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Myth Buster 22: Cutting Your Finger Nails At Night Causes You to Meet Some Accident

Published Hunyo 6, 2015 by jptan2012

trimming-nailsThere’s a Filipino superstitious belief that cutting nails in the evening is bad luck and might cause you to meet some accidents. Is there truth to this?

Feng Shui wise, there’s no truth to this but why is this belief so prevalent to a lot of Filipinos?

The truth is very simple, during the olden times when there was still no electricity and cutting nails is still quite primitive for some provinces here in the Philippines because they don’t use nail cutters, and they will have to cut nails under a lamp or candle, it can be quite hard, and the person doing this usually hurts himself. Parents would then warn their kids not to cut their nails in the evening because it will hurt them. How did hurt become accident? Well, for the simple reason that a lot of us has the propensity to exaggerate.

Some parents would warn children without giving a valid reason, and soon fact because of the condition then became a superstitious belief. So go ahead cut your nails in the evening, I can assure you won’t meet any accident, just don’t do it in the dark so you don’t hurt yourself.

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Palaspas or Palm Fronds as Amulets?

Published Abril 3, 2012 by jptan2012

Growing up with a devout Catholic maternal grand mother, I’m quite familiar with how Catholics looks at a Palaspas or Palm Fronds. My Lola would always tell me that a palaspas is what saves us from the devil during Holy Week, because, she explains, this is the time when Christ is at his weakest. Like most superstitious Catholics, my Lola has a lot of beliefs that are technically not espouse by the Church.

My Lola, like most Catholics, would get several Palaspas not for it’s religious significance but more for it’s association with the supernatural. Her house, where I grew up, would have a Palaspas in each of the window and door where it would hang for the rest of the year until the next Palm Sunday. Before hanging the new Palaspas or Palm Frond, she would take out the old dried Palaspas and make several different amulets out of them. She would cut them up into small pieces and put them under our bed to prevent dwendes (dwarves) from visiting us. She would burn some of them and keep the ashes so that she can use them against the mananaggal (Philippine Vampire) should they decide to visit us. Still others would be cut into small pieces, put in a small red cloth and hang by the bed room doors, and by the bed, this is to protect us from bad spirits.

I know now that a lot of what she believes in and do are simply born out of superstition. However, I decided to write this post because just yesterday, in the front page, of all the 3 major national newspaper, it shows that the Catholic Church through one of its bishops has warned the people that a Palm Frond or Palaspas is not to be used as amulet.

I don’t really know the religious significance of going through the ceremony of waving a Palm Frond and having a priest bless them during mass if there is not special power in this act. I will not dare dwell on it. However, I would like to answer the question whether a Palaspas can be use as an amulet.

In Feng Shui, leaves or a leaf, especially if it has religious significance, is a great symbol and cure to be use in changing one’s bad luck into good luck. For Buddhism, the most common leaf used as a symbol to help signify the change of one’s bad luck into good luck is the Bodhi leaf. This is because of the association of the achievement of Buddhahood by the Historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, under a Bodhi tree. For Catholics, I believe that palaspas would also work in the same manner. However, at least for Feng Shui perspective, it is extremely inauspicious if you continue to keep a dead flower or leaf, and this is usually the case with Palm Fronds, we normally keep them even if they’d totally dried. Again, in Feng Shui perspective this is considered unlucky.

To directly answer whether a palaspas or palm frond is an amulet, the answer is yes, that is until they’ve dried out.

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