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Invite Wonderful Blessings in Your Life by Reciting a Sutra!

Published Abril 1, 2016 by jptan2012

I am a believer of the power of amulets; needless to say my favorites are the very powerful Vajrapani Ruel(1) and Surangama Mantra Amulet(1). The numerous personal testimonies found on this blog is testament as to how powerful wearing amulets are, especially the Vajrapani Ruel(2) which has showered a lot of people who has requested it with tremendous wealth luck, money luck, and financial luck. Wearing an amulet is like carrying an extension of a Buddha or Bodhisattva’s energies. However, the sad truth is not everyone will be able to avail of a powerful amulet. But of course, there are other ways of tapping into the power or energy of a Buddha or Bodhisattva.

In the past, I have written a lot about the importance and benefits of chanting a mantra, and a lot of you (my readers) has emailed me or texted me or personally shared with me the testimonials of how chanting a mantra has helped in your personal life or even in your career.

Chanting a mantra, for me, is one of the most powerful ways to connect and tap into the energies of the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas. Some people might say it is not as effective as having to wear an amulet like the Surangama Mantra Amulet(2) or Vajrapani Ruel(3). Well, there is truth to this, but I believe in some ways, chanting a mantra may be even more effective if we are able to chant it under deep meditation. How deep? To the level that you are no longer conscious of you’re surrounding. If we are to chant in that level of deepness, I would say it is even more effective than wearing an amulet. But whether we are able to chant it deeply or not, it is bound to have some effect, and we will definitely feel its power.

However, today I would also like to add and discuss the importance of reciting a sutra.

Amitabha_Sutra_bookA sutra or sutras are Buddhist teachings, usually ones that has been personally taught by Shakyamuni Buddha when He still have a physical body. Although, there are some sutras that was taught by different patriarchs. One of the most famous one is the 6th Patriarch Hui Neng. His sutra is called THE PLATFORM SUTRA OF THE SIXTH PATRIARCH. On my future posts I will discuss more about the sutra of the patriarchs. But for now let us focus on the sutra of the Buddha Shakyamuni.

I have mentioned before that mantras are powerful words lefts to us by the Buddha himself for us to chant to evoke some power. These mantras are usually found within a sutra. And as mentioned a sutra is a teaching taught by Shakyamuni (also spelled as Sakyamuni) Buddha. In effect, even when it has undergone a translation, it is still considered the very words of the Buddha.

Basically, a sutra is a teaching of the Buddha, and while the Christians and Muslims has the Bible and Koran (respectively), which is a compilation of different ‘books’, in Buddhism the sutras are not compiled. But there are a lot of different sutras.

As I said, a sutra is the Buddha’s teaching, within them are found the different mantras. But more than that, simply reciting (reading it loudly) carries a lot of blessings with it. As to what type of blessings it carries depends on the sutra being read, and these blessings are usually mentioned within the sutra itself. So reading a sutra doesn’t only bring about knowledge about Buddhism, but it also brings about blessings and this is another form to tap into the power or energies of the Buddha or Bodhisattvas.

But there are important things that one should remember when you got hold of a sutra. They are the following:

  1. You should treat it like a holy object only because it is a holy object.
  2. Don’t put it on the floor or a chair.
  3. If you placed it inside a bad, make sure you don’t put the bad on the floor or chair.
  4. Do not bring it inside restrooms, unless if its worn as an amulet.
  5. Do not sit on it.
  6. Do not lie on it.
  7. Do not put things on top of it.
  8. In keeping it, make sure you placed it on a high clean place.
  9. In keeping it, as much as possible put it on a vertical position and not horizontal. If horizontal (again) please make sure you don’t put anything on top of it unless it’s the same sutra.
  10. Take care of it like it’s the most precious book that it is.

In my next posts, I will share with you some of the sutra that I regularly read. Some of them I have written about in the past but it is worth writing about them again.

But for now, remember that while the Vajrapani Ruel(4) or the Surangama Mantra Amulet(3) are powerful amulets, there are other ways of tapping into the energy of the Buddha or a Bodhisattva.

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Myth Buster 29: Hitting A Person With A Broom Will Bring Bad Luck to the Hitter!

Published Hulyo 24, 2015 by jptan2012

broomThere is a popular Chinese belief that hitting a person with a broom will bring bad luck to the hitter. Is there truth to this?

Well, you see it all started when Chinese parents, especially fathers believes that hitting a child, or spanking a child, is a good way of instilling discipline on them. Since leather belts are not used in the olden times, they would normally use stick or brooms.

Grandparents, especially, grandmothers and mothers will normally stop their husband from hitting their children because they know being hit with a broom is really painful. But since they cannot openly contradict the patriarch of the family, they would have to think of creative ways of stopping their husbands from using the broom. So they have to be creative in trying to stop their husband from using the broom, and since most Chinese believes in Feng Shui, they would often say that hitting somebody with a broom would bring bad luck to the hitter. This little white lie will often save their children from being hit by the broom.

As most often, these things get accepted as fact and becomes a regular belief. But there it goes, another myth busted!

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The Curse of a Wandering Husband and a Missing Father!

Published Abril 16, 2012 by jptan2012

A few weeks ago a reader sent a private email that sounded a little desperate. She said she needs to talk to me about a ‘family curse’. To be honest, I hesitated replying to the email because it sound a little melodramatic and the secrecy of the problem, which ‘can only be shared in person’ seems a little sinister. It’s okay for me to share this now because I actually mentioned this to M when I got to talk to her.

Two days after I’ve read the email, I decided to sent a reply and told M that I can only talk to her over the phone if she’s able to give me more information about the ‘family curse’ she mentioned on the email. I also clarified that my knowledge is limited to Feng Shui, and some aspects of Buddhism and Taoism if they are largely related to Feng Shui.

M emailed me again this time giving me more information, however, she said that she’d be able to express herself better through a conversation. She included her mobile number in the email and I decided to call her.

M is a widow of a politician; she is in her early 60s. Both M and her husband belong to rich, famous, devout Catholic families.

The first thing she mentioned to me is that she doesn’t really believe in Feng Shui but is quite desperate. She also clarified that she is a devout Catholic and that she’s an active member of various Catholic groups and personal friends with some of the most famous priests in the country. She also clarified that she has met then Pope John Paul II. I really don’t know how to react and part of me regretted that I called her. I wondered whether she’s one of those devout Christians and/or Catholics who would email me and tell me that I’m espousing evil worship. I cut her short and told her that I don’t see her point and that I would rather that she goes direct to the point. I heard her took a deep breath and told me that my blog was recommended to her by a friend and that she decided to email out of desperation. It was at that point that I realize that she’s not one of those anti-Feng Shui Christians that believes Feng Shui is the work of the devil. I also realize that I should give her time to talk. It’s a good thing that it was already evening and I don’t have to worry about a meeting or anything that might interfere with our conversation.

As it turns out, M believes that her family or her husband’s family is cursed to be unhappy. She said that her father-in-law, was a wandering husband, and had kids with other women; he also had violent early death. This cause great sadness not only to her mother-in-law, but also to the whole family. Her husband, was also a wandering husband and fathered three more children from two different women, furthermore, her husband also had an early death because of a heart attack. About a year ago, she discovered that her 30-year-old married son is involved with another woman. Her friend discovered this. She clarified that she loves her daughter-in-law but is unable to be honest to her about it. She confronted her son, and the son replied that it runs in the family. This sort of made her realize that it really runs in the family! She knows that her father-in-law was seldom home, her husband was also seldom home, and now his son, like his grandfather and father before him is also seldom home. She can’t understand what happened to his son; because when he was still single, her son showed signs that he can be a very good husband. The change started only when her son got married.

M was really desperate and believes that her family is cursed! She wanted immediate help. I asked her whether her son lives with her, and she said yes, she further added that they have been living in the house of her in-laws, which was inherited by her husband.

M wanted me to do a Bazi analysis of her whole family including that of her deceased husband and in-laws for me to see what’s the problem. Base on my discussion with her I told her that it won’t be necessary and doing a Bazi analysis of all of them will take a while and that I’m very busy with my business at the moment. I then told her that I suspect that her house might be missing its Northwest section. I told her to go to the center of the house, look for the Northwest and see what’s in there.

She called me up the following day and asked her daughter-in-law to talk to me. Before that she warned me that her daughter-in-law knows nothing of the real nature of M’s call to me and that she just told her she got interested in Feng Shui. Her daughter-in-law said that there house is almost a square shaped house, except that there’s nothing in the Northwest. What’s in the Northwest is an extension of the house that has become a storage room of their junk.

I knew then that it’s the problem. The Northwest represents the Patriarch. Traditionally, it refers to the father, however, in modern times some Feng Shui experts says that the Northwest also refers to women who acts as the head of the family. A missing Northwest is really bad because it means that there’s no head of the family. A missing Northwest, a dirty Northwest, or a big toilet in the Northwest is really bad because it will greatly affect the Patriarchal luck of the family. Some of its effects are the following:

WANDERING HUSBAND. The father or husband is usually the considered patriarch of the family. A missing Northwest will make the husband have relationships outside of his family.

BUSINESS COMES FIRST. It may also cause the patriarch to focus more on his work or business rather than the family.

WEAKEN PATRIARCH. It also may cause the family’s father to become a weakling. Unable to take care of the family properly.

MISSING FATHER OR HUSBAND. The worst effect of a bad Northwest may be that the father or husband will become sickly or worst is he may die a premature death cause either by an unexpected disease or illness, accident, or violence.

You must always ensure that you have a Northwest. Furthermore, you must always ensure that your Northwest is clean and avoid putting a big toilet in the Northwest.

I related this to M and told her that she has to fix her Northwest. She promised that she’ll do it immediately. I hope that it works.

Overpowering Yang Energy Caused by a Bridge

Published Marso 23, 2012 by jptan2012

A friend is scouting for new home and he requested to me check out a place that he’s thinking of buying. He said the price is quite good and he has checked it out and like the place.

So yesterday we went to check the place out. The house was beautiful and for a big house, the selling price that the owners were asking for it is quite a bargain. There is only one problem; it is situated at the end of a bridge.

Readers of this blog knows that I always say that living space should have a balance of energy. However, balance here means that since it’s a house for the living there should be more Yang than Yin. Balance here means Yin should not be absent, but Yang should dominate the house and even the surrounding of the house.

A bridge creates a lot of energy, especially if traffic is quite heavy. Meaning a bridge, because it’s ‘moving’ creates a lot of Yang energy. You would think since its important for a living space to have more Yang this is going to be good. However, the operative word here is ‘balance’ it cannot have too much Yang that Yin is completely overpowered.

The particular bridge here is a high traffic bridge and while it continues to a road, the house that my friend wants to buy is right at the end of the bridge.

What will happen? This may cause one or all of the following things, the family who lives in the area will become greedy with money, they may also suffer from conflict amongst themselves, and/or they may be besiege with health problems

The Feng Shui of the house is actually okay. It has to undergo some Feng Shui renovations but it is not really bad. I explained to my friend, in front of the agent who happens to be a cousin of the previous family who owns the house, that the previous owner of the house may have been wealthy but they could have suffered from any of the three things I mentioned above.

The agent was quite surprised with what I said and admitted that her cousins family is quite well off but the patriarch recently got really sick and her cousins has been fighting about the properties even before their parents passed away. The mother, the agent’s aunt, decided to sell off the house to avoid further fighting and decided that she’ll try to spend their money for the hospital bills and enjoy some of it to teach their children a lesson. The patriarch and matriarch have both since moved to a condominium.

My friend decided not to buy the property.

2012 Year of the Water Dragon Feng Shui Flying Star Forecast

Published Disyembre 31, 2011 by jptan2012

The past few posts I talked about the 2012 Feng Shui Chinese Zodiac Forecast for the 12 Animal Signs – RAT, OX, TIGER, RABBIT, DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE, SHEEP / GOAT, MONKEY, ROOSTER, DOG, PIG / BOAR. However, it is important to know that your luck for the year is not solely determined by your animal sign because it is equally important to look at the place where you live and where you work. Your luck is also determined by the Flying Stars of your house/office.

First, what are Flying Stars? Flying Stars or Xuan Kong is basically a discipline or branch of Feng Shui that studies the annual movement ‘stars’ or chi of a location that may affect your profession, health, career, finance/wealth, physical energy, psychological energy, spiritual energy. In Feng Shui the energy of your house and of your workplace is as important as your animal sign. The truth is Flying Star is also applied to the village, town, barangay, municipal, city, country and for the really good ones they can actually foretell the ‘fortune’ of the country by applying the Flying Stars concept in the world map.

The founder of Flying Stars assigned a specific number to each of this energy, and succeeding generation assigned a name depending on the effects of this energy. The name may vary a little from one Feng Shui consultant to another but they’re basically the same. It is also important to understand that the Tai Sui (Tai Suey) God and the 3 Killings are not part of the Flying Star concept. However, in discussing and determining the Flying Star of the house we include both the Tai Suey and the Three Killings in the equation because they also occupy the one of the nine squares in the Lo Shu Square.


To understand more about the Flying Star, I suggest check out Wikipedia. The offer a brief but clear explanation of the Flying Star. They’re also a lot of books that solely deal with Flying Stars Feng Shui.



Flying Star 4 aka Romance and Scholastic Star flies to the EAST

Effects: Romance luck is heightened if your room is on this side of the house. For single people, you might have the possibility of finding love. For partnered people, you might find your love getting more ‘fragrant’. However, for married couple the effect might be too fold – First, you might find yourself loving each other more deeply, but, there might be the possibility of a third party getting involve also. It is also called the Scholastic Star because it also has a good effect on Scholastic pursuits of a person. Meaning, students may become more studious, and professionals might find themselves understanding documents better.

Feng Shui Enhancer: For single persons you can put a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on your bedside. For married couple, you can  hang the character of the Double Happiness on your headboard. To safeguard yourself from a third party, tie an Amethyst Geode with Red String on the foot of your bed.

Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks

Feng Shui Tip: Do not put too much water features on this side of the house this year because it might cause sexual scandals or promiscuity.

Flying Star 1 aka White Victory Star flies to the SOUTH

Effects: This star or chi or energy brings luck to all your endeavors.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Victory Banner / Horse.

The Victory Banner is considered as one of the 8 Auspicious Object in Buddhism.

Flying Star 6 aka Heaven’s Blessing or Mentor Luck Star flies to the CENTER

Effects: It sets the ‘tone’ for the year. Meaning, if you continuously to do good the more blessed you’re going to be. This also means even if you’re Animal Zodiac luck is not so good like the Dog, you will continuously have help from Heaven (Buddhas, Deities, Bodhisattva or Saints). This also means that you’ll be lucky enough to have people who will help you to achieve your goal.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Crystal Balls / 6 White Jade tied with a Red String

Flying Star 8 aka Wealth Star flies to the West

Effects: It gives you abundance and ‘bottomless’ pocket. This star is not just about money wealth but this is also about abundance.

Feng Shui Enhancers: Faux Gold Coins or Bars or Ingots, Wealth Deity (Maitreya Buddha or Kuan Kong or Sun Wukong)

Sun Wukong aka Monkey God aka Pilgrim aka ‘Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’ is a very powerful wealth and protector god. He is one of the few deities worshipped both in Taoism (also spelled as Daoism) and Buddhism.

NOTE: To know more about the Monkey God Sun Wukong, read my post about ‘The Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’.

Flying Star 9 aka Future Prosperity or Multiplying Star flies to the NorthEast

Effects: This is neither a good or bad star. It only means that whatever you ‘sow’ so shall you ‘reap’. This basically multiplies whatever karma you accumulate. If you do more good things you’ll have more good luck in the future, but if you continue to do a lot of bad things, you multiply your negative karma as well.

Using the Feng Shui tools mentioned above you can enhance the auspicious stars but all Feng Shui consultants/experts will stress that it’s more important to subdue the negative stars/chi/energy of the Flying Stars. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to subdue the negative stars first before you enhanced the auspicious ones.


Flying Star 7 aka Violent Star flies to the NorthWest

Effects: This star brings hostility and loss through robbery, theft, or even manipulation. This star also directly affects the Patriarchs which means it affects the leaders as well. This means they may face danger with metal arms or face violent death.

Feng Shui Protector: (Only one of the following items will do.) Image of Sun Wukong [Monkey God], Image of Kuan Kong [also spelled as Guan Gong], Mantra Plaque, Elephant with Rhinoceros Image. For people whose room is in the NorthWest and for Patriarchs (which includes leaders, head of the family, entrepreneurs, businessman, CEO) it is advisable to wear an image of Sun Wukong, Kuan Kong or a Mantra Pendant. The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is also advisable.

Kuan Kong / Guan Gong / Guan Ti / Guan Yu / Guan Sheng Ti Jun

Front side of WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. This is an image of Sun Wukong.

The other side of the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION has the words ‘Great Sage, Equal to Heaven’ in Chinese characters at the top, followed by the 3 Celestial Guardians (Pi Yao – good for Tai Sui, Chilin, Fu Dog), then at the bottom are the image of the Ksitigarbha Fireball and the 5-Element Pagoda. Currently, I’m also looking into making a JADE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT, that is because Chinese loves jade.

Flying Star 3 aka Argumentative Star flies to the SouthWest

Effects: May cause relationship problems, numerous bickering, litigation, quarrels and problems/conflicts with authority. Matriarchs are also affected by this star regardless of whether they stay in the SouthWest or not.

Feng Shui Protector: Ksitigarbha Fireball (place this is the SouthWest section of the house or room). For Matriarchs and/or if yur room is in this section of the house you can wear or carry the Ksitigarbha Fireball pendant/key chain. It will also be nice if you can wear a Maitreya (Happy Fat) Buddha pendant.

Ksitigarbha Fireball is a good Feng Shui tool to counter the effects of the Argumentative Star.

Flying Star 2 aka Illness Star flies to the North

Effects: As the name implies, this star causes illness and to some extent it can be fatal or terminal. Also affected by the star regardless of whether they stay in the North section of the house are the middle son and people under the year of the Rat.

Feng Shui Protector: Wulou or Holy Gourd or Image of the Medicine Buddha. For people who stays in this section of the house or office, and for the middles sons and people born under the sign of the Rat it is advisable for them to wear a Jade Wu Lou pendant and/or a Medicine Buddha pendant [preferably with Mantra].

The Wu Lou or Holy Gourd is one of the best tool to fight the effects of the Illness Star. As much as possible try to get something that can be opened and hollow inside. You can then place the following items inside-3 tablespoon of Rock/Sea Salt, 1 tablespoon of incense ash from a Taoist or Buddhist temple, small unburned incense, Medicine Buddha mantra, and an paper amulet from a Sun Wukong or Kuan Yin or Kuan Kong temple. After putting everything inside seal it and tie a red ribbon around the Wulou. If this is not possible an ordinary Wu Lou works as well, the addtional ‘ingredients’ is just to make it more potent.

Flying Star 5 aka Five Yellow Star flies to the SouthEast (Furthermore, the Tai Sui God is also in the SouthEast corner.)

Effects: The 5-Yellow Star is the worst of all the negative stars. It brings 5 different kinds of misfortunes and to make things worst, the Tai Suey is also in the SouthEast section.

Feng Shui Protector: AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE MOVE OUT FROM THIS SECTION. Five Yellow Pagoda, Image of the Goddess of the North Star [Dou Mu Yuan Jun] which has been blessed in a Taoist Temple [available by request], Image of Piyao. For people who stays in this section of the house or building, as mentioned, please move out. You also need the following Feng Shui tools-FIVE ELEMENT PAGODA PENDANT, PIYAO PENDANT or DOU MU YUAN JUN [GODDESS OF THE NORTH STAR] PENDANT. The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is also a good Feng Shui tool.

Five Element Pagoda

Dou Mu Yuan Jun (Goddess of the North Star)

Feng Shui Tip: Keep the SouthEast as quiet as possible – no watching of TV, no renovations, keep the lights to a minimum, no playing in this section, no crystals, no digging, no burning of anything, no cutting. If your main door is in the SouthEast, try to use another door, if this is not possible please make sure you put plants flanking your main door and hang a 5-Element Pagoda on your door. Also put an image of a Piyao or Dou Mu Yuan Jun on top of the door.

The 3 Killings flies to the South.

Effects: If you notice the Flying Star 1 or White Victory Star is also in the South. This only means that whatever success the White Victory Star brings ‘may be’ negated by the 3 Killings. However, despite of the name, it is quite easy to deal with the Three Killings and as long as you put the Feng Shui tool to protect you from the 3 Killings you’ll be safe from this energy. .

Feng Shui Protector: Three Celestial Guardians (Place in the South section of the house, room or office). For people who stays in the South section you can also wear the image of the 3-Celestial Guardians or carry their image as a key chain.

The Three Celestial Guardians are mystical celestial beings.

Please note that the official date of the Year of the Water Dragon is on Jan. 23, 2012, thus this will take effect on that day. There is another school of thought that regardless of the date of the Chinese New Year the Flying Stars moves to their new section on Feb. 4 every year of the Western calendar. I personally don’t believe this. I think this is just a tool for Feng Shui experts to make everything easier. It doesn’t make sense that everything else in base on the Lunar Calendar except the movement of the stars.

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