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Special Energizing Buddhist, Taoist, and Feng Shui Rituals to Bring Wealth, Career, and Personal Success (4): Wear Some Mantra or Seed Syllable as Jewelry

Published Disyembre 7, 2012 by jptan2012

The very simple act of wearing mantras and/or seed syllable as jewelry can spell a lot of difference. Remember in one of my previous post where I talked about Mantras, it is not necessary for you to understand the mantra, the simple act of seeing one, whether you know or understand what it means will spell a lot of difference, and it will bestow upon you the blessings of the Buddhas or the Bodhisattvas.wish-fulfilling-mantra-om-padmo-ushnisha-vimale-hum-phat-mantra

Why wear it as jewelry? The Chinese believes that precious gems or precious metals like gold on its own carries with them yang energy and some blessings. Wearing a mantra or seed syllable made in gold will double the energy of the mantra or seed syllable.

In fact, the special pendant that I designed for myself and friends, which has also been made available to some readers carries several special mantra. I’m talking about WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. In fact, several of my readers has emailed or called, for those I know personally, to share with me their ‘success’ stories about the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. I even shared one of the stories here in this blog. If you’re interested to know more about it do click here.

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