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Dogs Barking or Howling At Walls: What It Means and How to Deal With It?

Published Nobyembre 30, 2016 by jptan2012

dogs-barkingRegular readers of this blog knows that I’m a firm believer of how a pet dog and help increase your good chi and bring in good luck, as long as one takes care of them properly and truly loves them.

I have a friend who called me up the other day, apparently his dogs are barking at his ‘wall’. Sometimes they howl. They seem to be seeing something that he is not seeing and he finds it creepy.

Dogs are naturally more sensitive in seeing or feeling unseen beings, and they may be seeing entities that we are not seeing. The manifestation usually comes in the form of them barking at the wall or at an empty space and they seem to be seeing something which we don’t see. Or it could be a howling. Sometimes they can be chasing something or seemingly being chased by something. Or they can be spooked and hide or seemingly growling at something. If these things happen, chances are they are seeing an entity or at the very least be feeling an entity.

When these things happen, first recognize the attitude of the dog. If they seems happy or relax chances are they’re seeing something of a positive or neutral entity. But if they seem spook or angry this is an indication that it is a negative entity. This is the case of my friend’s dogs.

If it’s a positive or neutral entity, just ignore them and they will soon go away. But if it’s a negative entity, it will be good if you as an expert to exorcise or like in the case of my friend, he got a Vajrapani Ruel and a Traditional Sutra Amulet (THE SUTRA ON THE PAST VOWS OF EARTH STORE BODHISATTVA) and a day after that aggressive barking at the ‘walls’ cease.

I would like to caution though that howling doesn’t really mean the presence of negative entities, some dogs are really just howlers like the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. Or sometimes they might be hearing a sound, because they have sensitive ears, that makes them howl. Like my dog back when we were still in our old house, we can tell if the Selecta ice cream man is about to pass by even before we hear his distinct music, because our dogs will already howl, and they won’ stop until the Selecta ice cream man pass by.

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Special Energizing Buddhist, Taoist, and Feng Shui Rituals to Bring Wealth, Career, and Personal Success (4): Wear Some Mantra or Seed Syllable as Jewelry

Published Disyembre 7, 2012 by jptan2012

The very simple act of wearing mantras and/or seed syllable as jewelry can spell a lot of difference. Remember in one of my previous post where I talked about Mantras, it is not necessary for you to understand the mantra, the simple act of seeing one, whether you know or understand what it means will spell a lot of difference, and it will bestow upon you the blessings of the Buddhas or the Bodhisattvas.wish-fulfilling-mantra-om-padmo-ushnisha-vimale-hum-phat-mantra

Why wear it as jewelry? The Chinese believes that precious gems or precious metals like gold on its own carries with them yang energy and some blessings. Wearing a mantra or seed syllable made in gold will double the energy of the mantra or seed syllable.

In fact, the special pendant that I designed for myself and friends, which has also been made available to some readers carries several special mantra. I’m talking about WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. In fact, several of my readers has emailed or called, for those I know personally, to share with me their ‘success’ stories about the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. I even shared one of the stories here in this blog. If you’re interested to know more about it do click here.

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