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Chant – A – Mantra (3e): Daily Mantras to Chant – Two Powerful Mantras that Brings in Loads of Blessing!

Published Hulyo 16, 2016 by jptan2012

The ‘difficulty’ in chanting a mantra is only at the start of doing it, but once you get used to it chanting it is going to be a breeze. However, what takes time to master is chanting it under deep meditation. Nevertheless, constantly doing should do the job, but you’re biggest battle is fighting frustration, because it might be difficult to achieve that level. But mantras are so powerful that even if you don’t achieve that level, you’re still bound to get some benefit.

These mantras that I’m about to share now is one of the most powerful mantras that I chant everyday. Even though I don’t particularly wish for anything, I still chant this mantra because it helps attract positivity and good energy. It’s partner mantra is a powerful mantra that erases long term negative karma. These two mantras should be chanted together, right after the other for it to be truly effective.

I’m talking about the WISH FULFILLING MANTRA and NEGATIVE KARMA CLEANSING MANTRA. Simply seeing the symbolic script of these mantras is considered auspicious. And chanting them will cleanse you from negative karma and attract wonderful positive energies and fulfill your wishes.

I have written about these mantras and you can read the post – RECEIVE SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS BY TAPPING TWO OF THE MOST POWERFUL MANTRAS – to understand it better. But what I would like to add is that chanting these mantras in conjunction with the mantra of the Bodhisattva Vajrapani – OM VAJRAPANI HUM – or by holding or carrying that Vajrapani Ruel will double or even triple the powerful of these mantras.

The mantras are:



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Wish Fulfilled Unconsciouly Through the Wish Fulfilling Mantra – A Testimony From A Reader

Published Hunyo 30, 2012 by jptan2012
BLOGGER’S NOTE: I just want to share with you an email I got a couple of weeks ago from one of my readers. I believe she was referring to either one of the three different posts that talked about the Wish Fulfilling Mantra namely – RECEIVE SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS BY TAPPING TWO OF THE MOST POWERFUL MANTRAS; WISH FULFILLED WITH THE ‘WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT’ A PERSONAL TESTIMONY OF A READER; FULFILL YOUR WISHES AND GET BLESSINGS WITH THE BUDDHA’S BLESSING AND MANTRA PENDANT. I copy pasted her email as is. I didn’t edit nor change any of the words that she used.
hello! my name is tina my niece is following your blog she introduce your blog to me visit and read.  Im just sharing some experience by following your blog we got some tips One time were talking about my older brother, he lost his job last year november due to some office politics he choose to resigned than terminantion. After christmas he started to apply for another job, its hard for him because everytime the company doing some background investigation his previous company gave him negative feedback he was not aware of that until a head hunter he knew for a long time told him about it. So he found out that the one who is doing it is the one reliable why he resigned. We don’t know what went wrong on his previous employer my brother told me that his boss like him but some other department head doesn’t. 
My niece told me about the stories of mantras. Negative karma cleansing mantra and the wish fulfilling mantra, my niece told me that a person seeing it without knowing what is the meaning will be bless. There’s nothing to lose if we try We decided to put the script symbol in front of his computer monitor I told her not to tell him what is it. my brother is out of town that time, she printed and put it sat evening. My brother got home sunday night we forgot about that mantra after by tuesday  he’s out the whole day, he got a call from the company he applied 2 weeks ago. He told wednesday morning that he was asked for final interview, He went home with a good news he got the job, after 6 months jobless. Maybe the mantra has something to do about it and when I went to binondo church to pray for him a week before we put the mantra. Maybe both gave him blessing. 🙂 what a coincidence that the owner of the company is chinese. hehe!
I also email you regarding that mantra do you think saying that will bless me knowing I know the meaning? I have problems financially a lot actually. So part of my routine aside from praying and visiting the church is to recite the mantra and write it anytime I want to. do you think it will work or I need some others like pendant? Or the script is enough?
 thanks for sharing your blog not only for the feungshui tip but also the stories you shared it was an inspiration.
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