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An ‘Exotic’ Pizza in Laoag

Published Hunyo 1, 2012 by jptan2012

Whenever I travel, aside from visiting Sacred and Mystical places, I also make sure that I try out the local dishes of the place that I’m visiting.

In one of my visits in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, I tried a different kind of pizza at Saramsam. I know pizza is not considered as an exotic food; however, this pizza is different because it’s made of Ilocos Longganisa or Ilocos’ local sausage and the other pizza is called Pinakbet Pizza, which is made of local Ilocos vegetables.

Pinakbet is a mixed vegetable dish cooked in fish sauce. The vegetables are usually sitaw (string beans), ampalaya (bitter melon or bitter gourd), okra, and talong (eggplant).

The Ilocos Longganisa Pizza is surprisingly good. It’s actually quite simple, they used Filipino style tomato as a base sauce and they simply put the Ilocos Longganisa on top of it with some cheese, it’s just as simple as that, and the taste is surprisingly good.

Ilocos Longganisa Pizza

However, the Pinakbet Pizza, which was hyped a few years back, is a great disappointment. I thought it is really made of vegetables cooked Pinakbet style and place on top of a pizza dough, however, the Pinakbet pizza is simply a pizza dough with Filipino style tomato sauce and cheese then they simply place the vegetables on top of the pizza dough and tomato sauce. It taste bad and a great disappointment, other than the vegetables, there is simply no touch of Pinakbet.

Pinakbet Pizza

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