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Mantra: The Instrument to Tap the Power of Symbolic Sound, Script, and Thought

Published Enero 14, 2012 by jptan2012

In my previous posts, I made mention of wearing Mantra pendants to counter some negative chi or energy. I got some emails from readers inquiring as to what mantra really is and how does a mantra work.

The truth is the question is not easily answered because nobody really knows as to where mantras really originated. Furthermore, it will really take a whole ‘curriculum’ for us to fully understand what a mantra is and another curriculum to understand how they work. Having said that though, its worth noting that the most pervading belief of Buddhist is that mantras were directly transmitted by the Buddhas and/or the Bodhisattvas to mankind.

Going back to the question. Mantras are sacred sound and instrument of thoughts transmitted by Buddha and Bodhisattvas to us. It’s symbolic script has the extended power of the words of the Buddha and Bodhisattva’s themselves, and chanting these mantras give us the ‘power’ to manifest our wants and needs. Furthermore both the symbolic script and the sound produced by reciting the mantras also serves as protection and cleanser of our negative karma.

A mantra is so powerful that by simply seeing its symbolic script, whether you’re aware of it or not, gives you some blessing from the Buddhas or the Bodhisattvas. Hearing mantras chanted also gives you blessings even if you’re not seeking it and/or even if you don’t believe in it.

A mantra has the power to enhance positive energy and karma. But more important than that it neutralizes negative energy and karma. It has the power to remove problems, crisis, and sufferings. It has the power to heal the sick whether the illness is physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. Furthermore, personally for me, mantras gives a calming effect. Reciting mantras while having its symbolic script around you or on your body awakens your spiritual consciousness, you become more positive and you attract more positive energy which may translate to different things like peacefulness, wealth (both material and spiritual, health, etc. You also become more positive and you project a more positive radiance.

By reciting mantras you attract what you need, desire, and want. If you recite mantras for others you become an instrument of blessings.

By writing mantras you subconsciously attuned yourself to the symbolic script and your body starts to absorb the positive vibrations emitted by the symbolic script.

By wearing symbolic script of mantras or surrounding yourself with the symbolic script of mantras you ‘activate’ a continuous repetition of your chants or recitations. Furthermore, like writing them you subconsciously attuned yourself to the symbolic script and your body also starts to absorb the positive vibrations or energy emitted by the symbolic script. Add to that is that you are constantly blessed by the symbolic script. This is further enhanced when the mantra is on a natural precious stones or gems, and/or in precious metals like gold, titanium, platinum and silver.

The most common way of tapping to the powers of mantras is thru its recitation or chanting. To the Hindus the chanting is more important and they really frown upon wrong pronunciation. For the Chinese, to which symbolism plays a very important of their culture, writing and surrounding oneself of the symbolic script is more important. But for the Tibetans, equal importance is placed upon the writing and surrounding of symbolic script and of chanting the mantras. But, unlike the Hindus, they are more ‘forgiving’ with the pronunciations, however, it should not be an excuse for us to not strive for us to get the proper pronunciation.

All mantras, or sacred mantra as Lillian Too would call them to differentiate the ordinary ‘mantra’ made by people, have great powers to neutralize negative karma, to bestow blessings, and protect individual who comes across them. However, there are mantras that may be more specific.

One of the most common mantra is the mantra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin as he/she is known by the Chinese, and Avalokitesvara in Tibetan. The mantra is OM MANI PADME HUM (HUM is pronounced as HUNG with a long U sound). The mantra is specially revered by the Dalai Lama because he is a direct incarnation of the Bodhisattva. The mantra of Kuan Yin is so powerful that it has the power to bring immediate blessing.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra - OM MANI PADME HUM. This is considered as the 'national' mantra of Tibetans. All the Dalai Lamas has a special affinity with this mantra because they are believed to be the direct incarnation of the 'energy' of the Bodhisattva of Compasion Avalokitesvara or Kuan Yin.

I personally chant 42 different mantras in a week. However, the most dear to me are…

The mantra of Amitabha Buddha which is OM AMI DEWA HRIH. This is a great protection and general blessing mantra.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra - OM AMI DEWA HRIH. This is a very powerful protection and general blessing mantra. Just like OM MANI PADME HUM, everybody should chant it everyday.

The mantra of Yellow Dzambhala which is OM DZAMBHALA DZALIN DRAYE SOHA. This is a great wealth generating mantra.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra - OM DZAMBHALA DZALIN DRAYE SOHA with its seed syllable. Some people believe that among all the Dzambhala's (Jambala, Dzambala, Zambala), the Yellow Dzambhala is the most powerful one.

The mantra of the White Dzambhala which is OM PADMO KRODA ARYA DZAMBHALA HRIH DAYA HUM PHAT. Another wealth generating mantra.

The Mantra of Goddess Tara which is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. A powerful mantra to be used when you need swift ‘response’ or results.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra - OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. This is the mantra of Goddess Tara or Green Tara who is also known as the Swift Liberator.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra which is OM PADMO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT. A very powerful mantra that fulfills ones’ good wishes.

The Negative Karma Cleansing Mantra which is OM HANU PHASHA BHARA HEYE SOHA.  A mantra that helps cleanse negative karma from previous lives and/or grave negative karma accumulated.

The Protection, Environment Purifying and Immediate Negative Karma Cleaning Mantra which is OM AH HUM. This mantra gives short term immediate protection to those who chant it, also it has the power to purify the environment from negative chi or energy. It also cleanses all the immediate or recent light negative karma created through our speech, thought, and action.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra OM AH HUM.



Wearing the symbolic script of any of these mantras will bring great blessings. However, there goes again the sad truth that most ‘producers’ of sacred script mantra jewelry will only make one mantra per piece of jewelry. Honestly, I don’t understand why can’t they make several mantra in one piece, since size doesn’t really matter. It need not be totally be visible to the naked eye as long as the sacred script is there and it is written in a correct way.

To address this concern I decided to design my own Buddha and Mantra jewelry. For now I’m calling this the Full Mantra Pendant or Medallion. Unfortunately, I’m unable to share a picture right now because it it still being ‘produce’ by my jeweler, and the only file photo of my FULL MANTRA PENDANT is a tiff file. WordPress doesn’t accept tiff file.

But just the same I would like to share with you what’s in the FULL MANTRA PENDANT.

At the front are the images of the Medicine Buddha (a powerful healing and provider revered both in Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian Buddhism), Kuan Kong or Guan Gong (a protector and wealth god revered in Chinese Buddhism), and Yellow Dzambhala ( a powerful wealth god revered in Tibetan and Indian Buddhism).

Also at the front are the Kalachakra symbol and the symbolic script of the mantra OM AH HUM.

The Kalachakra symbol is one of the most powerful protection symbol in Buddhism. It actually consists of ten syllable mantra, with it symbolic script condensed into one. The mantra itself is HO HAM KSHAMALA VARAYA HUM PHAT. However, the mantra of the Kalachakra is never chanted without the mantra OM AH HUM. Making the complete mantra of Kalachakra - OM AH HUM HO HAM KSHAMALA VARAYA HUM PHAT. This is the reason why I decided to put the symbolic script of the mantra OM AH HUM on top of the Kalachakra symbol. As mentioned this is a very powerful protection symbol and can be likened to the Scapular of the Catholics. In fact, you'll seldom see a Tibetan Monk without wearing the symbol of the Kalachakra somewhere on their body. It may be hidden but most likely they have it somewhere on their body. But you'll never see them have the symbolic scripts tattooed because it is considered extremely bad luck to have a mantra tattooed on your body.

At the back of the Full Mantra Pendant are the Medicine Buddha mantra, Yellow Dzambhala Mantra, Wish Fulfilling Mantra, Negative Karma Cleansing Mantra, and the seed syllable of Goddess Tara. Every mantra has a seed syllable and in instances wherein you can’t put the whole mantra the seed syllable works as well.

Also at the back are the Victory Banner and Windhorse or Lung-Ta. The Victory Banner is a powerful Buddhist symbol that connotes success in all undertakings. The Lung-Ta or Windhorse is a symbol of well-being and good fortune. You’ll see the Lung-Ta carrying a ‘Wish Fulfilling Jewel of Enlightenment’ which brings success through wisdom and knowledge thus this a very good symbol for those who wants advancement in their career, professional, or business life. This is also a very good symbol to be use who wants to be famous through the arts.

The Victory Banner

Windhorse or Lung-Ta with the 'Wish Fulfilling Jewel of Enlightenment' on its back.

I’ll definitely share with you the picture of the Full Mantra Pendant once I get and approve the final rendering of the pendant.


I’ve just recently been able to get the first FULL MANTRA PENDANT mentioned on this particular post. I’ve changed its name to the more appropriate WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. I know it’s a mouthful but it hopes to communicate what the pendant is really all about. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include the Yellow Dzambhala Mantra, it simply doesn’t have enough space. If you want to know more about the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT please read the blog post about it by clicking here.

Feng Shui-Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2012 Year of the Water Dragon (Part 1)

Published Disyembre 29, 2011 by jptan2012

Allow me to share with you my own Feng Shui forecast for each of the Chinese Zodiacs for the coming year of the Water Dragon. This is base on my own reading. I actually enrolled in several intensive Feng Shui and Bazi class in HK and Singapore, but more on that next time. For now, just let me share with you my own Feng Shui reading for 2012. Please note though that this is a generalized ‘prediction’ for each sign. For a more accurate personal reading, one has to know one’s Bazi or Four Pillars. For this I need to have your Birth-year/month/day/time.

The RAT…

will have a good year. Money luck will be good a stable with the possibility of new financial opportunities coming your way. You should be more aware of opportunities and ‘open doors’, because you’ll surely have a lot of these. You just need to guard yourself from being greedy. Also you should make sure not to get too high profile because jealousies from other people might cause some negative energy.

You also have a good mentor luck this year. Meaning, there are a lot of people who might come your way to help you realize your dreams or help you earn more money.

However, people born under the sign of the rat should take care of their health, because you’re are affected by the illness star and the 3 killings.

Feng Shui Protection: Jade Wulou (Holy Gourd) / Medicine Buddha Pendant

Feng Shui Enhancers: Ruyi and Kuan Kong Pendant

A sample of a Jade Wulou or Holy Gourd. I personally prefer a jade wulou with a darker shade of green. This picture was lifted from Google images.

This is a sample of a Medicine Buddha pendant. This is similar to the one released by Lillian Too. Photo lifted in Google images.


will have a good business/professional/career/financial luck this year. But this luck becomes conflicting because of your tendencies to become hot tempered and swell headed which may cause a lot of negative energies and wash out your good celestial karma.

People born under the sign of Ox should be very careful getting into arguments and delicate legal matters because these things might cause misery to you.

But as mentioned, you will have good financial luck and like the rat there will be a lot of stable, long term money making opportunities for you. However, the similarities with the rat’s luck doesn’t end there, because you will also have to watch out for your health. Be extra careful and avoid getting sick, also there’s a possibility of an accident. To prevent this, try to donate blood during the first lunar month of the Chinese calendar or donate money to a charity.

Feng Shui Protection: Jade Wulou (Holy Gourd) / Medicine Buddha Pendant and Kuan Kong Pendant and Ksitigarbha Fireball (Pendant/Key Chain)

Feng Shui Enhancers: Ruyi(pendant or keychain), Mystic Knot (pendant or key chain)

Kuan Kong also spelled as Guan Gong is a warrior god. He is a very good protector and wealth god.

In choosing a Kuan Kong it's important that you look at the face. The 'braver' the face the better. Also, I prefer dark colored stones or gold Kuan Kong, because Kuan Kong is basically a red face god. I veer away from the white jade variety. Photo lifted from Google images.

Ksitigarbha Fireball helps protect the bearer from the 'argumentative' star. Picture lifted from Google images.

Place a Ruyi on top of your work table or beside your bed.

Wear a ruyi pendant to continously 'carry' its power.

Ruyi DZI bead. You can also wear this as a pendant or as bracelet mixed with some semi-precious stones. For this year red stones works best.


has financial luck this year. But it is not strong and stable, which means money may come easily but it may not be a big amount and/or you may lose the money as easy as well. However, the main solution here is for you to be work harder and try to be more conscious in how you spend your money.

Feng Shui Protection: Mystic Knot (pendant or key chain)

Feng Shui Enhancers: Golden Deity (a Buddha or Bodhisattva or Deity made of gold or gold plated. My suggestions are Kuan Yin, Sun Wukong [Taoist and Buddhist Monkey God], Kuan Kong, Dzambala, Tua Peh Kong, Maitreya Buddha [also known as the Happy Fat Buddha], Tara, or Che Kong.)

Mystic Knot

Green Tara


will have a better luck this year compared to last year. However, this is a ‘slow process’ and you will need to work hard to ‘erase’ the negative energies of the past year. You will have to look and work hard for opportunities to open up for you and you will have to ‘grab it by the horn’. You cannot be timid but neither you can be to bullish without weighing properly weighing the situation.

Health wise may be a little bleak also. You might be constantly wear down by minor illnesses that may not be serious but may cause long term discomfort.

On the love front – a single rabbit may continue to have a flat line, while a married or a partnered rabbit will have to be careful in having a third party get involved in their partnership.

Feng Shui Protection: Jade Wulou (Holy Gourd)/Medicine Buddha Rooster with Fan Pendant or Figurine/Double Happiness Pendant, Mantra Pendant

Feng Shui Enhancers: Mystic Knot, Kuan Kong Pendant/Maitreya Buddha (Happy Fat Buddha) Pendant/Kuan Yin Pendant

The Double Happiness symbol is a powerful Feng Shui tool to enhance and/or safeguard your love life.

Maitreya Buddha or more commonly known as the Happy Buddha or the Fat Buddha is actually the future Buddha. Maitreya Buddha symbolizes abundance, wealth, happiness, peace, and good health.

Kuan Yin is one of my most favorite Deity or Bodhisattva. I personally have several gold, jade, and other semi-precious stones Kuan Yin pendant.

On my next post I’ll discuss the other signs-DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE, SHEEP, MONKEY, ROOSTER, DOG & BOAR(PIG). Almost all the Feng Shui Enhancers and Protectors mentioned in this post are available in Ongpin. I can also help you avail some of the charms. Unless specifically specified any kind of material will do except the ones that are made of plastic. But remember, semi-precious or precious stones like jade, high-quality jade, ruby, diamonds, etc. are better. Gold, platinum being precious metals also enhances the Feng Shui charm’s energy.

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