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Dreaming of Tigers!

Published Hunyo 14, 2015 by jptan2012

tigerTigers are beautiful but ferocious felines, and dreaming of tigers usually means some bad luck is about to happen. They usually signify bad news or imminent danger.

But as I always said, what is the importance of knowing these things when one cannot prevent them. With regards to this prophetic dream of imminent danger, you can do any of the recommended cures against bad luck mentioned on this blog. Or for this type of dream what I usually want to recommend is asking a person to feed a cat. Feed a cat for 7 days and the bad luck will surely go away.

It’s best if you can do it with the sincere desire of wanting to feed a hungry cat.’

A Dog or A Cat Provides Positive Feng Shui

Published Hunyo 28, 2012 by jptan2012

A lot of Filipinos believes that having a pet like a dog or cat is lucky because they tend to ‘block’ any negative things that may happen to you. I really don’t know whether this is true or not, but if you’re getting a pet simply to have ‘punching bag’ for all negative energies, I think you are consciously creating more karma for yourself.

Having said that, I do believe that having a dog or cat, especially if you really love them and treat them properly do create a lot of positive Feng Shui. One must always remember that a dog and a cat is a living thing, meaning they have life and that in a Buddhist perspective they have a consciousness, it can be equated to a soul in Christianity. More than that, for Buddhism, we must treat all living things with compassion and kindness, even rats, cockroach, ants, tigers, snakes, etc. If you are able to practice kindness to an animal, it really doesn’t go to waste because you create more positive karma for you and at the same time, it’s almost always impossible to be kind to animals and be bad to other people. Unless, of course, the kindness that you show an animal like our pets (dogs and cats) are more for a ‘public act’, since, especially here in the Philippines it now has become a fad to carry our pets around.

Aside from creating positive karma, like children, animals are sensitive to the chi of their surroundings, so we would always be ‘warned’ if the chi of a place were negative. They also provide a vibrant yang chi, like most children, dogs and cats, at any age may provide constant fresh yang energy in the place where they live in.

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