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Be Aware! Let’s Prevent Another Tibet!

Published Abril 20, 2012 by jptan2012

I really debated whether I should be writing this piece…this post. It seems out of place, because most of the topics that I’ve written about are about Feng Shui, Buddhism, and Taoism. However, I don’t think I can keep quiet about this matter. I don’t think we should tolerate the harassment China is showing.

I will not go into details as to what really happened but you can just Google Scarborough Standoff/China/Philippines and you’ll see the full story. First found out about this when I was in Laoag for my extended vacation, at that time I thought it is something that will not escalate into a further harassment, but how foolish I was to think that. First, the one involve here is the People’s Republic of China, and they invaded Tibet and is gradually destroying and doing an ethnic cleansing in the said country, while they continuously to rape Tibet of their natural resources, and destroys their environment. Feng Shui wise, since we are in SouthEast Asia, calamity, disputes like these are expected because the Five Yellow Star and the Tai Sui are both in the SouthEast. But I’m not here to talk about the Feng Shui aspect of this crisis, but more of the harassment that China is currently doing to the Philippines.

While Scarborough Shoal is a disputed ‘property’ that’s being claimed by both China and the Philippines, most international land experts acknowledges that Scarborough Shoal is within the Philippine’s area of responsibility and that we have the right to this place.

While the Philippines continue to address the matter through diplomatic route, China has sent their big ships to ‘patrol’ the area. They fully know what is our naval capability, and sending 2 of their big ships would have been enough but they now had to send another bigger ship that is rumored to be a gunner and not just surveillance ship. This is really a harassment, furthermore, they even warned that should our local fishermen drift to Scarborough Shoal, they might be shoot.

China has always shown total disrespect towards international law and human rights. Filipinos need to be aware of this matter. We need to be prepared, I may over reacting but it is better to over react rather than be the next Tibet.

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