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Overpowering Yang Energy Caused by a Bridge

Published Marso 23, 2012 by jptan2012

A friend is scouting for new home and he requested to me check out a place that he’s thinking of buying. He said the price is quite good and he has checked it out and like the place.

So yesterday we went to check the place out. The house was beautiful and for a big house, the selling price that the owners were asking for it is quite a bargain. There is only one problem; it is situated at the end of a bridge.

Readers of this blog knows that I always say that living space should have a balance of energy. However, balance here means that since it’s a house for the living there should be more Yang than Yin. Balance here means Yin should not be absent, but Yang should dominate the house and even the surrounding of the house.

A bridge creates a lot of energy, especially if traffic is quite heavy. Meaning a bridge, because it’s ‘moving’ creates a lot of Yang energy. You would think since its important for a living space to have more Yang this is going to be good. However, the operative word here is ‘balance’ it cannot have too much Yang that Yin is completely overpowered.

The particular bridge here is a high traffic bridge and while it continues to a road, the house that my friend wants to buy is right at the end of the bridge.

What will happen? This may cause one or all of the following things, the family who lives in the area will become greedy with money, they may also suffer from conflict amongst themselves, and/or they may be besiege with health problems

The Feng Shui of the house is actually okay. It has to undergo some Feng Shui renovations but it is not really bad. I explained to my friend, in front of the agent who happens to be a cousin of the previous family who owns the house, that the previous owner of the house may have been wealthy but they could have suffered from any of the three things I mentioned above.

The agent was quite surprised with what I said and admitted that her cousins family is quite well off but the patriarch recently got really sick and her cousins has been fighting about the properties even before their parents passed away. The mother, the agent’s aunt, decided to sell off the house to avoid further fighting and decided that she’ll try to spend their money for the hospital bills and enjoy some of it to teach their children a lesson. The patriarch and matriarch have both since moved to a condominium.

My friend decided not to buy the property.

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