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How Many Incense Should We Really Light?

Published Enero 24, 2015 by jptan2012

burning-incensePeople often asks me as to how much incense stick to use when lighting it as an offering to the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas or Deities or Taoist Gods.

Traditionally speaking people do really light three incense sticks and when one is petitioning for something, it is sometimes advised to use nine incense sticks, if what you are petitioning for concerns about an immediate physical danger, then seven incense sticks are used.

However, times have changed. People are now more conscious about Global Warming, and globally Buddhist temples are becoming more aware as to how much they or we are contributing to global warming. Our incense sticks these days are no longer as environmentally friendly as what they used in the old days, which is very organic and much harder to do. In fact, in Malaysia alone, there is now only one family who makes an organic and environmentally friendlier incense stick, and it is said that they won’t last much long because their price is much higher than a commercially made incense stick. But the problem is the incense stick that we used these days contributes a lot to global warming and to answer this concern, a lot of Buddhist Temples around the world has now started encouraging people to simply light one incense stick. ONE HEART, ONE INCENSE. Some temples even encourage that ONE HEART, ONE FAMILY, ONE INCENSE. Meaning, it is the head of the family who is encouraged to light the incense for the whole family.

The truth is I find it hard to transfer from three to one. Because three for me always represents, OM AH HUM or Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. But if you look at Buddhist scriptures, there are really nowhere in them that say we needed to light three incense sticks. And if you look at the number of incense sticks being ‘unnecessarily’ burned everyday, and the damage it is doing to the environment, it is really more Buddhist to simply light one incense stick.


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White Tara: An Emanation of Goddess Tara that Grants Fertility, Longevity, and Helps Overcome Life’s Hardships

Published Setyembre 2, 2013 by jptan2012

More than a year ago, I wrote about Goddess Tara who is one of the most revered Goddess in Tibetan Buddhism. Regular readers of this blog would know that she is considered as a The Mother of Swift Liberation because of how fast she acts on our request.

For those who are not familiar with Goddess Tara, I suggest that before continuing to read this post that you check out my earlier post about Goddess Tara. Please just click on the link:




Today, I would like to introduce to you to one of the most powerful emanation of Goddess Tara, which is the White Tara.White Tara2

White Tara is a very powerful emanation of Goddess Tara that grants fertility. One of my cousins had a hard time conceiving and when I suggested that she pray to the White Tara she conceived just after 2 months of chanting White Tara’s mantra.

More than being a Goddess of Fertility, White Tara is also a Goddess of Longevity. People who are sick or people who are in physical danger can simply call on White Tara, recite her mantra and they can be assured that help will come.

Lastly, White Tara is a goddess who helps overcome life’s hardships or obstacles. An elderly woman whom I met in Singapore attested this to me; I was looking for some pendants when we got to talk to each other. On my hand at that time was an image of Goddess Tara in jade pendant. She started talking to me asking me whether I’m a devotee of Goddess Tara, I said yes, and she also shared that she is a devotee of Goddess Tara, especially White Tara.

According to BL, she got widowed an early age of 25, and she already had three children then. She used to live in China, when her husband brought her to Singapore, her in-laws didn’t like her so she they ‘abandoned’ her when her husband died. According to her she was so poor that she had to beg for food. Going back to China was not an option because of the Chinese tradition that you don’t really go back to your family once a woman got married, on top of that, like most Chinese woman her age, she was illiterate and won’t be able to write a letter even if she knows where to send the letter. BL at that time we met was approximately 73 years old.

Not having of friends of her own and being abandoned by her husband’s family, she had to work for herself and for her to survive, she begged for food, and according to her the lowest moment of her life was when she had to give up her youngest child. A childless couple adopted her baby.

BL said to make things worst she was unable to get a decent good paying job because she was illiterate. However, an elderly woman took pity of her and got her as a maid. It was this elderly woman who introduced BL to White Tara. According to BL, as soon as she started praying to White Tara, and saying White Tara’s mantra everything just got better.

BL now spends her time busying herself helping single moms through her foundation is funded by her 3 children. She named the foundation after the elderly woman who took her in.

Her children all grew up to have their own business. And while she never officially got her youngest child back, she said it doesn’t matter, because the one who adopted her youngest child became family as well, and in fact they live in the same building, with units right beside each other.

All these blessings according to BL are because of White Tara.

One curious thing though that BL shared with me is that she notice that for her White Tara works best if its carved out of a meteorite. She doesn’t have an explanation as to why because she doesn’t even understand it.

A White Tara pendant from my personal collection. I still don't know why but I agree with BL that a White Tara pendant carved out of a meteorite is more effective or powerful.

A White Tara pendant from my personal collection. I still don’t know why but I agree with BL that a White Tara pendant carved out of a meteorite is more effective or powerful.

Because of her statement, I started my quest for a White Tara image and pendant carved out of a meteor. I now have in my possession 3 White Tara pendant carved out of a meteorite but to this day, I’m still looking for an image of White Tara carved out of a meteorite that I can put on my altar.


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