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Financial and Relationship Problems Caused By a Bad Feng Shui of the Dining Area!

Published Enero 4, 2018 by jptan2012

A friend’s cousin moved into their new home which is a townhouse. The unit is in a premium place and they are quite happy that they were able to move in there.

However, a few months after moving in, they notice that their family relationship is slowly deteriorating. Husband and wife started bickering against each other, their 3 kids started fighting amongst each other and answering their parents back. On top of that, the business of both the husband and the wife started encountering serious cash flow problems.

The couple knows that the concern is in the house but they are unable to determine the concern because they had a Feng Shui consultant looked at their place before the move in. Besides, they said that a Taoist mystic from Sta. Mesa has looked at their place and said that it is perfect and that they should get it!

My friend contacted me to request that I check on his cousin’s house. Aesthetically the house is really beautiful, but it does have a lot of Feng Shui blunder. The facing direction of the house is not fit for the main breadwinner of the family. But perhaps the biggest blunder is that their dining table is directly under a toilet. As you can see, like most townhouse, the lot area is quite limited and the developer had to come up with a way to maximize the space. And the architect was able to do it perfectly and with great aesthetic feature, but as it happens, the Feng Shui was not taken into consideration.

Always eating under the toilet is bad. Really bad, and it is quite difficult to remedy this kind of situation. What saved the day is the Vajrapani Ruel and a mirror.

As you know, I don’t like using mirror so much, because if not done properly it will create havoc than good. Furthermore, one has to be specific in the measurement until the installation of the mirror. But in this case, because moving out is not an immediate option, we have to settle in putting a Vajrapani Ruel on the table, and carefully hiding it and protecting it by putting a special aesthetic ornament at the middle of the table, then also put a mirror on the ceiling of the dining area on top of the dining table so that it double the ‘blessings’ on the table.

I’m just really happy that it did worked from them. My friend recently told me that his cousin and his cousin –in-law told him that things are again harmonious and business is doing good.


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Be Conscious of the Energy Emitted by Your Neighbors: Solving Financial and Personal Problems with the Power of Light and Holy Sound!

Published Hulyo 15, 2015 by jptan2012

townhouseA former officemate called me up to ask for help for his brother – in – law. JS, my former officemate’s brother – in – law is having some financial problems that is aggravated by his personal relationship with his mother – in – law who stays with them. As a result, his own relationship with his wife begins to strain also.

Apparently, JS is also a reader and wants to have either the Vajrapani Ruel or Wish Fulfilling and Buddha’s Blessing Mantra pendant to help solve his problem. As you all know, the Wish Fulfilling and Buddha’s Blessing Mantra pendant is no longer available, while the Vajrapani Ruel(2) is quite limited and also pricey. I suggested that I will take a look at his Bazi or Paht Chee first, but after taking a look at his Bazi it shows that he really shouldn’t be having these problems, therefore, the problem may have arisen from either his home or office feng shui. However, given that he is also having personal relationship problems, I’m inclined to believe that the problem is cause by a Feng Shui problem from his house. However, JS said, he never had anything fixed in his house for a long time. Since he lives near our place,  suggested that we do a Feng Shui audit on his house.

JS lives in a townhouse, and it was not very difficult to see problem. When we arrive at his place, as luck would have it, his neighbor on the left were fighting, I can actually hear it as soon as we got off the car. And then I also notice that the unit on the right side of his house was vacated and empty of all ‘life’. I think I might have hit on the problem, but to be sure I decided to continue with the Feng Shui audit, and aside from some minor problems that needs to be corrected I found nothing that suggests anything that would be causing the problems JS are having. I told them that I believe that the financial problem might have been cause by the dead energy of the house on the right side of their house, and that their personal relationship problems was caused by their neighbor on the left, which according to JS’s wife is relatively new. She also confirmed that indeed she has the nagging feeling that their problem when one neighbor left their house and almost at the same time their new neighbor who quarrels a lot moved in to the other house.

I suggested to JS and his wife, to make the side of the house attached to the right side unit, which is vacant, a little brighter. And to the other side, they should play some mantra at least 9 hours a day. They followed the suggestions. And I’m writing this now because JS called and told me that he is out of the rut with his financial problems, and that he doesn’t have any personal relationship problems with his wife and mother – in – law since they’ve started playing the mantra!

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