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Preventing Other People From Having An Amulet Brings Bad Luck!

Published Pebrero 17, 2016 by jptan2012

I believe I have written about this topic before but it is worth repeating again. Sometimes because of our selfish and self – centered attitude we prevent people from having their amulets. This in Buddhism is considered a mortal sin because in a way you prevented a person from having their luck. This is wrong whether one believed in the power of amulets or not. Whether the act is intentional or not it carries a corresponding negative effect to the person who did this.

The most common reasons this happens is when a person acquires an amulet just because he or she thinks he needs it. Thus preventing other people who really need it from acquiring it.

Other reasons are when you wanted to reserve an amulet even if you’re not sure to get it. Or when you got an amulet thinking that you can simply return it when you realize you don’t want it. All these things will create so much bad luck to a person. Thus it is very important that you think twice or thrice before getting an amulet because you’re initial selfishness whether intentional or not might bring more bad luck.

Similarly when a person bad mouths an amulet this also creates bad luck.

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Smiling at People Helps Create Good Chi!

Published Nobyembre 27, 2014 by jptan2012

smiling2One thing I love about traveling is while waiting at the airport I get to write some blog article. This is the next few articles that’s going to be posted on this blog are all written at an airport and automatically posted via the scheduled posting feature.

Today, I would like to share with you how easy it is to create good chi for yourself and in the process for other people as well. The inspiration for this post was gathered from the fact that an elderly couple just smiled at me and it does made me feel a whole lot better. smiling

Try to make it a habit to smile at people, smile at your friends, family, helpers,employees and yes even to strangers. Smiling at people will give the recipient of the smile some good chi and it will instantly make them feel better. But more than that because you smiled at them, more often than not, they will smile back at you, and you will also receive some good chi.

I know that while smiling comes naturally to some people, more often than not it is a conscious effort. Even if it is a conscious effort and even if the original intention is selfish and wanting to get good chi it’s still bound to create some luck. And as you smile more often you’ll see that the initial selfish intention of wanting to get good chi will slowly pave way to a more sincere effort as you see how good it makes you feel and how in the end it makes everything seems to be a better.smiling 3

So smiling is literally affordable. How can it not be you don’t spend a single dime and it doesn’t zap your energy and take away a single second from you. So smile and create good chi and make the world better.

Who knows that smiling can be a feng shui tool.


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