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Separated for 17 Years Brought Together By the Power of the Traditional Sutra Amulet: A Personal Testimony of A Person Who Has No Idea of What Buddhism or Feng Shui Is All About and a Little of My Personal Musings.

Published Setyembre 25, 2017 by jptan2012

For the past few days I was quite down physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The past few weeks has been quite challenging because three different groups have been consulting me about the same matter, and initially I wasn’t sure that they were all related then in the process I realized these groups were consulting about the same matter. They’re all in three different sides, well technically speaking, but the other two are on the same side, one on a personal level and the other one on a macro perspective. This has taken a toll on me both physically because meeting them is a tedious thing, psychologically because a lot of what was happening between them involves a lot of psychological warfare and deception, and emotionally because somehow one can’t get involve and become friends to some of them and of course one worries also especially if the reading or analysis of the chart shows something that is not nice.

Then a reader sent me a message who recently bumped into an employee of a professional Feng Shui consultant. And because my reader used to be a valued customer of the said Feng Shui consultant, the employee told her that his boss is really angry with me and blames me for the closing or downsizing of the Feng Shui stores in the Philippines. The employee further told my reader that it seems like it has become a personal mission of this Feng Shui consultant to malign me and bad mouth me in any possible way. And why is he sharing this with her, because he is looking for a job and wanted to work for my reader, so I think I will give the whole story some leeway for an exaggeration but still these things does get into you.Emily SMS

On top of that, another valued reader and friend for some reason stumbled into an issue and somewhat felt a little aloof. Of course, people surrounding him who doesn’t know him will be quick to judge, I’m just thankful that at the end all the positive things that happened prevailed for him to know and accept the truth. On top of that there was some sort of a miscommunication with a reader from Australia.

You see all these things sort of got to me and for a while I was thinking whether I should still continue writing or not. I have already written more than 800 articles, and even before I sort of feel that I might have written enough. So I thought I’d stop already or maybe stop on my 1,000th article.

Then I get another miracle and it all becomes clear again why I continue to write, despite of the anger of some people who are against these things, despite the attacks of some bashers, despite of some of my own shortcomings, I continue to write because of the miracles of the people who continue to believe and who continue to hope for miracles.

This particular miracle got to me because the persons involved waited for 17 years for it to happen.

Ben is an Uber driver. I met him October last year (that’s according to Ben) when my own driver was absent and I had to take Uber and we got into talking in the car because of a heavy traffic. I was with a friend at that time when Ben casually told us his story.

Ben is a single father of two. He lives on his own because his ex-wife is with their only daughter in Canada. His daughter, who happens to be his eldest, is now 25 years of age. My friend and I asked him why he didn’t live with them; he said he chose to stay because of his ‘true love’. His first wife has since remarried.

Ben said that he was not in – love with his ex-wife, he said they both got drunk and in the process he got his ex – wife pregnant and they bore a daughter. He said while his ex – wife is really not a bad person, they can’t seem to get along well especially ex – wife is a bit of a nagger. When their eldest was only a year old ex – wife left for Canada and made a promise to get them as well. Ben is the first to admit that ex – wife is a smart woman, and a hardworking one so when their daughter was about 7 years old they got their papers from Canadian embassy granting them permit to live in Canada with ex –wife who at that time was still his legal wife.

However, in the past few years Ben met another whom he had an affair with. Ben said he was contemplating separating with his wife then so that he can be with Lot the woman he is having an affair with. But Ben admits while he loves Lot he was racked with guilt for his wife. Nevertheless, she got Lot pregnant and knows that she has to do something about it.

Ben made a decision he will leave his wife so that he can be with Lot. But Lot wants Ben to talk with her father first, who has never liked Ben. So Ben and Lot’s father met. During that meeting Ben told his Lot’s father that he has decided to talk to his wife so that can properly separate and that he wish to marry Lot and take responsibility for the child. Should Lot and his father decides that they should not be married, he will still take responsibility of the child and give part of his salary from his job with Max’s Restaurant to provide for his child with Lot. The father was very amiable during that meeting, to which Lot was absent, and requested for Ben to give them a week to decide. And during that week, he told Ben not to see Lot because he doesn’t want her daughter to be confused and wants her to decide properly whether she wants to be with Ben or not. He told Ben that he would personally get in touch with him at his work. Ben said at that time they still don’t own mobile phones.

A week passed and he didn’t hear from Lot and her father. Halfway thru the second week he went to Lot’s house and he was met by Lot’s father who told him that Lot doesn’t want anything to do with him. He pursued Lot several times but Lot never once went out to meet him. Until the barangay told him that should he visit the place again he will be charged. Soon he found out that Lot’s family moved to a different house. He doesn’t know where.

But to be fair with his wife, he told her the truth and told her that he will not be joining them in Canada. So when his daughter left he explained to her why he was staying and told him she might have a sibling soon. That was 17 years ago last year and he has never heard of Lot again. He said he has been searching for on Facebook to no avail. He doesn’t even know whether their child survived or not and if it did he doesn’t know whether it is a boy or a girl.

Ben said he has never been with anybody else since then.

I just recently wrote about the Traditional Sutra Amulet (TSA) when I encountered Ben and was told about this story. My girl – friend who was with me at that time got really affected and told me we should do something for Ben. I decided to give Ben a TSA, and my friend who is a believer and just had a miracle from her Vajrapani Ruel pitched for half of the cost of donation for the TSA.

We got Ben’s number and he got ours. But of course we didn’t hear from each other again.

And so the past week I was feeling down and I got a call from Ben. To be honest, it’s been almost a year and I don’t remember him anymore. But Ben would help lift me out of that feeling of being down and he reminded me why I write about these things.

You see after 17 years Ben met Lot again and after 17 years he met his son! They now live together and will be married soon. So what happened?

After meeting Ben, Lot’s father went home fuming mad and told Lot to forget about Ben because Ben told him that while he will support their child financially, he will not acknowledge the child because he is married and is scheduled to leave for Canada! Lot was really heartbroken with this piece of news and so when her father suggested that she goes live with her uncle (his father’s brother) and auntie in Novaliches (a place quite far from where they live which is in Rizal) she agreed. That’s where she gave birth and soon his parents also moved to Novaliches and they lived next door to the Uncle and Auntie who took care of her while she was pregnant.

She didn’t know that Ben went looking for him but he was constantly sent away but his parents and that finally they threatened to charge him for continuously badgering them. When Lot’s son was 13 years old Lot’s father has a heart attack and before he died he told Lot that should he see Ben again she should talk to him. Lot said why should he when he has abandoned them, but Lot’s father just said that maybe Ben has repented, although Lot thought this was curious she just decided that this was all just musings of a dying old man.

When Lot’s son was 15 years old, he told his mom that he wants to meet his dad, but Lot told him to just leave Ben alone and that he has nothing to do with their life. She even refused to give him Ben’s name.

Last week of October 2016 Lot’s son had an idea to make a Facebook account for his mother, and he thought he’d put in the relationship status ‘Complicated’ in the hope that when Ben sees his mom’s account he will contact them. Little did he know that Ben would from time to time search for Lot on FB and he did see the account made by their son for Lot.

When their son saw Ben trying to add and chat Lot, he had a gut feel that this could be his father and saw he told his mom about the FB account he made for her and about the man name Ben who was trying to get in touch with her. Lot got so angry, angry like she has never been before. And so their son knew then Ben was his father. But Lot also asked for the details of the FB and he soon chatted with Ben.

She decided to meet Ben first and when Ben called her ‘Balot’ again, a pet name Ben created for Lot, she knew that she was still in love with Ben. And the rest is history. Ben said he is now trying to establish a good relationship with his son. He said it was not easy but they’re both trying. Ben and Lot will get married soon. Ben said he forgot about the TSA and never attributed everything to it. But when cleaning the house, Lot saw and asked him about the TSA, and he told him the story. They realized that their son put up the FB account a week after Ben got the TSA. And so that sealed their belief that it was really because of the TSA that they got back together. Ben wants me to be their godfather on their wedding. I felt I was too young to be their godfather but I still said yes. It’s a miracle that they got back 17 years after and my girl – friend who is going to be a godmother will want to witness the wedding that is 17 years in the making.

With this story there is another miracle, and that is the miracle of Ben sharing with me their story at this time. It helped me to stay on track to continue writing what I write. Will I stop on the one thousandth post? I don’t know but in the meantime Ben and Lot’s story is one of the reasons why I write and share these things.

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Vajrapani Ruel Stories (26): Raising Enough Money to Finish One’s House And An Unexpected Additional Business!

Published Nobyembre 25, 2015 by jptan2012

house-with-moneyI’m a little hesitant to write this story because it might appear that it criticizes a certain image of a major religious sector. However, I have since written about it and the response was generally positive with several affirmations from readers that they did experience some bad Feng Shui because of that particular image. You’ll soon see what I am talking about but here’s the story of PL and SL.

PL and SL a married couple who both works as a Overseas Filipino Worker in the Middle East. Throughout their married life their biggest challenge is being separated from their 5 children because they both have to work abroad. However, this was somewhat tempered by SL’s mother presence and she was able to raise PL’s and SL’s kids properly.

According PL and SL their kids are great kids, and they would never ask for anything expensive. In fact, unlike the children of their Filipino colleagues abroad, their kids never asked for mobile phones or any other gadgets. Their school grades are average, and their middle child is even an honor student. To some extent their family although they are miles away from their children are almost perfect.

Their eldest and second child are now also working and without prompting they also contributed to the expenses at home, and because of this it was easier for them to built their own house. Since they are both working abroad it was their eldest, their second child and SL’s mom, the maternal grandmother of the children, who took care of the building of the house. And so little by little they built their home. It took them almost three years to finish their house not because it was big but because they really have to save up and build a portion, then save up and build another portion, until October last year they finished their small but loving home! The only thing left to do is decorating it and putting the section of the house where they’ll put up a small store and small computer shop and the dirty kitchen.

Their kids and SL’s mom decided to hold off finishing the decorating because they want PL and SL to finish the decoration of the house. But their eldest thought it would not to put a picture of their parents in the biggest wall of the house, which is in the dining room. They initially wanted to do it in the living room, but there is no place for it there. But as agreed they will wait for their parents to come and wait for their decision.

November came and PL and SL came back to see their new home, and also to finish the small store, small computer shop and the dirty kitchen. They were really happy to see their new home almost finished. The kids told them of the blank wall in the dining room and having the picture of their parents there. However, SL has always been fascinated with the image of The Last Supper and so they decided to place The Last Supper on that wall. In less than a week’s time they had it there.

PL and SL plans to go back abroad for their last term of contract before they settle here in the Philippines by late January, unfortunately, SL was informed just between Christmas and New Year that contrary to what they initially agreed on she won’t be renewed by her employer. This came as a shock, and she was told that because her employer is having some business problems and they are terminating the contract of several overseas contract staff and since SL is in the Philippines, she’s among the first few contract workers to be terminated. Although Pl and SL got really worried, they took it as a sign that she has to stay home and it will just be PL to leave and work abroad, they made some financial calculations it’s going to be a little risky but they should just make the small store and the computer shop work and they will survive it.

But after New Year, they got another shock! PL will also not be able to go back to his employer because his brother who works with him, embezzled some money before he came back to the Philippines, which was just 3 days before Christmas. And it was only discovered after New Year! Furthermore, he has some money that he remitted through his brother to avoid being questioned why s he remitting or bringing a big amount of money and this seems to have been stolen from him by his brother. His brother also didn’t went home for Christmas, instead he went directly to province of his wife where his wife and children lives. They initially didn’t get worried because they were able to talk to him during Christmas, but when the news about his embezzling the money of the company broke out, they were unable to get in touch with him, not even his wife or any of his wife’s family.

They’re at a lost as to how this can happen to them and it seems that they got their bad luck because they SL was betrayed by her employer that she has faithfully served for several years and PL was betrayed by his brother. He was unable to go back by virtue that the one who embezzled money is his brother. For the Arabs it doesn’t make any difference, for them they’re one and the same.

All of a sudden their dream house although built already won’t be finished because they have to save the money for what seems to be an uncertain future. But still they pursued and instead of being sad tried to look for here in the Philippines. But they find it hard to get a good job primarily because of their age.

Their eldest who happens to be my reader took pity on them and contacted me. She said although her parents are trying to be strong. At that time I really haven’t met PL and SL and I still don’t know about the image of THE LAST SUPPER that in Feng Shui may cause betrayal.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It's important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

Anyway, their daughter decided to get the Vajrapani Ruel and I told her that since it’s her parents who are having the problems really it’s better if she will give it to one of her parents. And so she gave it to his father who is more open in trying out these kinds of things, her mom, SL, is very religious and a devout Catholic and might not be open to trying out Feng Shui, especially amulets of Buddhist origin.

Soon after carrying it PL experienced his first miracle, he got a job whose pay is even more than what he gets in the Middle East, then after that some money was ‘mysteriously’ deposited in his account, which correspond to the amount that he remitted through his brother. Because of these developments they’re able to finish their home!

PL and SL through their daughter contacted me because they want to get another Vajrapani Ruel, while we’re talking she inquired as to what can cause the betrayal, to which I replied all the possible reasons that I can think of. I haven’t written about the image of THE LAST SUPPER then and although I was hesitant to mention it to them, in my experience a lot of people experienced some form of betrayal and sadness when they have the image. If you want to know more about it you can read the following posts:


PL and SL decided to simply donate the image of THE LAST SUPPER to a church, and replace it with the image of the HOLY FAMILY.

Meanwhile, SL did get another Vajrapani Ruel and although she has decided to simply manage their small store and computer shop, an unexpected opportunity ‘landed on her lap’ when two different people contacted her to help sell their processed meat and cooked meal respectively. This also proves to be a very good additional business and now they have added some tables outside their small store to serve food!

Their daughter, PL and SL all believes that it is because of the Vajrapani Ruel that they all this good luck!

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Myth Buster 14: Feng Shui Works 100% of the Time

Published Setyembre 1, 2013 by jptan2012

I recently got an email asking whether Feng Shui works 100% of the time. This got me thinking, whether Feng Shui really works 100% of the time. The truth is I’ve already written about WHY FENG SHUI DON’T ALWAYS WORK more than a year ago.

However, I believe that it is worth writing about it again, this time I would like to stress two of the major reasons that I have observed why Feng Shui don’t always work. The reasons I’m writing about now is an expounding of the last reason that I’ve written in WHY FENG SHUI DON’T ALWAYS WORK which is BEING TOO NEGATIVE.

A number of emails that I receive are from women who looking for love or wants to have the ‘love of their life’ return to them. Modesty aside, I’m happy to share that there are a number of them who got their lover/partner back, and that’s because they either got the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT or thru asking them to fix something in their room or house, or one which is through a powerful amulet pendant from Thailand.

Nevertheless, recently one of them got separated again, and she came to me complaining that Feng Shui only worked for her for a while. Since I already got to know them pretty well, I’ve already formed some ideas as to why they got separated again, but, I thought I’d still talk to the husband as to why he left her again for the 3rd time.

The husband who is also a believer and practice Feng Shui said that no amount of Feng Shui can help his wife. He said, she simply was not the woman she married. She has become very negative, often times very offensive and downright disrespectful to everybody. He said, all their money has gotten to her head and that she no longer sees the poor woman she married that’s very loving and caring with everybody.

This confirmed my belief that the woman has become very negative that the husband decided to leave. He also added that he still loves her but she should start helping herself and change herself.good_or_bad_attitude

I totally agree. I know for a fact that this woman will make a person suffer just because she didn’t like what that person did. One time, she even bragged that she sent a former friend some threatening messages just because the former friend failed to deliver on time the things the woman requested her to buy. She said that she send it anonymously using a different number so that her former friend will not be able to send her negative thoughts. WRONG! Karma is in the act that one did not in the thoughts sent by another person.

I have already warned her about attracting too much negative energy, but since she continuously gets good financial luck, she just ignored my warnings. However, the negative energy that she’s accumulating is attacking her through her personal life. She still hasn’t conceived even her Bazi / Paht Chee shows that she has descendant luck. Now her husband has left her for the third time.

Writing this now, because I notice this to be true with a lot of people, they want all the luck but they remain to be very negative. Not only negative in terms of being pessimistic but also negative in a bad attitude way. The bad news is Feng Shui can only do so much. One has to learn to change also.

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