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Improve Your Work Feng Shui with the Seed Syllables of Buddhism

Published Mayo 1, 2012 by jptan2012

In my past posts I talked about the different FENG SHUI TIPS FOR THE WORKPLACE (1 and 2), and about the different FENG SHUI TIPS FOR THE WORKING PERSON. Today, allow me to share how one can improve their Work or Career Feng Shui by using symbols use in Buddhism.

I personally use some of the things that I’m going to suggest here and I found them to be truly powerful that enables me to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish even those that I think are unachievable Furthermore, it helps maintain my ‘sanity’ and not give into pressure.

One of the most common and very powerful Buddhist symbols that I always use for my work is the Victory Banner. I’ve discussed about the Victory Banner before and I will not discuss about it here. If you want to know more about the Victory Banner please read the following posts – FENG SHUI TIPS FOR THE WORK PLACE (2) and THE VICTORY BANNER: A POWERFUL FENG SHUI TOOL FOR CAREER SUCCESS.

The other Buddhist tools that you can use to help you with your work are by tapping into the power of Mantras! I’ve wrote about mantras entitled – MANTRA: THE POWER TO TAP THE SYMBOLIC SOUND, SCRIPT, AND THOUGHT – please do read more about it for you to be able to understand more how they work. But also equally powerful with the mantras are the seed syllables.

Seed Syllables are basically shortened version of the mantras. However, they in itself are very powerful and create a different form or energy on its own. There are different kinds of seed syllables and I won’t be able to share them all here. However, there are different seed syllables that are works well for the different field of work or work environment.

The one that I use a lot is the seed syllable HRIH. It’s a wonderful amulet for those who are in marketing and public relations (like me); it’s also very good for those who are in advertising, legal profession (lawyer, judge, police), sales, journalism. The seed syllable HRIH has the ability to ensure that it wearer will have the ability to overcome any hostile and emotionally stressful environment.

Another powerful seed syllable is BAM. It’s a seed syllable that is good in protecting people who deal with nature or environment a lot. It has the power to block off negative energies brought about by the beings in the third dimension. It is also a powerful tool against unintentional evil eye brought about by envious and jealous people. Therefore it’s a good charm for people who hold powerful position. It’s also very good for those who’s work involve the environment like – rigging, mining, quarrying, even construction, environmental scientist, agriculture, aquaculture, etc.

Next is HUM. HUM is one of the most common syllable, which can be found in a number of powerful mantras like OM MANI PADME HUM or OM PADMO UNSHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT or OM VAJRASATTVA HUM. HUM is a very powerful seed syllable of protection. People whose job involve a lot of traveling or involve some delicate situation will benefit from this seed syllable. If you’re a pilot, a captain of a ship, a flight and ship steward, traveling sales agent, military, tour guide, you’ll benefit a lot from this seed syllable.

Though not exactly a seed syllable but more of a mantra, I would like to include OM AH HUM here. The mantra OM AH HUM has the power to clear our your surroundings from negative chi, so if you work in a hospital, morgue, cemetery, it is advisable for you to wear the symbolic script of the mantra OM AH HUM.


You can buy it as a jewelry or you can simply print a copy, enclose it a case and carry it with you.

Paying Homage to Goddess Tara

Published Marso 12, 2012 by jptan2012

In my previous post I talked about Goddess Tara, who is also popularly known as the Green Tara. I shared her story and I also shared the story on how Goddess Tara helped ‘liberate’ me from my previous employer.

Now, allow me to share with you ways on paying homage to Goddess Tara.

Like any other Buddha, Bodhisattva, Deity or Immortal, one of the best ways to pay homage to Goddess Tara or Green Tara is to invite her image into your home.

Having her image in your home will not only earn merits for you because you are paying homage to her, but it will also grant you blessings from Goddess Tara. Goddess Tara will provide you with countless opportunities and it is up to you to just grab these opportunities.

Again, wearing her image as a pendant will surely bring countless blessings from Goddess Tara.

From my private collection. Goddess Tara or Green Tara's image made of jadeite jade.

In times of troubles, or if you need to decide on something, or in times of change, or if you need change, call on Goddess Tara by reciting her mantra and she’ll guide you to the right path! But more than that she’ll provide you the right path!

The mantra of Goddess Tara is – OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.

There are different manifestations of Goddess Tara, this one is a White Tara pendant made out of a meteorite. This is from my private collection and got this pendant in Singapore.

Wearing a symbolic script of her mantra or her seed syllable TAM, which is included in WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, will provide you with a blessing as if you’re constantly reciting her mantra.

The pronunciation of the mantra is OM, TARE is pronounced with a short A, and RE is pronounced as RAY. TUT is pronounced as TWO, TARE same as the first TARE. TURE is pronounced TWO and RAY.

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