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Myth Buster 29: Hitting A Person With A Broom Will Bring Bad Luck to the Hitter!

Published Hulyo 24, 2015 by jptan2012

broomThere is a popular Chinese belief that hitting a person with a broom will bring bad luck to the hitter. Is there truth to this?

Well, you see it all started when Chinese parents, especially fathers believes that hitting a child, or spanking a child, is a good way of instilling discipline on them. Since leather belts are not used in the olden times, they would normally use stick or brooms.

Grandparents, especially, grandmothers and mothers will normally stop their husband from hitting their children because they know being hit with a broom is really painful. But since they cannot openly contradict the patriarch of the family, they would have to think of creative ways of stopping their husbands from using the broom. So they have to be creative in trying to stop their husband from using the broom, and since most Chinese believes in Feng Shui, they would often say that hitting somebody with a broom would bring bad luck to the hitter. This little white lie will often save their children from being hit by the broom.

As most often, these things get accepted as fact and becomes a regular belief. But there it goes, another myth busted!

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Myth Buster 22: Cutting Your Finger Nails At Night Causes You to Meet Some Accident

Published Hunyo 6, 2015 by jptan2012

trimming-nailsThere’s a Filipino superstitious belief that cutting nails in the evening is bad luck and might cause you to meet some accidents. Is there truth to this?

Feng Shui wise, there’s no truth to this but why is this belief so prevalent to a lot of Filipinos?

The truth is very simple, during the olden times when there was still no electricity and cutting nails is still quite primitive for some provinces here in the Philippines because they don’t use nail cutters, and they will have to cut nails under a lamp or candle, it can be quite hard, and the person doing this usually hurts himself. Parents would then warn their kids not to cut their nails in the evening because it will hurt them. How did hurt become accident? Well, for the simple reason that a lot of us has the propensity to exaggerate.

Some parents would warn children without giving a valid reason, and soon fact because of the condition then became a superstitious belief. So go ahead cut your nails in the evening, I can assure you won’t meet any accident, just don’t do it in the dark so you don’t hurt yourself.

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Myth Buster 11: Pregnant Women Brings Luck to the House

Published Mayo 30, 2012 by jptan2012

There’s a belief that pregnant women naturally brings luck to the house and drives away negative energies. Well, generally speaking this is a myth.

Generally speaking, the belief that a pregnant woman brings good luck and drives away negative energies and/or evil spirits is a myth.

Pregnant women doesn’t bring luck per se but it’s more of an indication or omen that good luck is about to come your way, and this is true only if you bump into a pregnant women who doesn’t live with you. If you have a problem and while thinking about it you bumped into a pregnant woman, or open the TV and saw a pregnant woman then it’s a very good sign that whatever problem you’re going through is going to turn out fine.

Second, having pregnant woman in the house will bring good luck and drive away negative energies is very much true in the olden times, but, I’m afraid that while it may still have some truth to it, it is not because of the pregnant woman itself but more of the process of giving birth.

What brings luck is the yang energy brought about by the process of giving birth , which in the olden times usually happens at home. It’s the blood spilled in the process of birth that cleanses the house of the woman from negative energies and/or evil spirits thus cleansing the house. One other thing that brings luck to the house is the fresh and pure yang energy of a healthy baby.

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