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Singing A Happy Song is a Natural Feng Shui Enhancer

Published Oktubre 3, 2013 by jptan2012

happy songA friend called me the other day asking for help! She said that her day has started really bad and that half way thru the day it’s proving to be really bad. There has been a series of minor problems which taken as a whole is stressing her out. She’s asking as to what she can do.

Told her to get a rock salt and simply put it in her wallet or pocket. Apparently, she’s on the road and getting a rock salt will delay her to her next meeting and will only add to her stress, not to mention Metro Manila traffic is really bad and is stressing her.

Well, I told her to sing a happy song. Feel it and sing it!

Guess what, she called me again at the end of the day and told me that it worked. While she was tired the rest of the day has proven to be a good one. Some may say its coincidence? Maybe, but it wouldn’t hurt to do just that. At the very least, singing a happy song may make you feel better!!!


Fruits: The Natural Way of Enhancing Good Feng Shui

Published Setyembre 7, 2013 by jptan2012

fruitsThe past few days I have been posting about the wonderful personal testimonies of my readers about the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. However, as I’ve always mentioned, my greatest frustration is trying to get the price of the pendant lower because it is quite pricey. Its price is the greatest hindrance for more people to get and receive wonderful blessing thru the aide of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT.

So today, like yesterday when I talked about the energized water I called ‘Temple Water’, I’m sharing one of the easiest, very affordable, and perhaps healthy way of enhancing one’s good Feng Shui, and that is thru the use of fruits.

Fruits are a natural way of enhancing Feng Shui. Putting different kind of fruits, preferably you have about three different kinds of fruits on your dining table or altar as an offering will help enhance good Feng Shui by attracting positive chi. The best way of doing it is getting unripe fruits and leave them to ripen on your altar or dining table.

However, you have to ensure that you don’t leave to rot. You must eat them or at the very least give them away. The only downside in doing this is that you will have to replace it every few days. Remember, faux fruits made of plastics won’t do.

So go out and buy fruits. Try to get different colors of fruits!

Experiencing A Series of Bad Luck? Try These Natural Feng Shui Cures…

Published Enero 8, 2013 by jptan2012

One of the things that people frequently ask me is whether Feng Shui is all about wearing amulets, charms, and talismans. The clear answer to that is a big NO! In fact, before Feng Shui experts discovered the importance and the power of symbols and images in curing a bad Feng Shui, Feng Shui used to be all about naturally attracting Yang energy. It is not clear, when did Feng Shui experts realized the power of using symbol, however, one thing is clear, as we progressed and people become more urbanized and we veer away from the natural condition of our planet, it has become harder to use natural Feng Shui thus people discovered the power of symbols, amulets, talismans, and charms.

However, there are still different natural ways of doing Feng Shui. I’ve shared some of the natural ways of curing a series of bad luck. Today, allow me to share with you a few more natural way of curing bad luck.

If you are experiencing some bad luck, you can simply do one or all of the following to help cure and stop your bad luck.

201212061354798081285498157GO OUT AND HAVE FUN! I mentioned before that Feng Shui gives you an excuse to party. However, other sort of fun also helps in negating your bad luck. Simply have fun. You can do this by going out and having a clean fun with your friends. Go watch a feel good movie, if it’s a comedy then better. You can also just go to the amusement park and spend some time having fun there.

mg_4579WATCH THE SUN RISE! Sunrise is associated with new beginnings and it carries with it a lot of positive energy. If you need some fresh breath of positive energy, go and watch the sun rise.

TempleGO TO A TEMPLE OR A CHURCH. Going to a temple or a church is one of the simplest ways of clearing away bad luck. Get yourself blessed by the different Deities, Buddhas, or Bodhisattvas, or Saints.


Children are Natural Chi ‘Sensors’!

Published Abril 20, 2012 by jptan2012

I received an email from a guy in Davao City who is asking me whether I can go to Davao to check out the new home that he intends to buy for his family. He said he knows basic Feng Shui dos and don’ts but he wants to be able to fully check the natural chi or energy of the place.

I have to turn down the invitation because my schedule simply won’t permit me to take that trip. He then asks whether there are other ways of checking the chi of a place even if you’re not sensitive to these kinds of energy.

First, sensitivity to natural chi is something that you can enhance. It is something that you should continuously do until you are more attuned to the natural chi of your surroundings. Doing it regularly will just make you a natural chi sensor. But even if you’re not ‘sensitive’ to it yet, there are other ways of checking the natural chi of a place. I’ll write about them in my later posts, but what I want to share with you right now is that children, especially those age 7 and below are naturally sensitive to chi. Some Taoist priest and Feng Shui experts would say that boys are more sensitive than girls. But I’m really not sure whether it’s true that boys are more sensitive than girls, personally, I think it is simply a case of the nature of boys – they are more active and girls even with good chi will tend to be more reserved.

Kids, 7 years and below are naturally sensitive to chi because they are not yet easily influenced by what they see. Unlike us adults, we tend to judge a place by how they look, but children usually tend to react to something base on how they ‘feel’. They’re not really aware of this but it’s really more of the fact that they really haven’t shut themselves to their surroundings by information load and judgment.

One easy way to check whether a house or any place has good chi is to bring children to that place. Observe the kids whether they are relaxed, happy and comfortable in that place. If this is so, it usually indicates that the place has good chi. If they’re uncomfortable, irritable, and specially if they’re unable to pinpoint the cause but are uneasy it usually indicates that the place has bad or negative chi.

In doing this, it’s important that you know the child really well because you’ll have to do the interpretation of his reaction to the place. Sometimes the slight misinterpretation makes a lot of difference. There are times that you’ll have to clearly define whether the child is quiet because he is uncomfortable or he is simply unconsciously reacting to a total calm atmosphere.

Natural Wealth and Harmony Feng Shui Enhancer

Published Marso 24, 2012 by jptan2012

One of the most common question people ask is whether there are no natural Feng Shui cures or enhancers.

The question is there are a lot of natural Feng Shui cures and/or enhancers, it’s just that sometimes it’s not practical to use them because you have to replace them often, specially if it’s a Feng Shui cure or enhancer that may rot, wilt, or dry. A wilted, rotten, or dried, Feng Shui cure or enhancer will create more negative than positive chi.

But I do understand that sometimes why you need to source out your more permanent Feng Shui cure or enhancer, or while you’re saving up for it, you can use some natural Feng Shui cure or enhancer.

Before we move forward, natural here refers to Feng Shui cure or enhancers that are given to us by nature. I’ve written about such a Feng Shui enhancer before – Ammonite. An ammonite is unique though in the sense that you really don’t have to replace it because it’s a fossilized creature but it still does cost a lot, natural quartz, gemstones, gold are also some example of the natural Feng Shui cures or enhancers.

Today, allow me to share two very simple natural Feng Shui wealth and harmony enhancer.

The first one is Sugar. We all know that sugar is bad for the body, it’s bad for the health, but sugar is a good natural wealth and harmony enhancer. Your house should never run out of sugar because no matter how small it affects your wealth luck and harmony luck at home.

Brown sugar is better than white sugar, and it has to be real sugar made from sugar cane and not Muscovado or Agave sweetener. Also, using raw sugar cane also works well; in fact, it works better than refined sugar.

The problem with using sugar is that for it to be really effective it has to be place in a white or red bowl on your dining table and/or coffee table in your living room.

Another natural wealth and harmony enhancer that can be easily bought in a grocery or the market is an apple. For this you need, at least 5 or more red apples on your dining table and/or coffee table in your living room. It has to be 5 or more and not less than 5 for it to work. I really don’t know the explanation regarding the number but Feng Shui experts’ just notice that it works well if it’s more than 5.

The problem with sugar and apples as a Feng Shui cure or enhancer is that both are affected by weather/climate and time. Humidity may make the sugar into big lump of crystals or it may cause it to have some moist. If either of the two things happens, the good Feng Shui will also stop working. In the case of an apple, it will rot. A rotten apple will also cause bad Feng Shui. Nevertheless, you can always replace them with fresh sugar or apple.

Trying to Understand Food Labels.

Published Enero 2, 2012 by jptan2012

A little more than a year ago I was around 240lbs. Yun ay bago kong tinangkang magpapayat. I’m now around 210lbs and I still need to lose about 50lbs for me to achieve my ideal weight.

I have been overweight my whole life. Madaming factor ito…kawalan ng disiplina sa pagkain, hindi pagkakaintindi kung ano ang tamang pagkain na kainin-nalaman kong malaking factor sa pagtaba ay ang carbohydrates eh ang hilig ko man din sa spaghetti, mami, kanin kahit pa sinigang, suka’t bagoong, sabaw lang ng paksiw ang ulam, talbos o kamatis na may bagoong lang ang ulam.

Yun sinubukan ko nang magpapayat, medyo naging mas conscious ako sa mga kinakain ko. Doon na rin ako nagsimula maging conscious sa pagbabasa ng mga food labels.

Pero ganunpaman, minsan, medyo deceiving ang food label. Akala mo ‘healthier choice’ yun nakuha mong food pero hindi pala.

Ang ilan sa mga bagay na natutunan ko base sa pagtatanong at pag research sa internet ay…


Ang rule pala kasi para dito ay hindi kailangan ilagay sa label kung hindi indi umabot sa 1g ang trans fat. They’re not even required to round it off. Meaning, if the food that you’re buying has .98g trans fat, they’re not required to round it off and write it. Kaya kung mahilig ka sa junk food na kagaya ng chips, at bawat isang balot ay may 10 servings, at nabubos mo yun, meaning you have already eaten 9.8g of trans fat!

So how do we know kung may trans fat? Unfortunately, wala pa akong malinaw at tuwiran sagot about that. Pero ang general rule is inaaalam ko kung worth it ba kainin yun food at yun added calories from that food. Tsaka, I normally veer away from oily foods. Sabi rin nung iba pag daw ang label ay may – ‘PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OIL’, ‘HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL’, ‘SHORTENING’ eh malaki ang possibility na may trans fat yun.



Walang malinaw na batayan kung ano ang ‘ALL NATURAL’, ‘NATURAL’, at ‘ORGANIC’ ay totoo, kasi the manufacturers can just put the the word kahit pa isa o dalawang bagay lang ‘NATURAL’ O ‘ORGANIC’ doon. Walang malinaw na batas sa kahit saan man bahagi ng mundo. Pero, pag may label ito na USDA-CERTIFIED ORGANIC ito ang medyo reliable. Hindi ko sure kung may local counterpart ito dito sa Philippines, pero sa ngayon mas reliable lang ang ‘USDA-CERTIFIED ORGANIC’.



‘MADE WITH REAL FRUIT’ only means that it might have one or two pathetic small pieces of preserved real fruit. Pwede rin naman may maliit na real fruit juice sa ingredients, at yun lang yun. Ang classic na example dito para sa mga dieters at ang yoghurt. Madaming yoghurt brand na may nakalagay na ‘MADE WITH REAL FRUIT’, pero ang katotohanan baka nilagyan lang ito ng maliit na piraso ng preserved fruit. Mas maganda pa kung bumili ka nalang ng plain yoghurt at lagyan ito ng real fruit. Besides its always better to eat fresh fruits.



Isa sa pinaka una kong inalis ko yun nag diet ako eh yun white rice at lahat ng klase ng refined grains. Meaning, kasama dito ang white bread, etc.

Pareho lang ang carbohydrate content ng white bread sa whole wheat bread, ng ordinary cereals sa whole grain cereals, pero iba ang effect nito. Mas matagal mawala ang pagkabusog sa whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals as compared to white bread, o ordinary cereals. Mas hindi rin mag spike o tataas ang blood sugar na dulot ng carbohydrates kapag whole grain o whole wheat ang kinain. Pero hindi lahat ng whole grain o whole wheat ay totoong whole grain o whole wheat. Minsan nilalagyan lang nila ito ng maliit na bahagi na whole grain o whole wheat, kasi nga mas mahal ang whole grain o whole wheat, pero at the same time this makes the bread or cereals coarser and mas matigas.

So paano mo malalaman kung totoong whole grain o whole wheat ang isang pagkain? There is a rule na kung ano ang pinakamaraming ingredient sa isang product, yun dapat ang kauna-unahang item sa food label. Kaya tingan mo sa ingredients kung ano ang unang nakalagay. The first item should always be Whole Grain o Whole Wheat. Kung ang unang item at ‘Enriched Flour’, it means hindi na siya ‘Whole Grain o Whole Wheat’. At huwag magpapaloko sa term na ‘enriched’ ang isang ibig sabihin nito eh mas nakakataba ito.



Masama ang sugar pero hindi ibig sabihin kapag ‘sugar free’ ang isang product eh ok na ito. Minsan, pinapalitan lang nila ito ng mga ibang bagay na at the end of the day, at kapag na process ngkatawan natin eh sugar na rin. So pag ingatan ang mga – BROWN RICE SYRUP, BARLEY MALT, CARAMEL FRUCTOSE, FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATE, CORN SYRUP, dahil ang mga ito at the end of the day ay sugar din. To be completely honest, I was told that there are about 60 different kinds of sugar that is not required to be put as sugar, pero gaya nga ng sabi ko sugar pa rin ito at the end of the day. Ang isa nalang sa naging basehan ko eh ang calorie count.

Ganunpaman, hindi rin ito masyado accurate kasi ang mga artificial sweeteners ay calorie free pero this may cause stomach bloating and upset stomach. Some studies also indicates that this may also cause us to eat more kasi it messes our taste buds.

Ang standard ko, its better to avoid anything that’s sweet.



Ang katotohanan, fat is not as bad as they’re painted to be in the past. Pero huwag lang nga in excess. Ang mga ‘fat-free’ o ‘reduced-fat’ products means tinanggalan o binawasan na ito ng fat, which also means, tinanggalan na rin ito ng flavor. If they remove the flavor they’ll have to replace it with something else, and most likely, they’ll replace it with sugar.

Unang sinabi sa aking ng personal trainer ko is that I should not be afraid to eat healthy fats (fats found in egg whites, yoghurt, and lean meat), basta in moderation and also at the end of the day, fats are satiating, which means it has the potential to curb our cravings.



Yun nag uumpisa pa lang akong mag diet, naging conscious ako sa calorie count. Siyempre pag mababa ang calorie count binibili ko ito agad. Pero ang hindi ko napag ingatan ay ang serving size. Madalas kasi nakalagay ’50 calories’ pero ang hindi natin napapansin eh yun isang pack o container ay mayroon palang 4 servings. Meaning pag naubos mo buo eh naka 200 calories ka na. So it is always advisable to check the serving size.


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