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Signs or Omens of a Bad Travel Luck

Published Marso 14, 2012 by jptan2012

It’s summer once again here in the Philippines and it’s vacation time for most of us, this means a lot of us will be traveling again, either by plane, ship or car. Boracay, Panglao, Palawan, Puerto Galera are some of the tourist spots here in the Philippines that’s going to be swarmed with local tourists. Flights to Caticlan and Bohol are again to be full, and the roads to Batangas is again going to be congested. Not to mention, Baguio is going to be crowded! Tagaytay is again going to experience power shortages because the number of tourists who flocks there every summer is so many that they are unable to continuously provide the high electricity consumption brought out be vacationers.

It’s easy to get really excited to travel, but you should be careful, because every year we hear about stories that what was supposedly fun vacation became horror or sad stories. Usually, if we just pay attention to what’s happening we are actually given some signs of danger.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel a lot, either for business or leisure, and because of that I always make sure that I watch out for ‘signs’ that a specific trip may be affected by bad energy. I started paying more attention to these signs or omens because the last time I ignored a sign my father had a major stroke and passed away in China.

A month or two before my parent’s annual trip to China, my father’s passport went missing. They looked for it everywhere but it proved to be futile and they never found it, they had to rush a new passport for him. When my father got his new passport, my mother then lost her passport. However, this time they found it soon after. By this time, I already told my mom that maybe they shouldn’t push through with the trip because it seems like a sign that they shouldn’t be taking this trip. They’ve never lost their passports and for two passports to go missing seems like to be a sure sign.

When they got their passport, my parents went to get their visas. However, they had encountered another problem. I again reiterated my thought that maybe they shouldn’t push through with the trip. My mother was already having second thoughts, but this is their annual trip to China, and more than leisure it’s a pilgrimage to the biggest Kuan Yin in the world.

Although familiar with Feng Shui, I hadn’t really taken up any formal training then, also I’m not yet familiar with the different Taoist and Buddhist oracles at that time. My mom then decided to consult a Taoist priest who supposedly can go into trance and channel the spirit of a Taoist deity. The response of this Taoist priest is that it’s safe for my parents to take the trip.

My father had a stroke and died in China in that trip. Because of this I always make sure that I shall never ignore a bad travel luck sign or omen.

If you’re going on a trip, do make sure that you don’t ignore these omens or signs that you might have bad travel luck. The following are just some of the signs but please note that this is not complete and omens may vary from one person to another, but these are some of the most common signs.

First: Missing Essential Travel Paraphernalia

If you’re missing essential travel paraphernalia such as your passport, a visa application form, or your travel bag, it may be a sign that you shouldn’t be making that trip. If possible, postpone that trip, if not, go to a temple or a church and ask for protection. On the day of your trip wear a Sun Wukong and/or a Kalachakra Pendant.

Second: Running Into a Limping Dog or a Limping Cat

Running into a limping dog or cat on your way to the airport is a sure sign that something bad might happen when you arrive in your point of destination. . It is better to cancel the trip or postpone it. If you’re unable to cancel it get a rock or sea salt and throw it behind your back. The act of throwing the salt behind you creates a celestial barrier between you and the bad luck. Carry a small pack sea or rock salt with you the entire duration of the trip.

Third: Dreaming of a Monster, Bad Spirits, Wild and/or Fierce Animal

If you dream of a monster, bad spirit or spirits, and/or scary fierce wild animals a few days or on the eve of the trip, you have to cancel your trip. It’s a sure sign that something bad will happen. In fact, it may even cause death.

When I was about eight years old, I lost a cousin because his brother and parents ignored this warning. Before I move forward with the story, I just want to clarify; that what happened is n one’s fault. They simply don’t know how to interpret a warning.

Anyway, my cousins and their parents were invited by a business partner to go to their rest house for a short vacation. On the eve of their trip, the eldest son, F, dreamed of a beautiful spirit woman chasing him. She wants F to go with him. Still within the dream, F refused to go with the spirit woman. This angered the spirit woman and said if he refused to go with her, she’ll just ask one of F’s siblings to join her.

The following day, R, one of F’s brothers shared with one of their sister that he dreamt of a beautiful but bad spirit woman riding with them in the car. This really didn’t bother R and the sister. However, when it was time to leave, R, fell from a short flight of stairs, and had a very minor injury. Nothing that can’t be treated with your ordinary home antiseptic, however, R felt uncomfortable and decided not to join them. However, their mom got angry and said it’s embarrassing if he won’t be joining them because their business partner is expecting the whole family to go.

Her mom won the argument and everybody went to the vacation as planned. That same afternoon they had a dipped in the swimming pool of the business partner’s pool. The deepest part of the swimming pool is 5 feet deep, and R, who was 19 at that time, was around 5’5. My aunt and uncle, their business partner, the children of their business partner, my cousins, some of their maids, the family drivers of both family who were tasked to look after the swimming ‘children’ are all either in the pool or around the pool area. R, who knows how to swim, drowned and nobody noticed him. No cry for help, no struggle. He drowned at the middle part of the pool, which is about 4.5 feet deep.

They don’t know what happened. They don’t understand why nobody noticed him, because all in all they were about 20 of them in the pool or in the area around the pool!

When his parents consulted a Taoist priest about the incident, they were told that a spirit caused the accident. This is when F remembered his dream and the sister remembered what R told her.

If you happen to have a similar dream, even if it’s not as vivid as that of my cousin’s, I suggest you cancel your trip. If this is not possible do go to a church or a temple. You can also wear a Sun Wukong or A Chung Kwei (also spelled as Chong Kwei or Zhung Kwei). More about Chung Kwei on my future post. A Kalachakra Pendant will also help.

Fourth: A Minor Car Accident, a Flat Tire, and a Funeral

If on your way to the airport or to your destination, and if you had a minor accident, a flat tire, or you run into a funeral procession, that simply means that you have to be careful when you arrived in your destination. The minor accident, the flat tire, or the funeral only means that whatever danger or bad luck has been averted already, so do drop a small amount of money on the road.  This is like paying back the good luck that you just got from the aborted bad luck. To understand these further do read my previous blog about funerals. Nevertheless, it still pays to be very careful.


Published Enero 10, 2012 by jptan2012

Medyo mahabang tanong itong itatanong ko ngayon.

Pero nagtatanong lang ako, may karapatan ba ang isang media person na makialam sa organizers ng event kung paano ang set-up ng presscon? Sa tingin ko pwede mag suggest, pero para sigawan at bastusin ang mga organizers at mga doctor dahil hindi nasunod ang gusto ng isang taga-media…eh tama pa ba yun?

Asking this because of something I witnessed earlier.

We were invited to attend an event of DOH. May mahalagang i-a-announce daw ang health secretary.

Habang naghihintay sa funtion room ng isang hotel sa Tagaytay kung saan gaganapin ang presscon eh may biglang dumating na lalaki(A) at kinusap pa ang isa pang lalaki(B) na mukhang isa sa mga organizers. Ayon kay A maglagay daw ng lamesa para may magamit ang mga media. Ayon naman kay B maliit ang lugar at medyo masikip kung maglalagay pa ng lamesa. Dagdag pa ni B sinubukan nilang maghanap ng ibang function room pero wala na silang makuha at nahihiya raw siya na baka masikipan ang media pati na rin ang mga staff ni Sec. Enrique Ona.

Medyo nagpumilit si A, at inulit naman ni B tsaka ng kasama niyang doktor (Dr. P) na magagahol na sa oras tsaka mas magiging masikip. Pero bigla nalang may sumingit na matandang lalaki(C) na payat na may pagka effeminate. Mataray at medyo mataas na boses nitong sinabing dapat maglagay ng lamesa. Halatang nagulat si B, si Dr. P at ibang organizers. Kahit nga ako na nakikiusi lang eh medyo nagulat. Sabay sabi pa ni C-I’VE BEEN INDUSTRY FOR 20 YEARS, AND THE MEDIA NEEDS A TABLE. WITHOUT A TABLE IS LIKE ASKING A SURGEON TO DO SURGERY WITHOUT THE SURGICAL TOOLS-Take note ha, nakasigaw siya.

To the credit of B and Dr. P and the other organizers, hindi na nila pinatulan. Sabi nalang ni B na sige maglagay na ng lamesa kahit isa lang. Sabay sambat naman ni C na-NO! ALL ROWS SHOULD HAVE A TABLE!

Dito medyo napikon na siguro si Dr. P dahil sa kakasigaw ni C. Humarap si Dr. P kay B at mahinahon na sinabi (pero halatang may konting tension) na – SIGE B, OK NA MAGLAGAY NA TAYO.

Mayroon pa isang babaeng bata bata ang lumapit kay B at sinabing -SIGE MAGLAGAY NA TAYO.

Pero hindi pa na kuntento si C at sinabing-LET ME EXPLAIN. Pero pasigaw pa rin siya. Si B naman, who is obviously trying to ease the tension said in a very nice way while smiling. – THERE’S NO NEED TO EXPLAIN, WE UNDERSTAND. SORRY FOR THE HASSLE.

Pero kahit na obviously eh ‘nakikipagbati’ na kay C si B sumigaw pa rin si C na-NO! I WANT TO EXPLAIN!-ginawa niya ito ng pasigaw pa rin at may halong paghahampas sa upuan na nasa tabi niya.

Tumahimik na si B, si Dr. P naman eh lumabas na. Paliwanag ni C-PROTOCOL NA DAPAT LAGING MAY LAMESA KASI MAY MGA COMPUTER DAW ANG MEDIA KAILANGAN MAPATUNGAN.-pagkasabi niya nun, sabay walk out siya.

May lumapit na babae kay B at sinabing taga-DOH yata yun eh.

Naawa ako kay B at sa ibang organizers kasi nga feeling ko they were just thinking about the convenience of the media. Whether they’re right in their decision or not, it should be noted that pumayag naman na sila, parang hindi naman na kailangan na sigaw sigawan pa sila. Tsaka using the “20 years in the business” phrase is usually use, at least, in my perception, by unsuccessful, insecure people na hindi pinapakinggan.

Actually, paglabas ni C, sumabat ang isang media from one of the major braodsheet in the country at sinabing-HINDI NAMAN NA KAILANGAN NG TABLE, I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY HE HAS TO INSIST ON IT.

When the presscon started, si C eh hindi pala taga DOH, media pala siya. He introduced himself as Ibarra Mateo a contributor of Vera Files and Yahoo! News. So media pala siya.

Doon ako napatanong. Kung taga DOH siya gaya ng unang inikala ng mga organizers eh maiiintindihan ko na baka ayaw niyang mahirapan ang media kaya he insisted on his set-up. Akala kasi nila B eh DOH media relations officer siya. Pero kung taga media pala siya, does he really have the right to have a say on the set-up? Maybe he can make suggestions but does he have the right to throw a tantrum shout at the organizers and use his ‘power’ as media to do this?

Parang abusado lang siya.

Tsaka gusto ko rin sana siyang tanungin. Parang wala akong nakikitang media na nasa presscon na may dalang laptop. In fact, kahit may space pa sa lamesa, a number of the media still opted to stay behind kung saan walang lamesa.

Besides, after the event nakita ko si B na lumapit kay C na by this time kilala ko na bilang si Ibarra Mateo. Nag sorry si B kay C, pero tinalikuran lang ito ni C.

Balita ko pa hinanap ni C ang superior ni B para magsumbong pa. Pero mali nga lang daw yun nalapitan niya kasi walang control yun nilapitan niya over the event.

Again, parang mali lang na gamitin ng isang taga-media ang pagka-media niya para manigaw at makialam sa event. Mag suggest ok pero sa ginawa ni C mukhang kailangan siya lang ang masunod.

Some people may need the media to bring out worthy information, but is it ok for some media people to abuse this power?

Nagtatanong lang…

If Mr. Ibarra Mateo gets to read this he has the power to use his gift and fluency in writing to write his defense. Pero for us who were there can’t help but feel sorry for B, Dr. P and other organizers because at that time there’s one media person, who ‘has been in the business for 20 years’, who abused his power and status as a media person. He may or may not have not done this intentionally. But whatever the case may be we got an glimpse of his personality and character.

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