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Chant – A – Mantra (1): A Reintroduction to the Wonderful Benefit of Chanting A Mantra!

Published Hulyo 5, 2016 by jptan2012

Today, I would like to start a new series about chanting mantras. I felt this is an important topic / series to write because a lot of my readers are hooked with getting amulets. I know that the Vajrapani Ruel enjoys a certain amount of popularity amongst my readers and it has garnered a lot of o personal testimonies attesting to its miraculous power and effectiveness. However, the sad truth is that the Vajrapani Ruel is quite pricey for a lot of people, and more than that it is also relatively quite limited in the sense that it is not forever that we can have it. Not to mention the difficulty in making it and smuggling it out of Tibet, which is under the Mainland Chinese (China) rule that doesn’t allow it to be made or be brought out. So if you have the Vajrapani Ruel, consider yourself to be very lucky.

But as I said, sometimes we are very caught up to having the Vajrapani Ruel that if can’t have it we sort of go into some sort of despair. That shouldn’t be the attitude because the truth is the Buddha Himself has given us enough tools to assist us in our daily life. We have the sutras and at the same times we have the mantras.

It was several years back since I first introduced the power of mantras to my readers, and I will not write about it again. If you are a new reader and is not familiar with the power of mantras, I suggest you revisit my old post about it entitled – MANTRA: THE INSTURMENT TO TAP THE POWER OF SYMBOLIC SOUND, SCRIPT, AND THOUGHT – to know more about it.

But what I would like to reiterate today is that chanting mantras, again like reciting the sutras, should be done comfortably loud. That is because of the same reasons that I have discussed in RECITE A SUTRA 6: WHY DO WE HAVE TO LOUDLY RECITE SUTRAS? However, more that the reason discussed in the preceding post, reciting it loudly also helps us get attuned with the Buddha or Bodhisattva whose mantra we are chanting.

Whenever we chant a mantra, it is like an offering to the Buddha or Bodhisattva whose mantra we are chanting, but at the same time it is also like a call for help and establishing a link or a ‘relationship’ with them.


In chanting a mantra, it is best to be use a mala so that you can keep track of the number of times you’ve chanted a mantra.

Chanting a mantra can make wonders, and this blog has been testament to what are the powers of chanting a mantra can do. But now that I’m actively writing about it again, I hope to show you more of these wonderful miracles that simply chanting a mantra can do.

A lot of people are concern about properly pronouncing the mantra. I always say that they shouldn’t sweat it that much. Right pronunciation is important but it will come to you sooner or later, what is more important is the sincere heart in chanting the mantras. I suggest that you read the post entitled – A HERMIT AND A MONK: A LESSON IN RECITING YOUR MANTRA! – as to what Lama Zopa Rinpoche has to say about pronunciation of the mantras.

But what are the benefits of chanting a mantra:

  1. Protection.
  2. Wealth, financial, money blessings.
  3. Good health.
  4. Family luck and/or relationship luck.
  5. Happiness.
  6. Peace.
  7. Miracles will happen more frequently.

I also decided to write this series because the previous mantras that I have shared before are anchored on the Buddha or Bodhisattva, which is really the proper way to present a mantra. However, having a predominantly Christian reader, I felt this approach is not very effective in making you understand it. So I will present the mantras on a per need basis. And whenever possible I will still present stories, real personal testimonies of either readers or friends or families who have used the mantra. I will also present combination mantras for more effective and swifter results.

One last thing, simply chanting a mantra will have an effect, but remember, chanting it under deep meditative state give you the ultimate effectiveness.

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Paying Homage to Goddess Tara

Published Marso 12, 2012 by jptan2012

In my previous post I talked about Goddess Tara, who is also popularly known as the Green Tara. I shared her story and I also shared the story on how Goddess Tara helped ‘liberate’ me from my previous employer.

Now, allow me to share with you ways on paying homage to Goddess Tara.

Like any other Buddha, Bodhisattva, Deity or Immortal, one of the best ways to pay homage to Goddess Tara or Green Tara is to invite her image into your home.

Having her image in your home will not only earn merits for you because you are paying homage to her, but it will also grant you blessings from Goddess Tara. Goddess Tara will provide you with countless opportunities and it is up to you to just grab these opportunities.

Again, wearing her image as a pendant will surely bring countless blessings from Goddess Tara.

From my private collection. Goddess Tara or Green Tara's image made of jadeite jade.

In times of troubles, or if you need to decide on something, or in times of change, or if you need change, call on Goddess Tara by reciting her mantra and she’ll guide you to the right path! But more than that she’ll provide you the right path!

The mantra of Goddess Tara is – OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.

There are different manifestations of Goddess Tara, this one is a White Tara pendant made out of a meteorite. This is from my private collection and got this pendant in Singapore.

Wearing a symbolic script of her mantra or her seed syllable TAM, which is included in WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, will provide you with a blessing as if you’re constantly reciting her mantra.

The pronunciation of the mantra is OM, TARE is pronounced with a short A, and RE is pronounced as RAY. TUT is pronounced as TWO, TARE same as the first TARE. TURE is pronounced TWO and RAY.

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