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Use Water to Save A Life and Earn Some Good Karma!

Published Abril 16, 2016 by jptan2012

We are at the height of El Niño and all of use here in the Philippines can actually feel the heat. In fact, this is one of the hottest seasons we ever had. Famine because of drought are already happening in the country side and it seems that it is bound to get even worst first before it’ll start to get better.

I’m sure most of you have experienced this tremendous heat and are suffering because of it. The good thing is we are able to take care of ourselves (most of us). Many of us can turn the air – conditioner on and drink lots of water.bird water

This is the season where we can earn some good merits or good karma, although hopefully this should not be our main and primary reason. Because of the heat, a lot of the birds and stray dogs and cats are dying of thirst or heat stroke. It will help a lot if we can put out some water for them.

For the birds, you can put the water on your balcony or outside your bedroom window, or on a tree trunk if you are able to do this. Note that their food might be drying up also because of the heat, so while you’re at it you might want to bring out a little food also. Bird feeds, or fruits will do.

French bulldog

French bulldog drinking water

For the stray dogs and cats, please do put a big flat bowl of water outside your house. This way, a thirsty dog or cat might wander to your place and they will be able to drink some water. Again, while you’re at it you might want to put some food also.

In doing this, you can earn some merit, but more importantly one can help save a life!

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How A Former Maid Created So Much Luck By Putting A Bowl of Water Outside Her House!

Published Hunyo 2, 2015 by jptan2012

During one of my travels to Cebu, I came across the son of a former maid who became a businesswoman. The former maid turned businesswoman has since passed away, but she has a ritual that her family believes has made her rich, however, the son said the ritual has since also lost it’s power and wants to know how he can bring it back.

What is the said ritual? PD, the former maid turned businesswoman, has the habit of putting big stainless bowls of water outside of their house for stray dogs and stray cats, sometimes she would also put left over foods. The family noticed that once she started doing this little by little their life become better, then it became comfortable, then undoubtedly they became rich. All throughout PD would always put water outside their house and all their properties for the stray dogs and cats, and when they had a terrace she would also do the same for the birds, and sometime she would also put some bird feeds.

When she passed away, her family did the same thing, but they felt it is not as effective. They’re not losing money but life has been quite stagnant in terms of financial growth.water-bowl-2011-03

The answer is simple. PD gathered a lot of good karma because I believe she puts the bowl of water for the stray dogs and cats, and eventually for the birds because she doesn’t want them to go thirsty. She did it out of compassion. Because of this she gathered a lot of good karma and eventually reaped its blessings.

Her children did the same thing, but because their intention is different from that of their mom, they will still get some good karma, they will still reap some blessings, but obviously, not as big as the one that their mom gets!

So the next time you want some amulets like the Vajrapani Ruel but can’t afford it, don’t despair because there are other ways. Something that starts from within.

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