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Tap Into the Powers of Chung Kwei to Be Protected from the Bad Effects of the Hungry Ghost Month

Published Hulyo 22, 2012 by jptan2012

I just shared with you why Chung Kwei is considered as the ultimate protector from evil spirits, demons, and hungry ghosts, and their ill effects with the post entitled – THE FASCINATING STORY OF CHUNG KWEI, THE ULTIMATE CATCHER AND VANQUISHER OF DEMONS, GHOSTS, AND EVIL SPIRITS!

Chung Kwei (also spelled as Chong Kwei, Chung Kui, Chong Kui, Zhong Kwei, Zhong Kui, Zhung Kwei, and Zhung Kui) is usually depicted as an extremely ugly deity. He can be considered as a wrathful god, which is usually how protector gods are depicted. His face is also usually really dark if not black, and he usually has beard. He carries a sword that he use for battling demons and evils spirits and a magical fan, which he uses to ward of hungry ghosts or ghosts. However, it is said that his face alone is enough to ward of any evil spirits that is why it is not surprising to see some pendants that simply features his face. Sometimes, he is featured with a red bat, which symbolizes that he is capable of bringing good fortune through scholarly approach. This is because he is a highly learned man when he was still living.

Tapping into his power of protection is quite simple. All you need is to invite his image into your house. It is best to place him near the main door. However, if you can you can also put him by the stairs. Having his image in your office is also a good way into tapping into his protection for your office.

It is also advisable to wear an image of Chung Kwei as a pendant. Wearing his image as a pendant will ensure your protection. I always wear my Chung Kwei black jade pendant whenever I travel and I usually hang it beside my bed when I sleep, especially, if I suspect the hotel room where I’m staying is a Yin room.

However, there are some guidelines when choosing your Chung Kwei.

In choosing an image of a Chung Kwei for your home or office, it is important that:

  1. The image is made of wood, ceramic, porcelain, stone and never plastic or metal, unless it’s made of real gold.
  2. The image of Chung Kwei’s face should be red, black, or at the very least dark color.
  3. The image of Chung Kwei should have a fierce or angry looking face.
  4. The image should also have either all or one of his implements – sword and magical fan.

In choosing a Chung Kwei pendant, it is important that:

This particular Chung Kwei pendant features only the face. Notice the 2 little devils besides him with fearful face, it represents the first devils that Zhong Kui vanquished!

  1. The Chung Kwei pendant (Zhong Kui Pendant) is made of a red stone or black stone (ink jade which is technically green is also acceptable) or real gold. These are the only acceptable material for a Chung Kwei pendant. If getting a gold, make sure that it’s made of either yellow or red gold and not white gold. Anything outside these three are unacceptable. There are some Chung Kwei amulets available that are made of metal painted with gold. That’s not acceptable, plus it really has to be a pendant. It’s also very impolite to put the image of Chung Kwei in your pocket.

    This is a sample of an ink jade pendant. It looks like it’s black, but if you put a light behind it it’s green tone will appear. This is acceptable.

  2. The Chung Kwei pendant should have a fierce and/or angry face.
  3. It’s fine to simply get a pendant that just features the face.

The problem is it’s quite difficult to get an image of Chung Kwei either as a pendant or as statuette, unless, you’re from Malaysia and Singapore. In the Philippines, I’ve only seen one or two stores in Chinatown in Binondo that sells good statuette of Chung Kwei. I now have only one piece of the statuette that I got in Singapore that I can dispose of. It is even harder to find a good Chung Kwei pendant, again, unless, you travel to Singapore, Malaysia, or Hong Kong.

This is a rare black jade pendant image of Chung Kwei. Was fortunate enough to find one in Beijing, China in a small shop.

Before wearing or ‘displaying’ your Chung Kwei it is important that you have it bless by a Taoist priest. If a Taoist priest is not immediately available to you, or if the Taoist priest that you met is not familiar with Chung Kwei, you can bless your image yourself.

Blessing an image of a Chung Kwei:

  1. Make sure that your Chung Kwei is really clean from any physical dirt.
  2. Place your Feng Shui on top of a bowl of rock salt or sea salt; adjust accordingly depending on the size of your Chung Kwei.
  3. For pendants cover it with a piece of red paper with your name and birthday on it.
  4. For statuettes, you can place the red paper on its base or foot. Write your complete address.
  5. Leave it there for 3 days.
  6. On the third day, light 3 candles in front o the Chung Kwei while it’s still on top of the rock salt or sea salt. Small candles will do, and make sure they are made of 3 different colors – red, black, and yellow or white.
  7. Burn the paper before 6PM.
  8. You can start wearing or displaying your Chung Kwei the following day.




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Feng Shui Charm and Feng Shui Expert- Real or Fake?

Published Enero 20, 2012 by jptan2012

The following is an email from ‘Sana Ako si Ricky Lee!’ reader Madz Pion…

Hi! Nabasa ko po email niyo. Very informative siya. May tanong lang sana ako. Ang daming feng shui charm na available paano mo malalaman kung saan dito ang totoo at saan ang hinde? Bakit ang mahal ng mga feng shui charms? Bakit po si XXX XXX (here she mentioned a name of famous Filipino-Chinese consultant) eh feng shui consultant pero i know for a fact mangloloko siya at pinsan ko po kasi isa sa tinakbuhan niya ng pera? Tsaka alam ko po na nalugi na rin po siya at nagsara na lahat ng store niya sa mga SM. Parang patunay lang ito na hindi totoo ang feng shui hindi po ba?

I debated whether I should answer her question, primarily because it involved another person. Even if I don’t do this ‘commercially’ commenting on another ‘expert’ might be unethical. However, Madz’ perceptions needs to be addressed and after weighing the pros and cons I decided to address Madz’s concern. The reason that I omitted the name of the ‘expert’ mentioned in Madz’s email is because I think it would be unfair to single her out, and I was unable to get her side. But as I said, I think its more important to address Madz’s questions rather than ignore the whole thing.

Madz’s first question is – Given that there are numerous charms available in the market, how would you distinguish which one is real and which ones are fake?

I don’t know whether it is correct to say that they are real or fake Feng Shui charms, because Feng Shui Charms or Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers are largely ‘ordinary’ objects of symbolic significance and/or importance to address the Feng Shui affliction. Sometimes feng shui elements are taken into consideration. However, having said that, I think it is important for me to state that in recent years there are ‘fake’ feng shui charms that came out of the market. This is largely because the people who sell these ‘fake’ feng shui charms wants to make more money. For example, for the feng shui beads or bracelets to be effective one must wear something that’s made of a real stone. A (e.g.) Citrine is only a Citrine if its made of the real natural stone called Citrine, a plastic or a factory produced yellow colored glass then labeled as citrine is not a citrine and therefore will not have the beneficial effects of a citrine. It’s fake. While the color might still have some effect, the faux beads itself will not have any effect.

This is a sample of a fake citrine. Notice how the citrine bead is really clear. A real citrine will most likely have some inclusions.

This is a picture of a real citrine. Compare it with the above picture of the fake citrine. A real citrine will have inclusions.

Unfortunately, the feng shui expert mentioned in Madz’s email sells fake beads. The wholesale value of a fake bead is about 100 pesos, and each strand has about 50 pcs. This particular ‘expert’ sells her feng shui bracelet at Php 5,800.00. Even if you incorporate the DZI bead which has a wholesale value of 50 pesos a piece, the selling price is still ridiculously expensive. Do the math. In fact, if you get a authentic natural stone or crystal, even with the DZI it will only cost about Php 3,000.00 max. So do the math.

Furthermore, if a feng shui expert suggests a feng shui cure or enhancer simply by your base on your animal zodiac without taking into consideration your paht chee / bazi / four pillars that is mostly a sign of money making scheme. The only times its acceptable to get a general recommendation is when you are unable to do a Bazi reading. But if they’re experts and are doing a one-on-one consultation they should be able to do a Bazi reading before dispensing with any feng shui cure or enhancer. It should also be noted that feng shui afflictions is a cycle. Meaning you might need a charm now that you won’t need next year, but chances are you’ll need that charm again in 2 or 3 years time, because of the cycle of the flying stars.

You should note also how they sell their feng shui charms. Using terms like – KRIS AQUINO BRACELET  or  KRIS AQUINO FENG SHUI BRACELET- is obviously a marketing tactic leveraging on Kris Aquino’s popularity to be able to sell a charm. Instead, probe as to what is the charm for. I did use WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT ‘title’ for the charm that I designed. But I’m able to justify what its called as such. Also, to my defense, its not commercially for sale, and, in fact, I can lend you the mold if you want to so you can make it more affordable.

Madz’s second question is as to why Feng Shui charms or Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers are expensive.

Not all Feng Shui charms are expensive. In fact, as mentioned you just have to be careful in choosing. As cited above, sometime the ‘real’ Feng Shui charms can even be more affordable than the fakes one. But then some Feng Shui charms are expensive like my WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT because they are made of real gold. The decision to make into real gold is purely practical on my part because I want to last ‘forever’. I don’t want to have to replace it again. Spending a big amount (the  WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is around 40k pesos, as of this writing, it varies every now and then because the price of gold changes every day and I only requests my jeweler to make one if somebody wants to avail it) one time is better than spending Php 10,000.00 every year. But, it need not be gold, if you know you a engraver you can have it made on a jade, amethyst, or even wood. But never use a feng shui charms that’s made of plastic.

Madz also question as to why XXX XXX who is a famous feng shui ‘expert’ lose her stores and she also questioned as to why this ‘expert’ is a ‘manloloko’.

First, everybody need to realize that Feng Shui experts or consultants are also human, meaning, like you and me they are prone to any kind of ‘sinful’ acts like selfishness. That’s why it is also important, when consulting an expert, to be cautious and observe whether they are more concerned about making money. It should be noted though that Feng Shui is not fortune telling, its base on science and math and the stars. Thus, Feng Shui is a skill so reading a Bazi or doing Feng Shui audit of a place would require payment, because a real expert would have invested big amount of money to learn these things. I personally, spend about Php 400,000.oo just to learn the basic feng shui. Bigger amount were spent for the advance and professional feng shui and bazi (basic and advance) reading.

The other concern is as to why this ‘expert’ lost money and has to close all her Feng Shui stores in SM.

The answer to that is simple. Maybe she really isn’t a real feng shui expert. A Feng Shui cure or enhancer placed in a wrong place is useless and may even do more harm. On top of that, I also know for a fact that she swindled money from several people, as of last counting, the money is somewhere between 15M AND 17M pesos. Maybe karma chase after her and caused a lot of misfortune.

Does Feng Shui work?

Here, my answer is simple. Give it a try. The amazing part is you don’t have to believe in it for it to work for you.

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