer is actually a wood element, but if you do it online it becomes a fire element. A real estate agent is actually earth element, but a real estate agent who travels a lot it becomes earth element with water element. In agriculture, it is earth element with wood element. Nevertheless, it can be further classified into subcategory of predominantly earth element or predominantly wood element.

For agriculture that are into harvesting fruits from a tree then it is considered as wood element business. These are the agricultural businesses where the trees are already planted, they’re there and you just wait for the time you can harvest the fruits. We are talking about mangoes, apples, oranges, papaya, etc.

The other type of agriculture that is considered as earth element are those that involves planting seeds for it to grow. Meaning, you have to let it grow from the soil every time and not just wait for it to grow on a tree. These are shrubs like tomatoes, strawberries. Or fruits that have to grow near the soil like pineapple or even radish. Rice is also part of this.

Again, to clarify that it is only considered a wood element if it’s a tree that has fully grown and you just harvest it from the tree. It is considered as earth element if it grows from a seed, or a shrub, or grows near the soil or under it. There are some fruits where you can harvest it from the tree, but before that you have to let the ‘seed’ grow under the soil. For this, when it is fully grown it is considered as wood, but when as a ‘baby’ it is considered as earth.

Now let me discuss what are the businesses or industries that will do well this 2018. To put it plainly, wood element businesses and metal element businesses will do well. Metal element businesses because metal is lacking in the chart, and it represents wealth luck / money luck / financial luck in a way you are surrounded by metal element by being in that business or industry.

Fire element business will be fair, but water element businesses will do worse than the fire element businesses, but it will do better than the earth element businesses which will be the worst performing business or industry this year.



Office supplies, cultural profession, gardening, novelist, bookshop, cloth, curtains, writer, fabric, library, journalist, librarian, doctor, nurse, health care products, educator, teacher, professor, school or other education businesses, publishing, carpentry, civil service/civil servant, paper, wood furniture, timber, plantation.

For those whose businesses belongs to the wood element and metal element industry, you can further enhance it by wearing the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO and carry with you the VAJRAPANI RUEL, to help safeguard you from the ill effects of the year.



Accounting firms/Accountants, insurance, gold/jewelry, automobile, banks, glass, military, police, engineering, moulding, mechanical engineers.

For those whose businesses belongs to the wood element and metal element industry, you can further enhance it by wearing the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO and carry with you the VAJRAPANI RUEL, to help safeguard you from the ill effects of the year.



Internet, psychologist, artist, graphic designers, anything that has to do with computer, art, electronics, mobile phone, beauticians, parlor, fuel, singer, dancer, movie, celebrities, hot beverages (although this is tricky because this crossover with water), cooking, restaurants, electric engineers, energy, fireworks, food processing, oil companies, petroleum, chemical engineers, chemistry, multimedia, liquor, lighting.

For those whose business belongs to the fire element industry, you can also wear a SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO and also wear a gold KALACHAKRA pendant or FOUR DHARMAKAYA RELIC MANTRAS AND LAMA ATISHA COMBINED AMULET to help protect you and strengthen you at the same time.



Overseas travel (this year the Philippines and neighboring countries will see an increase of their citizens going abroad to work), spa, fire fighting, aquarium, cold beverages, soy sauce, sports, swimming coach, cleaning or sanitary companies, casino, sailing, retail business, stocks, ice cream, fish, fruits, airconditioners, tourism, transportation, entertainment, fashion (which has a lot of wood element also).

For those whose business belongs to the water element industry, you can wear the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO and the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET to help boost your financial luck and business luck. Likewise, you can also wear or carry with you either the VAJRAPANI RUEL or a gold KALACHAKRA pendant.



Agriculture (please refer to the explanation above), real estate, real estate agents, architecture, building, construction, pet shop, storage, antiques, building materials, ceramics, marble, marble, pottery, recycling, sculptures, masonry, mining (although this involves metal element also).

For those whose business belong to the earth element industry, you can wear the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO and the DIPANKARA – AJITA AMULET, which is an amulet that was specially made for people who in the earth element industry. This is a special amulet to help you survive what would otherwise be a very challenging year ahead.


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Positive Omens Signifies Good Outlook in the New House!

Published Oktubre 5, 2016 by jptan2012

Recently, my family and I moved into a new house in a subdivision in Quezon City near some well-known universities. When we were looking into this new place they all depended on me to look at the Feng Shui and to ensure that the energies of the house are really good.

We chance upon this old house that has been abandoned for several years already, and the history is not quite good. However, when I look at the Feng Shui it seems to be good, my only concern is that of a slightly bad history. I know that being abandoned is not entirely bad, because we are renovating it anyway thus it will renew the energies and it will make the house appropriate for the current Feng Shui period. Also while the general Feng Shui of the house is good, the busy main road is on the left side of the house, and it is a heavy main road because that’s the only road going to the university and college near our new house. While technically we are not beside it, it is several houses a way and is outside the subdivision perimeter wall, this is not very good for the bigger aspect of Feng Shui of our house. However, my Guru Lama said we should transfer there because it is a good house for us.

So renovations started, but maybe it out of sadness for leaving our house of a little more than 30 years we were all a little giddy a week before we transferred. My siblings and I, especially my mother, are short tempered. This prompted me to call my Guru Lama and my Feng Shui teacher, and both of them assured me that it is a good house. Besides, the neighborhood that we have from our old house is already a lot different from what it used to be. We now have several factories, and warehouses in the neighborhood. There are a lot of informal settlers, and at night on our street alone there are a lot of ‘street boys and girls’ drinking beer. After a very long discussion and much thought, which actually lasted years, we decided to sell the house and get a new one. Our old house was sold through an agent and so we don’t know much about the new owners, but we decided to be transparent as to why we sold the house. We were informed that they would make it into smaller apartment so and rent it out. Some of the houses on our street has actually become an apartment complex already.

Anyway, going back to our new house, we ensured the Feng Shui are proper, and we followed all the necessary rituals before we moved in. But nevertheless, I silently have been asking for some omens that will inform us that we moved to a good house. And just before we started a ritual, three butterflies flew to the door of the house and went inside. That was a very positive omen.

But it doesn’t end there, after our first night, the following morning I was awaken by the melodious chirping of some birds, and when I look out of my window, there is a rare bird that I have never seen, it looks blue to my eyes. I wanted to take a photo but it flew away even before I was able to get my phone. Then on the other side of the house, my sister, her husband, were also awaken by the melodious chirping of the birds, and when they look out of their window, they said they saw six or seven Maya bird on the tree outside their window! What a wonderful omen! Regular readers should know by now that birds are wonderful omen of good news or good luck!

My mother decided to have her bedroom on the ground floor because she already finds it difficult to keep on climbing the stairs. Her bedroom has a small ‘rock garden’ only it has some plants also. There she found a tortoise (because it seems to live on land thus it should be a tortoise), and this is a very auspicious omen for all of us but specifically for my mom because it signifies stability and long life!

The omens we experienced worked for us, so the next time you moved to a new house or office do look for the omens!

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Myth Buster 37: Bite A Tree or A Faucet When You Dream that Someone Died!

Published Nobyembre 16, 2015 by jptan2012

One day when I got to one of my favorite coffee shop I was heartily welcomed by one of the employee. She knows me quite well because she sees me a lot in that particular coffee shop and have often strike a conversation with me. She also started reading my blog when she found out that I blog about Feng Shui. She has always been cheerful when she sees me but this day was extra ordinary and I was further surprised when she quipped that she needs and practically demanded and somewhat beg that the Vajrapani Ruel be made available for her.

She furthered explained that she has been waiting for me for 4 days, and have been praying that I come to the shop. I asked her why she was so frantic to see me, and that’s when I learned the whole story.dream death dying

TK, is a 39 – year – old manager of my favorite coffee shop, and I also know that she is a wife and a mother to a teenage son, however, what I didn’t know until then is that when she got pregnant with her son she had some complications and that she will not be able to conceive again. She also told me that a few nights before she dreamt that her 12 – year – old died and was fetch by her deceased father. The dream was really short and she can’t even describe the surroundings and the nature of the death, all she was sure of is that her son died, and her son’s maternal grandfather, her father came to pick him up. And that is why she has decided that she really needs the Vajrapani Ruel to help save her son. She also clarified that she and her husband has tried to prevent that dream from happening by listening to what their elders told them that they should bite into a tree or a faucet. This is a popular Filipino belief, but since they are not sure, which one they should bite into, they said to bite both, but just to be sure she still want the Vajrapani Ruel. More than that she said she also has prohibited her son from going out without any company. Now, if she hadn’t been so serious and really worried that simply telling me her dream is making her cry, I would have laugh!

Why? Well, I can assure you I’m not being cruel but for those of you who have been reading my blog might remember a previous Myth Buster post entitled – MYTH BUSTER 23: DREAMS ARE THE OPPOSITE OF REALITY – DREAMING OF A POT OF GOLD!

TK’s case is no different. As I said in that particular post there is a popular misconception that dreams are the opposite of reality, and I quote myself on that particular post: “Now I would like to address here the myth that all dreams are opposite of the reality. For example, a lot of people believe that you dream of laughing that would mean there is sadness. Or if you dream of wealth you’ll have a problem. That is a big myth. There is no truth to it. Dreams are seldom interpreted that way. There is no clear-cut way of interpreting dreams. So don’t believe that it is always the opposite of truth.”

However, having said that, dreams should also not always be interpreted as prophetic. And I would like to clarify myself here; dreams can be prophetic, but even that prophetic one more often than not they are also symbolic.

It was pretty obvious that TK’s dream about his son is quite symbolic and that death here does not mean that her son is going to dye, but that her son’s old self is dying. What about TK’s deceased father picking him up? Well, the way I see it her son is maturing already and he is starting to show personalities, mannerisms, or attitudes that are quite similar to TK’s father.

After assuring TK that nothing bad is happening to her son and that she doesn’t need the Vajrapani Ruel, I told her of my interpretation of her dream. And she laugh because she said her husband has been telling her that their son at age 12 is staring to be mature and that indeed he is showing some personality traits that is very similar to his maternal grandfather.

So the next time you dream of something bad, don’t panic, keep calm and try to analyze its symbolic side. Really it’s the dreamer who can usually explain it, and while I may have help lead TK with the interpretation, she was the one who really was able to concretize everything.

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