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An Unknown But Powerful Taoist Wealth Deity Called – Liu Hai!

Published Pebrero 8, 2012 by jptan2012

In my previous post entitled – FENG SHUI TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR WEALTH LUCK – I wrote about one of the most powerful and recognized Feng Shui tool to attract wealth luck, the THREE LEGGED TOAD. I was quite surprised by the number of comments and email I received inquiring about the 3-Legged Toad. For me aside from putting the Three-Legges Toad around the house, one other powerful and effective way of tapping into its ‘power’ is to wear a 3 Legged Toad pendant, preferably made in gold to make it more auspicious.

A lot of people will vouch for the effectivity of the 3 Legged Toad and while its a powerful wealth charm or amulet, it’s really just one in a slew of wealth enhancer symbols.

Some of the other famous wealth enhancers used in Feng Shui is to tapped into the power and wealth blessings of Wealth Deities. Some of them are The Monkey God called Sun Wukong who is reverred as ‘The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven’ which was featured in THE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT; Kuan Kong (Guan Gong); Maitreya Buddha (Happy Fat Buddha or Laughing Buddha); some forms of Kuan Yin; Cai Shin Yeh; Tua Peh Kong to name a few. Putting their images in the house will help enhance your wealth luck, and wearing them as pendants will also help bestow wealth blessings on you.

The ones that I just mentioned above are some of the most effective and famous Wealth Deities. However, I find it surprising that a lot of Feng Shui experts has ‘ignored’ Liu Hai. Liu Hai is a relatively unknown, though I think he should be really famous, Taoist Wealth Deity.

His images show significant resemblance to the images of Chinese images of the Maitreya Buddha (Happy Fat Buddha or Laughing Buddha), and I think this largely cause the unpopularity of Liu Hai.

Liu Hai is an alchemist and court minister in China during the 10 Century. I think the ‘alchemist’ part is largely due to the fact that he is also a very good Taoist priest. It is said that at one time the Emperor’s court, during Liu Hai’s time, is running out of gold because of a war. They were physically winning this war but the scarcity of gold might impede their victory. The court facing the possibility of what in the modern days would be called ‘bankcruptcy’ or ‘recession’, the Emperor asked his senior ministers to look for a Taoist or Buddhist monk who can conjure a wealth blessing to his reign. It was said that they called several Taoist and Buddhist monk and while their was some improvement in their wealth luck, its not as fast as the court needed it to be. It was out of desperation that the ministers called for Liu Hai.

Liu Hai at that time is a shunned scholar. They think him a little eccentric because he would usually be seen going to the village well and stay there for a long time, laughing on his own, and seemingly playing with a something that is not visible to other people. And although he lives in relatively a very simple way of life, he is quite famous to some of the people who are in dire need of gold or silver (the currency at that time) because he thus gives them enough money, and he seems to not run out of it.

When he arrived at the court and was summoned before the ministers and the Emperor, it was said that he was so jolly that he appeared to be insane. When he was told of the need to have more gold coins, it was recorded that he requested for a big chest to be brought to the court. When he was presented with the chest, he then requested that it be opened. He then opened his gourd and seemingly whispered into it. The minister was said to have seen a small golden toad with ‘weird features’ to have come out of the toad and went out of the court, a few minutes after, the creature was said to have come back with smaller ‘creatures’ carrying ‘gold pellets’, they then soon filled up the whole chest with gold that the court fashioned into gold coins.

Liu Hai is said to have a name for his pet 3-Legged Toad. He calls the toad Chanchu.

Liu Hai Luring Chanchu with Gold Coins. A lesser known version of the story of Liu Hai is that Chanchu is a poisonous 3 Legged Toad and Liu Hai tamed him by luring him with gold coins.

Personally, I believe think that the story could have been embellished a little. However, what’s known is that Liu Hai is the only Taoist master who ever lived who is able to summon the 3 Legged Toad, in fact, if the were to be believe, it is said that he constantly travels with the ‘head’ 3 Legged Toad.

In Feng Shui, I can personally vouch for using the image of Liu Hai as a wealth deity. I also recommended Liu Hai to a cousin, and he said that the day after he has ‘invited’ the image of Liu Hai in his condo unit, he got the raise that he has been longing for. More opportunities to increase his finance luck has also been constant.

I don’t know where to get a Liu Hai pendant, because I believe that wearing one may prove to be very auspicious. I have been looking for one but can’t seem to find any. However, inviting his image in the house will also prove to be very auspicious. Unfortunately, getting an image of Liu Hai may not be as easy as we want it to be. I got mine in a small shop in Xiamen, China. I then found two more images of Liu Hai in Singapore which I bought to keep for people who might want to get his image for themselves. I have since then pass the images to a cousin and a friend of my mom.

When inviting the image of Liu Hai, try to get one that has the image of the 3 Legged Toad. If you’re able to get a Liu Hai without an image of 3-Legged Toad you can just place an image of the 3-Legged Toad in front of Liu Hai.

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