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Get to Know the Peace Loving Tai Suey God of the 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep – Great General Yang Xian

Published Pebrero 18, 2015 by jptan2012

Tonight is the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year that will usher in the Year of the Sheep. And so, I think it is only fitting to introduce to you tonight the Tai Suey God of the year, I have briefly mentioned in my post 2015 YEAR OF THE WOOD SHEEP FENG SHUI FORECASR BASE ON BAZI, FLYING STARS, AND 24 MOUNTAIN STARS FORMULA: A BALANCE YEAR FILLED WITH WEALTH AND RESOURCS BUT MAY BE RULED BY ARGUMENTS AND FIGHTING (2).

This year’s Tai Sui God or Grand Duke Jupiter is called Great General Yang Xian, although he never became a General and is only called as such as an honor given to him for being part of the 60 Tai Suey Gods, he is one of two Tai Sui Gods that never became a General in their human life.2016 tai suey

The truth is General Yang Xian is more of a yogi master, and while he was a scholar he dedicated his life meditating and going on retreat interspersed with giving out lectures on peace and how to attain spiritual knowledge. If you have been a long time reader and understand the basics of Feng Shui you would have decipher that the character of the Tai Suey God will have an effect on the year, and it is in this sense that we are lucky, because as mentioned in my annual forecast that the year is ruled by a very strong #3 Flying Star which makes this year quite ‘heated’ both on a personal and macro level. If Great General Yang Xian has become a War of God, this year would see much more fighting, but since he is a peaceful god, the strong effects of the ‘Argumentative Star’ or the #3 Flying Star will no longer be heightened.

People born on the sign that ‘offends’ either directly or indirectly Great General Yang Xian, need not worry so much because he kind hearted and peace loving and is not quick to anger, but that doesn’t mean that one should not wear a Piyao.

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