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Mistakes and Detractors Are Essential to Give Us A Lesson and Make Us Better! Plus An Announcement!

Published Oktubre 4, 2015 by jptan2012

This blog was started on the last month of 2011 and boy it has been a journey. I never thought that this blog would reach the scale of readership it has reached. And while I’m happy, I’m sad to say that in the process I did made some mistakes. A lot of mistakes!

I’m slowly but surely trying to correct all those mistakes, but the sad thing is sometimes people jump on the bandwagon of negativity. There are people who seriously have some reason to be hurt with some of the things that I have written or unintentionally did to them, but there are also those who wanted to jump on the negativity for no other reason than that they’re just happy to ride the boat so to speak. Still there are a few who refuse to see the truth because it is so much easier to see the negative.

But these things when it happens to us should serve as a lesson and make us do better.

I continue to commit to sincerely write about the things I believe in. Right the wrong that I may have done and continue to learn from my mistakes and from my detractors.

However, it is so heartwarming to continue to receive the support of those I have encountered in the course of running this blog and also those who continue to believe in seeing the positive. I treasure your trust, as much as I also treasure the lessons I learned from those who may have stop believing because of my unintentional mistakes.

So it is that I announce now that there is going to be some changes on this blog that is set to happen in the next month or two. This is in line with my quest to be more transparent and to be more positive and correct my mistakes. Second, my client (for my business who knows that I blog and do Feng Shui) in Malaysia has committed to publish a book, which is a collection of my articles here with some additional articles and will include a section on the Vajrapani Ruel stories. This client although he haven’t experienced any astounding miracle from the Vajrapani Ruel, believes that the Vajrapani Ruel has made his life so much easier. This happened gradually. And so he wanted to publish a book that is a collection of my articles and he specifically wants a section on the Vajrapani Ruel stories. The difference is we would be requesting some of the readers who experienced these miracles to come out and be identified in the book. So far 6 of them has agreed. We hope to release the said book by Chinese New Year next year.

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