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Protecting the “Healer”!

Published Abril 7, 2014 by jptan2012

I just got an email from a reader who tried using the power of the Medicine Buddha to heal a love one. However, whenever she would heal her family, she will eventually get the illness herself, albeit only for a few days but it will still be uncomfortable for her. Allow me to share her email with you:

Sir Jp gud am! Share ko lng po experience ko sa pag recite ko ng mantra of Medicine Buddha. Cguro po mga one week na akong nagrecite then lagi ko rin napapansin ang throat cough ng husband ko due to allergy. Then one night after reciting the mantra i blow my hands and put it on my husbands throat did it 3X. The next day i noticed he did not cough anymore so biniro ko cia di ba I healed him. He just ignore me then upon having a conversation with family and relatives he shared how i healed him so the mantra of Medicine Buddha really healed him. Thank you! But one thing i noticed the cough was transferred to me but it only last 2 days upon my continous recitation of the mantra. Is this possible how can i prevent it from transferring from me? Another one is my nephew’s back pains again it healed but I gained the pain at my back. So please Sir give me suggestions.Medicine Buddha

I was not surprised that the ‘illness’ was not transferred to her because it is not uncommon. Her only mistake is that she blew on her hands and used her hands to heal her love ones. What she could have done instead is to blew directly on the husbands throat or the nephews back without directly creating an opening on her aura. By blowing on her hands after saying the mantra she also opened her aura, and when by placing her hands on the throat of those who are sick, she consciously transferred the healing energies to them thereby leaving an opening on her aura for the negative chi of the illness to enter.

What I would suggest that she do is to directly blow on the sick part of the love one, or blow on bottle of water to be drank by the sick person. She can also blow on a bottle of oil like menthol oil and use that as healing rub. Admittedly, this might take longer, however, this will also protect her from the absorbing the negative chi of the illness.

She can also do a ‘temple’ water treatment. You can know more about this by reading the article called DRINKING THE HEALING POWER OF MEDICINE BUDDHA, AVALOKITESVARA, AND OTHER MANTRAS: A DESPERATE RECOMMENDATION FOR A DESPERATE READER.

The next question is whether this is the only way to do it. Can she never do the direct laying of hands healing process? She can, but she can protect herself by wearing an image of the Medicine Buddha or by wearing protective amulets.


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