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The Feng Shui of Food: Incorporate More Color on Your Diet!

Published Mayo 7, 2018 by jptan2012

One of the less talk about Feng Shui is Feng Shui of eating. It is actually one of the simplest way to enhanced your Feng Shui, albeit the effect doesn’t last really long, but doing it regularly should have at least about 5% to 10% increase in your good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui eating is simple, incorporate a lot of yang energy by putting in more color to your food. You do this by eating less meat and eating more vegetables and fruits. The key is to incorporate various yang colors. So, you don’t just eat green vegetables, but incorporate other colorful vegetables like red beans or red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, carrots, purple lettuce or purple cabbage etc. The same goes with fruits, make it a “happy meal” of colors. And you know what, in the Feng Shui of food, it’s the sour fruit that brings in more chi. These are kiwis, lemon, or other citrus fruits.fruits and beggies

Please note that Buddhists believe that eating meat and any other sentient being like oysters, fish, shrimps, etc., is actually a mortal sin. But in Feng Shui, meat and these meats from sentient beings are considered as Yin food or food with negative energies.

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Preventing Other People From Having An Amulet Brings Bad Luck!

Published Pebrero 17, 2016 by jptan2012

I believe I have written about this topic before but it is worth repeating again. Sometimes because of our selfish and self – centered attitude we prevent people from having their amulets. This in Buddhism is considered a mortal sin because in a way you prevented a person from having their luck. This is wrong whether one believed in the power of amulets or not. Whether the act is intentional or not it carries a corresponding negative effect to the person who did this.

The most common reasons this happens is when a person acquires an amulet just because he or she thinks he needs it. Thus preventing other people who really need it from acquiring it.

Other reasons are when you wanted to reserve an amulet even if you’re not sure to get it. Or when you got an amulet thinking that you can simply return it when you realize you don’t want it. All these things will create so much bad luck to a person. Thus it is very important that you think twice or thrice before getting an amulet because you’re initial selfishness whether intentional or not might bring more bad luck.

Similarly when a person bad mouths an amulet this also creates bad luck.

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