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Illness Suppression Amulet: A Must Have Anti – Illness and Anti – Accident Amulet for 2016 and Beyond!

Published Disyembre 30, 2015 by jptan2012

If you’ve read my 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Series (Part 1, Part 2, and  Part 3 which is the forecast for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac / Chinese Horoscope), or if you are a Feng Shui practitioner, you will know by now that this year is ruled by the #2 Flying Star or Illness Star. However, again if you practice Feng Shui, you will also know that the Illness Star, despite of the name, is not a star that only causes illness but it also causes accidents that may result to long time illness or physical problem.

This star causes illness, which can range from a persistent cough or cold to something more serious like cancer, diabetes, heart problems or other serious illnesses. If you are already sick and immune compromise than you will have to be extra more careful about this star because it can makes things really bad.

This year because it lands on the center of the Flying Start Chart, it becomes the ruling star of the year. That means everyone is going to be affected by this star, one way or another. However, for each sign, there are certain age groups who are more affected than others, so you can actually check my “2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiacs (Chinese Horoscope)!” to find out about the ages that are more affected by the said Illness Star. But please don’t misinterpret this that if you don’t find your age in the list you are ‘free’ from this star. It only means that the effect on you may not be as bad as the others. But, of course, you will have to definitely consider other factors such as your Chinese Horoscope.

Speaking of the Chinese Horoscope or Chinese Animal Zodiacs, it has to be noted that although I gave specific ages, the Ox and Tigers are definitely affected, because of the fact that Ox and Tiger people are already affected by the Five Yellow Star or Wu Wang or #5 Flying Star, which severely weakens their chi/energy and thus making them more susceptible to the ruling Illness(and accident) Star. A lot of the people born under the sign of the Rabbit should know how bad this star could get, because two years ago landed on their sector and it is quite a strong star then. So a short reflection of the majority of the Rabbit may remember how bad it was. I personally know of several Rabbits who were particularly struck hard by this star. I remember PT found out that she had diabetes and a kidney that year, amongst others.

Furthermore, everybody who stays on the Northeast by virtue of being weakened by the Five Yellow Star will be much more susceptible to this star.

Likewise, senior citizens and those below 18 years old, and those whose job involves a lot of risky activities, and those who engage in extreme sports are highly susceptible to this star.

The good thing is there are a number of ways to combat this star and that is to wear the image of the Medicine Buddha or wear a Medicine Buddha Prayer Wheel. Because the star is the ruling star you should also supplement it with extra healing energies by either chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHKENDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA – or reciting the Medicine Buddha Sutra.

For this year, since the Illness Star has become the ruling star, my Guru Lama made a special amulet called Illness Suppression Amulet or Illness Protection Amulet. Although, I personally would have preferred that it be called Illness and Accident Protection Amulet. This is a special amulet made by Guru Lama to combat the Illness Star and at the same time to help those who are sick to go into a quick recovery.

The Illness Suppression Amulet or Illness Protection Amulet has several important components or ‘ingredient’ that makes it quite effective.

First, it has the specially consecrated Medicine Buddha Mantra printed on a blue paper. I have written about the Medicine Buddha several times before, and as I have said before, Medicine Buddha as the name implies is a Buddha who has special healing energies. Simply wearing or chanting Medicine Buddha’s mantra is sure to bring a lot of healing energies, how much more if it is highly consecrated! Blessed and consecrated are two different things. Blessing is important for any amulet to be considered holy, but consecration brings it to a different level. Because the ritual calls on the Buddha or Bodhisattva to have their energy imbibe the ‘object’. Normally, the objects that can be consecrated are images of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and a prayer wheel. However, from time to time with a process of divination other objects are allowed to be consecrated, such is the case for this one. This is a special consecration.

Note: The Medicine Buddha is not only a Buddha of healing; He is also a provider of wealth. Thus the secondary function is to gain wealth luck, which is a good charm since this year’s wealth luck is not so strong.

The amulet also has the specially consecrated mantra of the Namgyalma Buddha and the White Umbrella Goddess printed on a white paper. Namgyalma is one of the most powerful long life and health protector in the Buddhist realm and White Umbrella Goddess or Ushnisha Sitataputra, I have written about it before so I highly suggest that you read it both post about Her by clicking here(1) and here(2).

I initially thought that it would just be the mantra of Namgyalma but my Guru Lama just clarified with me last night, that on the white one are specially consecrated mantras of the Namgyalma Buddha and the White Umbrella Goddess.

Furthermore, on the red paper is the Amitayus Long Life Manta that is again specially consecrated. Amitayus Buddha is a different transformation of Amitabha Buddha, they are technically one and the same but if Amitabha is for rebirth in the Pure Land and protection, Amitayus is for long life and protection.

Illness Suppression Amulet2

The Illness Suppression Amulet or Illness Protection Amulet is a special highly consecrated amulet made by my Guru Lama as a cure for the Illness Star a star that also causes accidents. It has the energies of the Medicine Buddha, Namgyalma Buddha, Amitayus Buddha and White Umbrella Goddess. Furthermore, the small black thing you see at the bottom of the glass amulet holder is a Dharma Pill, which is made from a second – class relic of a confirmed holy lama. It also has a small amount of ash from the last Medicine Buddha holy initiation conducted by my Guru Lama, and aside from individual special consecration, the whole amulet was further consecrated under the Tooth Relic of Shakyamuni Buddha.

To make Illness Suppression Amulet / Illness Protection Amulet more powerful, my Guru Lama has included a Dharma Pill on each of the amulet. A Dharma Pill is made with a second-class relic of a confirmed holy high lama, and then included some ashes from the last Medicine Buddha holy initiation he conducted, thus making the healing and protective energies of the amulet even more powerful.

After putting these all together, he further consecrated the Illness Suppression Amulet under the Tooth Relic of Shakyamuni Buddha. This again will naturally have made the amulet even more powerful and stronger.

My Guru Lama would have wanted to release this amulet as early as last year, but he encountered some problems as to where to put the amulet. Taking inspiration from the Surangama Mantra Amulet, I decided to help acquire a special glass container for the Illness Protection Amulet, we decided on glass to help ensure that people can see the contents, and of course, to avoid problems when traveling, because a metal case might create some security problems. He would have wanted to use wood, but is unable to find a supplier for a wood case.

This amulet is one of the must have amulet for the year, but even beyond 2016, it should also serve as a good amulet to those who are sick or to those whose job involves risky activities. Furthermore, this is a good amulet for the #7 Flying Star or Violent Star.

Again, at this point I think it is important for me to explain that ‘inviting’ of this amulet will also benefit a temple in India. In relation to this please read my next post called – AN EVOLUTION OF ACQUIRING AN AMULET.

Illness Suppression Amulet3

The Illness Suppression Amulet or Illness Protection Amulet is a special highly consecrated amulet made by my Guru Lama as a cure for the Illness Star a star that also causes accidents. It has the energies of the Medicine Buddha, Namgyalma Buddha, Amitayus Buddha and White Umbrella Goddess. Furthermore, the small black thing you see at the bottom of the glass amulet holder is a Dharma Pill, which is made from a second – class relic of a confirmed holy lama. It also has a small amount of ash from the last Medicine Buddha holy initiation conducted by my Guru Lama, and aside from individual special consecration, the whole amulet was further consecrated under the Tooth Relic of Shakyamuni Buddha.

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Almost Directly Receiving a Gift from the Buddhas by Receiving a Stupa: Another Wonderful Gift from a Reader

Published Pebrero 2, 2015 by jptan2012

Several posts ago entitled – AURALITE: A GIFT OF LIGHT FROM A READER – I talked about how one reader, Atty. B, gave me a wonderful that I also need at that the time the gift was given to me. In that particular post, I mentioned that another reader has given me a very wonderful gift. The gift that was given to me is a Stupa!

AC contacted me because she wanted to get the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, this led to a series of email conversations and she really did give me an impression of being a very kind person. In one of her emails she inquired about getting a Stupa as somebody in the temple that she attends to offered this to her. I told her owning a stupa is such a wonderful blessing, especially if this was blessed by a high-ranking lama like Lama Zopa Rinpoche. She ended up acquiring the Stupa and what’s more her very kind heart and generosity prompted her to get one more for me to be given as a gift!!!!!

As mentioned before, receiving amulets or holy objects as a gift does not make it holier or more powerful, but the act of receiving a gift makes the object comes with an auspicious chi brought about by the giver’s generosity.

Even if I put her generosity aside simply having a Stupa is such a wonderful blessing, and words won’t be able to convey how happy and blessed I feel to have receive that gift from AC. I can’t imagine how much blessings I’ll receive because of the Stupa. In fact, I’m sure even my friend and reader, DU, who was the middle person to get the Stupa from AC and to give it to me will definitely have received some blessing simply because she held it and having it in her possession.

This is the stupa that AC gave me.

This is the stupa that AC gave me.

I thought I’d show my gratitude to AC by asking my Guru Lama whether I can invite a Vajrapani Ruel(1), which is considered as one of the most powerful if not the most powerful amulet in Buddhism, in behalf of AC and I’m really happy that my Guru Lama agreed and told me to go ahead with it. AC herself has expressed gratitude in advance for the Vajrapani Ruel(2), which has had enjoyed some personal testimonies already.

But why am I so excited about the Stupa? Not only because it was a gift from a reader but also because it is a Stupa!!! I think I should make myself clearer. Allow me to tell you first what is a Stupa and what are the blessings that it can bestow.

A stupa, which is pronounced with long U sound, is almost similar to a pagoda but is more mound – like and/or hemispheric structure that contains one or more Buddhist relics. A big stupa will usually contain a relic from a high-ranking Buddhist monk, usually a green, or red, or white, or yellow pearl – like object produced by high-ranking lamas when they are cremated. Surprisingly, people who are holy only produce these pearl – like objects. A layperson may produce this also and becomes an indication of the goodness of the person’s heart.

It is believed that Shakyamuni or the Historical Buddha’s body was cremated and the ashes were divided into equal parts and which was put inside 8 different stupas. Two additional stupas were further made for the temporary casket that was made for the Buddha and for the left over embers. However, these stupas were not identified.

All stupas represent the Buddha with his crown of enlightenment and in meditative lotus seat position.

The ubiquitous Five Element Pagoda, which is a very famous and effective cure for the Five Yellow Killing Star or the #5 Flying Star is actually patterned after a stupa and not a pagoda. Pagoda was used to make it more familiar with the majority, because a stupa is somewhat limited to Buddhists. The difference between a stupa and a pagoda is that a stupa houses relics and is considered a very holy structure. A pagoda may or may not be a religious or spiritual structure, and while it may house holy images, it doesn’t have relics.

Building a stupa is not an easy matter. Obviously, in modern times you’ll need the skill of an architect and an engineer, but it is impossible to build a stupa without the leadership of a monk who is familiar with building one. There are a lot of empowerment ceremonies, Buddhist texts transmissions and ceremonies for one to build a stupa. And the most important component is the presence of a relic. In the absence of a physical relic, the Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras, which are considered as a first class relic because it is said that it was the Buddha himself of wrote those particular mantra are put inside the stupa. All small and multiple – produced stupas, like AC’s gift for me, will have the Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras. It is highly considered immoral to own a physical relic for oneself. Because it should always be shared thus it is always put inside a stupa or hidden in temples. Most Buddhist temples will also have the stupa easily accessible so people can circumambulate around it, if space is of a concern, thee stupa is put on top of the structure so that everyone who passes under it will be blessed.

The different kinds of stupa are:

  • Relic Stupa, and it is the relics of the Buddha, or human Bodhisattvas (like monks) are interred here. These relics are considered first class relics. 
  • Object Stupa, where in the relics that are interred are the things used by the Buddha or monks. For example, their prayer wheels, mala, clothes, shoes, etc. These items are considered second-class relics. 
  • Symbolic Stupa, these kinds of stupas are built to symbolize various Buddhist aspects. For these kinds of stupas, the Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras are interred. 

In Tibetan Buddhism, these different kinds of Stupas are further, sub – categorizes into the 8 different types, which is called the Eight Great Deeds Stupas, which are base on the different events in Shakyamuni Buddha’s life.

The Eight Great Deeds Stupas are the following:

  8. STUPA OF NIRVANA, which is also called as the STUPA OF PARINIRVANA.

Much later, another kind of Stupa came out of Tibetan Buddhism, which is the Kalachakra Stupa. It has nothing to do with the Buddha’s life as represented by the other Stupas, but rather it is a symbolism of the tantric practice of Kalachakra. This particular stupa is said to be able to double the protective energies of the other Stupas as enhanced by a Kalachakra symbol.

The image below will show the images of the different Stupas, but it has to be noted that these are just the basic image, for example as Lotus Blossom Stupa may look a little different from one another. The stupa that AC gave me is a Stupa of Nirvana.Stupas 8stupas 8b

A sample of a Kalachakra Stupa

A sample of a Kalachakra Stupa

Simply seeing, being around or owning a stupa will give you a lot of blessings, more so if one circumambulate or prostate around it. Allow me to share some of them here:

  • Blessing of happiness.
  • Karma Cleansing or Purification of Defilements.
  • Gift of Dharma Blessing. (My own journey in learning the Dharma started when I came across a Stupa. After that I was granted the blessing of having access to the Dharma and studying it. Dharma is basically deeper Buddhist teachings.)
  • Eradication of Sufferings.
  • Purification of the Mind.
  • Gift of a Better Next Life.

More than the above mentioned benefits it also helps establish peace and harmony.

It is said that when a wind touches or passes through a stupa it temporarily becomes a holy wind, and has the ability to give blessing those who are ‘touched’ by the wind, even if they don’t believe in Buddhism.

Simply receiving a stupa as gift brings you numerous wonderful blessings, and giving it as a gift earns you not just numerous wonderful blessings but also a lot of good karma merits!

I took the liberty of copy – pasting below the text from a talk given by Lama Zopa Rinpoche about the stupa. But before that I again would like to thank AC for the wonderful gift and for the wonderful blessings that comes with it! It’s more than just a Buddhist gift; it’s a gift of good life!!!!


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