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Is Working as a Call Center Agent Creating Bad Luck?

Published Mayo 12, 2014 by jptan2012

work1Today, I would like to share with you a question of a call center agent. DS is 34 years old call center agent. He’s been working as a call center agent for 7 years now and he said he noticed while his income has always been steady, the financial progress is quite limited, but worse is his personal life.

You see DS is always sick, on top of that his personal relationships has been deteriorating, his wife left him for another man, and he is left with his 2 kids who seems unable to connect with him. He was desperate so his cousin who happens to be a reader who became my friend convinced him to talk with me. His cousin then convinced me to meet up with DS.

When I met with DS, DS shared with me his woes, emphasizing that his life used to be good until he decided to join the call center industry. He said, that’s when he noticed the changes that happened to him and it was an about 2 years after it that his relationship with his wife started to go sour. He said that relationship problem is common amongst his colleagues and amongst call center agents, and they usually attribute this to the fact that they work in the evening and that they are usually dead tired when they go home in the morning, which makes it hard for them to have meaningful relationships with their partners because of the difference in working time.

What I didn’t say that while that is indeed an explanation, it doesn’t explain as to why in a research study it shows that call center agents generally find it hard to have meaningful relationships, on top of that, promiscuity tends to be higher amongst them. As a marketing consultant, I also became privy in a study that shows that the highest selling product of convenience stores located near call center offices is a condom. To top it off, and without generalizing it, one of the highest HIV infection rate is amongst the call center agents. These studies tell us something. But what is the problem?

Personally, I think it is because most call center agents work in the evening, which is generally considered Yin time. Too much exposure in the Yin energy without being counter acted by Yang time is bad for all of us. It will create a lot of problems, whether it is financial, relationships or health. I say this from experience.

Several years back, I worked as a news writer for a TV network. I used to go to work 4pm and go home at around 4:30am. I will only get to experience and exposure to yang energy for a few minutes. It will be usually be between my travels from my house to my workplace. Soon I started noticing some problems cropping up in my life, I called up my Feng Shui master and he explained I don’t have enough yang time.

What I did I was requested my superiors to move me to a better time. They did and that solved the problem. But I’m well aware that not all of us will have that luxury. So what can one do?

First, try to engage in some yang energy ‘sessions’ once a week. During your rest day do expose yourself to the sun’s yang energy. Play with kids or your pets if you have any, they exudes yang energy. Play good yang music everyday, these are music that are fun and have messages of happiness.

Wearing a pink or red (made of good quality stone) or a gold Kuan Yin pendant will greatly boost your young energy. Kuan Yin will protect you from yin energy at the same time pink, red, or gold will give off some yang energy. It will also help if you can have an image of the Medicine Buddha or it’s mantra or sutra somewhere in your body.

This is rare Kuan Yin collection carved from a pink chalcedony. While pink chalcedony and Kuan Yin images are not rare it is rare to have a Pink Chalcedony Kuan Yin. There are a lot of fake pink chalcedonys in the market. While price should not be the only basis in choosing a good pink chalcedony because it is very to price a fake one high to make it look real, it is good to take note that really cheap ones are usually fake pink chalcedony.

This is rare Kuan Yin collection carved from a pink chalcedony. While pink chalcedony and Kuan Yin images are not rare it is rare to have a Pink Chalcedony Kuan Yin. There are a lot of fake pink chalcedonys in the market. While price should not be the only basis in choosing a good pink chalcedony because it is very to price a fake one high to make it look real, it is good to take note that really cheap ones are usually fake pink chalcedony.

Feng Shui Tips to Activate Descendant Luck

Published Pebrero 29, 2012 by jptan2012

One of the greatest aspirations of the Chinese is to ensure that they have good descendants, thus when looking for a spouse they consult Feng Shui experts to ensure that descendant’s luck of a couple is present. In fact, once the wife gets pregnant she is treated like a goddess, even the mother-in-law will definitely make sure that the pregnant daughter-in-law is taken care of properly to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

Also, in the old days much effort is given to ensuring that a boy is born, is to ensure the family’s lineage is well preserved. A girl is considered as a less important child because she is destined to be married off to another family, and thus considered as somebody else’s child. In fact, this practice or belief has become so bad that there are some Chinese families who don’t give names to their daughter because they’re destined to be known as the wife of so-so. Thus when addressing them in the household they’re simply called as First Daughter, Second Daughter, Big Sister, or Second Sister, or Third Sister. When addressed by somebody else other than their family they’re simply called as ‘First Daughter of Wong Family’ they’re simply defined by their family name and whether they’re the eldest daughter or the youngest, etc. When they get married they’re then simply defined by the husband’s family name. My own grandmother doesn’t even have her own name.

However, because I don’t believe that women are of a ‘lesser’ being compared to men, I will not write about Feng Shui tips in ensuring that the couple are to have a boy, rather, I’d like to share some Feng Shui tips to activate one’s Descendant Luck or Fertility Luck.

Several of the Feng Shui tips that I’m going to mention are things that I’ve recommended to friends and family.

RED KUAN YIN PENDANT.  Kuan Yin (also known as ‘Goddess of Mercy’, ‘Buddha of Compassion’) is a Bodhisattva revered both in Taoism and Buddhism. Kuan Yin grants the wish of having of babies. For this purpose a red Kuan Yin (also spelled as Kwan Yin, Quan Yin) is best to help you activate your Descendant’s Luck. It is highly recommended that both the husband and the wife wear a red Kuan Yin pendant. However, if this is not possible, then it is recommended that the woman wear the pendant. I have three different previous post about Kuan Yin. Get to know her by reading them. The first post is KUAN YIN: THE ONE WHO HEARS THE CRIES OF THE WORLD, the second post is UNDERSTANDING MERCY AND COMPASSION: THE TRANSFORMATION OF AVALOKITESVARA TO KUAN YIN, and the third post is PAYING HOMAGE TO KUAN YIN, THE BUDDHA OF COMPASSION.

RABBIT. A rabbit is a very powerful symbol of fertility. It’s believes that placing the image of a rabbit in the East section of the bedroom can increase the chances of fertility.

HAPPY FAT BUDDHA WITH CHILDREN. Having the image of the Happy Fat Buddha whose real name is Maitreya Buddha in your house helps increase your potential of having a good descendant luck. You can also know more about the Happy Fat Buddha by clicking here.

CARNELIAN BRACELET. Carnelian or Carnelian Agates or Orange Agates worn as bracelet is one of the best fertility charm. Carnelian is a stone or semi-precious stone that directly controls our sixth chakra – the sire where our reproductive organs are located. Wearing a carnelian as a bracelet will increase the wearer’s chance of being more fertile. This charm is also great for people who have found to have low sperm or egg count.

IMAGE OF KUAN YIN WITH A BABY. Placing an image of Kuan Yin with a Baby is another Feng Shui Descendant Luck enhancer. For this purpose, it’s best to place the image of Kuan Yin with a Baby on the west section of your house. If this is not possible you can also place the image of Kuan Yin with a Baby in the West corner of your living room.

A PAIR OF ELEPHANTS. This is one of the most effective Feng Shui cure and enhancer to activate one’s descendant luck. You should note that the trunk of the elephants should be down and not up. Place a pair of elephants with the trunks down on the west section of your room and if possible both couples should stroke the trunks of the elephant three times each night.

THREE PIECES OF CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN POMEGRANATE AND/OR PEACH. Both the pomegranate and the peach are powerful Feng Shui tools to enhance your descendant luck or fertility luck. In choosing a ceramic or porcelain pomegranate, choose the one that has a color of deep red. For ceramic or porcelain peach choose one that has a color of bright pink.

RECITE THE MANTRA OF GODDESS TARA. Goddess Tara or Green Tara is a Buddhist deity born out of Avalokitesvara or Kuan YIn’s tear drop. I’ll discuss more about Green Tara on a future post, however, allow me to say that calling on Goddess Tara by reciting her mantra is one way of activating one’s Descendant Luck. Furthermore, placing an image of the white manifestation of Goddess Tara called White Tara on the west section of your house also activates one’s descendant luck. Goddess Tara’s mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. Wearing her seed syllable TAM is also a powerful tool to activate one’s descendant luck. The seed syllable TAM is one of the featured symbolic syllable in the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT.

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