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Ricky Lee’s Scriptwriting Workshop

Published Hunyo 27, 2012 by jptan2012

This post is for residents of the Philippines. My favorite writer who inspired me to put up this blog has a script writing workshop. I was once his student and while I was not successful in that aspect, this blog, although really different from what he writes, draws inspiration from him.

Do not let this opportunity pass, this is the best opportunity to be trained under Philippine’s best writer. I just hope he starts giving a workshop on writing a book.

I believe he is conducting this workshop under ABS-CBN. The workshop that i went through with Ricky Lee was held in his home. He was the one spend for it and the food was sponsored by pass Ricky Lee workshop students.

Please click read FridaysGoneGeek’s post about Ricky Lee’s workshop.

From a Blog Rest

Published Marso 29, 2012 by jptan2012

It has been 3 days since I last posted something on this blog. I was kind of busy and I also thought that I needed some rest from the blog.

The first time I started this blog, it is because I was inspired by my favorite Filipino writer – Ricky Lee, to try writing again. It is something that I always wanted to do but my poor command of any written language, except maybe Chinese, seems to prevent me from pursuing that dream.

When I first set up this blog, it’s clear with me that I want to write about anything and everything under the sun as along as IT INTERESTS ME. I never thought that the blog would become a Feng Shui blog, well…more or less.

I still want to write about food, about my travels, I still want to tell stories, but it seems like that the blog has taken a life of its own. Sure Feng Shui is something that greatly interests me but sometimes writing about it has its down side. I do get a lot of ‘hate’ email and comments from people who says that they’re are ‘Christians’. I delete their comments and sometimes I try not to read them but they do get through me, it makes me wonder whether my posts has become ‘preachy’.

I also do get a lot of emails where people share with me their problems. Some of them I share here, but some of them are best not shared because they’re too personal and can be too depressing. Slowly, I find myself taking more time in saying my mantra and my Buddha offering because I do include some of the readers who I believe needs blessings from the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Deities, or Immortals. To be honest, to some extent it has become a burden and sometimes I feel like I’m taking on more than I can really handle.

The blog rest is really more than just for me to take time out to rest from writing, but it is really to assess whether I want to continue with the blog. I know it’s quite early for me to feel ‘burn out’ since the blog is only 4 months old but somehow the blog posts about Feng Shui has become some sort of a responsibility. I don’t like that feeling. I want this blog to be my outlet and not my responsibility.

The three days that I went on a blog rest didn’t prevent me from receiving emails from readers who says that they’ve been reading and following my blog. I also received quite a number of emails asking how come I haven’t been writing, and this I got right on the first day I didn’t post anything. Furthermore, emails about people sharing with me their problems and/or asking for a consult about Feng Shui or how to solve one of their problems, continued.

I’m glad that I took a blog rest because I got the chance to be able to read a short online biography of Paulo Coelho. According to Paulo Coelho, he writes primarily because he wants and thinks he has something to say, and in the process he hopes that he’s able to influence, inspire, or help a person. He further said that every writer who has put out his writing into the world has a responsibility to his readers. It’s a responsibility to be honest. This made me realize that I may have been a little selfish. If I simply want to be able to write, then I should have simply kept a private journal.

I should be thankful that people do take time out to read my blog and I should even be more thankful that my readers do take time out to interact with me. This is the power of a blog, you get to know whether you’re able to inspire, to influence, and most of all to help.

Why do I want to write? Why did I started this blog? Because I want to be able to share something, I believe I have something to share.

What Paulo Coelho shared made me realize that I, if I want to continue to write, have a responsibility both to myself and to my readers. I’ve decided that I will try to be more balance, I will write more about the other things that I want to write about, but more importantly, I will embrace the responsibility of the effects of what I write. I will take the responsibility of reading the ‘hate’ mails and look beyond the accusations that I’m an anti-Christ. I will take responsibility as much as I can and say mantras for people who really need them. But more than anything else I’ll take responsibility and enjoy writing what I want to write.

Feng Shui Charm and Feng Shui Expert- Real or Fake?

Published Enero 20, 2012 by jptan2012

The following is an email from ‘Sana Ako si Ricky Lee!’ reader Madz Pion…

Hi! Nabasa ko po email niyo. Very informative siya. May tanong lang sana ako. Ang daming feng shui charm na available paano mo malalaman kung saan dito ang totoo at saan ang hinde? Bakit ang mahal ng mga feng shui charms? Bakit po si XXX XXX (here she mentioned a name of famous Filipino-Chinese consultant) eh feng shui consultant pero i know for a fact mangloloko siya at pinsan ko po kasi isa sa tinakbuhan niya ng pera? Tsaka alam ko po na nalugi na rin po siya at nagsara na lahat ng store niya sa mga SM. Parang patunay lang ito na hindi totoo ang feng shui hindi po ba?

I debated whether I should answer her question, primarily because it involved another person. Even if I don’t do this ‘commercially’ commenting on another ‘expert’ might be unethical. However, Madz’ perceptions needs to be addressed and after weighing the pros and cons I decided to address Madz’s concern. The reason that I omitted the name of the ‘expert’ mentioned in Madz’s email is because I think it would be unfair to single her out, and I was unable to get her side. But as I said, I think its more important to address Madz’s questions rather than ignore the whole thing.

Madz’s first question is – Given that there are numerous charms available in the market, how would you distinguish which one is real and which ones are fake?

I don’t know whether it is correct to say that they are real or fake Feng Shui charms, because Feng Shui Charms or Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers are largely ‘ordinary’ objects of symbolic significance and/or importance to address the Feng Shui affliction. Sometimes feng shui elements are taken into consideration. However, having said that, I think it is important for me to state that in recent years there are ‘fake’ feng shui charms that came out of the market. This is largely because the people who sell these ‘fake’ feng shui charms wants to make more money. For example, for the feng shui beads or bracelets to be effective one must wear something that’s made of a real stone. A (e.g.) Citrine is only a Citrine if its made of the real natural stone called Citrine, a plastic or a factory produced yellow colored glass then labeled as citrine is not a citrine and therefore will not have the beneficial effects of a citrine. It’s fake. While the color might still have some effect, the faux beads itself will not have any effect.

This is a sample of a fake citrine. Notice how the citrine bead is really clear. A real citrine will most likely have some inclusions.

This is a picture of a real citrine. Compare it with the above picture of the fake citrine. A real citrine will have inclusions.

Unfortunately, the feng shui expert mentioned in Madz’s email sells fake beads. The wholesale value of a fake bead is about 100 pesos, and each strand has about 50 pcs. This particular ‘expert’ sells her feng shui bracelet at Php 5,800.00. Even if you incorporate the DZI bead which has a wholesale value of 50 pesos a piece, the selling price is still ridiculously expensive. Do the math. In fact, if you get a authentic natural stone or crystal, even with the DZI it will only cost about Php 3,000.00 max. So do the math.

Furthermore, if a feng shui expert suggests a feng shui cure or enhancer simply by your base on your animal zodiac without taking into consideration your paht chee / bazi / four pillars that is mostly a sign of money making scheme. The only times its acceptable to get a general recommendation is when you are unable to do a Bazi reading. But if they’re experts and are doing a one-on-one consultation they should be able to do a Bazi reading before dispensing with any feng shui cure or enhancer. It should also be noted that feng shui afflictions is a cycle. Meaning you might need a charm now that you won’t need next year, but chances are you’ll need that charm again in 2 or 3 years time, because of the cycle of the flying stars.

You should note also how they sell their feng shui charms. Using terms like – KRIS AQUINO BRACELET  or  KRIS AQUINO FENG SHUI BRACELET- is obviously a marketing tactic leveraging on Kris Aquino’s popularity to be able to sell a charm. Instead, probe as to what is the charm for. I did use WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT ‘title’ for the charm that I designed. But I’m able to justify what its called as such. Also, to my defense, its not commercially for sale, and, in fact, I can lend you the mold if you want to so you can make it more affordable.

Madz’s second question is as to why Feng Shui charms or Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers are expensive.

Not all Feng Shui charms are expensive. In fact, as mentioned you just have to be careful in choosing. As cited above, sometime the ‘real’ Feng Shui charms can even be more affordable than the fakes one. But then some Feng Shui charms are expensive like my WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT because they are made of real gold. The decision to make into real gold is purely practical on my part because I want to last ‘forever’. I don’t want to have to replace it again. Spending a big amount (the  WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is around 40k pesos, as of this writing, it varies every now and then because the price of gold changes every day and I only requests my jeweler to make one if somebody wants to avail it) one time is better than spending Php 10,000.00 every year. But, it need not be gold, if you know you a engraver you can have it made on a jade, amethyst, or even wood. But never use a feng shui charms that’s made of plastic.

Madz also question as to why XXX XXX who is a famous feng shui ‘expert’ lose her stores and she also questioned as to why this ‘expert’ is a ‘manloloko’.

First, everybody need to realize that Feng Shui experts or consultants are also human, meaning, like you and me they are prone to any kind of ‘sinful’ acts like selfishness. That’s why it is also important, when consulting an expert, to be cautious and observe whether they are more concerned about making money. It should be noted though that Feng Shui is not fortune telling, its base on science and math and the stars. Thus, Feng Shui is a skill so reading a Bazi or doing Feng Shui audit of a place would require payment, because a real expert would have invested big amount of money to learn these things. I personally, spend about Php 400,000.oo just to learn the basic feng shui. Bigger amount were spent for the advance and professional feng shui and bazi (basic and advance) reading.

The other concern is as to why this ‘expert’ lost money and has to close all her Feng Shui stores in SM.

The answer to that is simple. Maybe she really isn’t a real feng shui expert. A Feng Shui cure or enhancer placed in a wrong place is useless and may even do more harm. On top of that, I also know for a fact that she swindled money from several people, as of last counting, the money is somewhere between 15M AND 17M pesos. Maybe karma chase after her and caused a lot of misfortune.

Does Feng Shui work?

Here, my answer is simple. Give it a try. The amazing part is you don’t have to believe in it for it to work for you.

‘Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata’ – A Book Review Daw Debut Post

Published Enero 2, 2012 by jptan2012

I will not attempt to do book reviews, because I know I can’t write well. Kahit pa madami akong gustong sabihin. Kaya naman this category is called ‘Book Review Daw?!’

Hindi talaga ito book reveiw kasi alam kong karamihan ng isusulat ko dito ay maikli lang at will not count for a real review.

I think it is only fitting that the first entry should be about Ricky Lee’s latest novel – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA. Since its the book and the writer that inspired me to start my own blog – SANA AKO SI RICKY LEE!

Photo copied from Isra Mallari's blog - IT'S A NOOK IN A BOOK

Hindi ako masyado nakakapagbasa ng mga nobelang isinulat sa Filipino. Bilang na bilang mo pa lang ito – ALL LUALHATI BAUTISTA’S BOOKS (‘BATA, BATA…PAANO KA GINAWA?’, ‘DEKADA ’70’, ‘GAPO’); CUBAO na sinulat ni Tony Perez, at ‘PARA KAY B…’ na siyempre isinulat ng iniidolo kong si Ricky Lee. Dahil siguro sa bibihira akong magbasa ng Filipino novels, parang medyo hirap ako na basahin sa umpisa. parang hirap akong intindihin agad.

Pero iba ang ‘SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA’ dahil parang walang ‘transition’ na naganap. Bigla na akong hinila nito sa kuwento na pinangungunahan ni AMAPOLA isang Bading na Aswang na may multiple personality sa pagkatao ni Isaac (na brusko at sobrang macho – na imagine ko parang heartthrob) at si Zaldy (na closet queen na may pagka-nerd).

I think it will be unfair for me to summarize the story here, dahil hindi ko mabibigyan ito ng hustisya. But what’s so nice about Ricky Lee’s book ay hindi siya ordinaryong nobela, hindi siya basta kuwento, may malalim siyang sinasabi. Pero at the same time, hindi siya ‘literary snob’ na may mas malalim na kahulugan na sinasabi ang libro pero kailangan mo pa yatang maging philosopher o literature major para malaman ito. Sa librong ito matindi ang pinakitang ‘magic’ ni Ricky Lee dahil you’re entertained but at the same time kuha mo ang malalim nitong kahulugan.

Isa itong librong magpapatawa sayo ng husto pero at the same time magpapaisip. Baka yun iba diyan sumalamin pa sa buhay mo.

Dahil unang nakilala si Ricky Lee bilang isang script writer sa pelikula, hindi ko maiwasan isipin na sana maging pelikula ang – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA. Ganun din ang naisip ko sa una niyang nobela na – PARA KAY B.

Actually, yun iba doon may artista na akong naisip.

Si NanayAngie si Cherry Pie Picache, si Homer si Jericho Rosales, si Lola Sepa lagi kong naiisip si Gina Pareno (pero teka bata pa si Lola Sepa kaya mali na si Gina Pareno ang gumanap dito) eh kung si Angel Aquino kaya(?), si Bev without an S nga eh naisip ko Marian Rivera (feeling ko baka hindi na kailangan umarte), pero hindi ko maisip kung sino gaganap na Amapola. Kawawa ang artistang gaganap na Amapola ang hirap nun noh. Mahihirapan silang kumuha ng gaganap na Amapola siguradong mapipintasan lang ito.

Sabagay, naisip ko hindi dapat gawin pelikula ang – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA – kasi sayang ang ganda ng istorya. Paano nila ilalagay lahat ng detalye, lahat ng kulay, lahat ng emosyon sa pelikula?

Ang Batang Nawala ni Nanay at ni Tiyong John!

Published Disyembre 14, 2011 by jptan2012

Medyo mahaba ang pila, pero hindi naman kainitan dahil malaming ang aircon ng Landmark sa may Trinoma.
Kahit magpapasko na eh hindi pa ako nakakabili ng regalo, pero hindi yun ang dahilan bakit ako nakapila, nakapila ako dahil sa bumili ako ng deodorant ko. Ngunit ang kuwentong ito ay hindi tungkol sa akin…ito ay tungkol sa batang nawala ng nanay niya at ng kanyang tiyuhin.

Hindi ko alam ang pangalan ng batang ito…pero babae siya at tawagin nalang natin siyang si Amapola. Bakit Amapola? Yun kasi ang pangalan ng karakter sa huling libro ni Ricky Lee na may pamagat na -SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA. Nahihirapan na rin akong mag isip ng pangalan at dahil ini-idolo ko si Ricky Lee, yun nalang ang gamiting nating pangalan ng batang ito.

Ito ang kuwento niya…

Ganda ng Barbie….
Payag kaya si Nanay na bumili ako niyan?
Sabihin ko kaya o hinde?
Kaso baka mapalo na naman ako. Mabait naman si Nanay eh, minsan lang wala ako sa lugar, mali ang tiyempo ko. Dapat kasi inaalam ko na muna kung walang problema si Nanay.
Siguro pwede kong hingiin na bili ako Barbie, kasi nandito naman si Tiyong John, eh lagi naman siyang masaya at malamig ang ulo kapag kasama si Tiyong John.
Basta huwag lang daw ipaalam kay Tatay na sa bahay si Tiyong John natutulog.
Nasaan na siya tsaka si Nanay?!
Si Tiyong John nasaan na rin?
Naku, baka nalaman ni Nanay na pabibili ako ng Barbie! Baka nagalit siya dahil dito.
Naku baka ito ang sinasabi ni Tiyong John….

Tumutog ang isang alarm upang tumawag nang pansin na may announcement. Nakapila pa rin ako sa counter, ay nasa tabi ko ang isang babaeng nasa 40’s na siguro…o pwede rin naman late 30’s pero mukhang matanda lang….kasama naman niya ang isang lalaking may itsura at bata pa…siguro mga 25 to 27 years old.
Biglang sabi ng lalaking gwapo doon sa babaeng matanda – TEKA ANAK MO YATA YUN.
Hindi ko nakita ang bata, alam ko lang ang damit niya kasi yun ang naka announce sa PA system. Hindi ko rin alam ang buong kuwento niya, gawa-gawa ko lang yun sinulat ko dito. Pero ang totoo ay nasa Landmark ako, nakapila, katabi ang babaeng nasa 40s na o 30s pero baka mukhang matanda lang, at ang lalaking gwapo na mukhang nasa mid 20s lang, tapos biglang may nag announce tungkol sa batang nawawala na naka pink shirt at green short pants…tapos nalaman na nung dalawang katabi ko na yun kasama nilang bata ang batang tinutukoy sa page.

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