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A Simple Way to Extend One’s Good Luck!

Published Abril 21, 2016 by jptan2012

I’m really happy that birds have been visiting me lately. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’d know that if one is visited by a bird or flocks of birds, it’s a sure sign that some good luck will be coming your way. This is not a theory because I have personally experience this several times.Bird window

The question is since some places has a lot of birds, like in the Philippines, we have Maya Birds, how then can we know if it’s a message. I don’t know the answer to this but all I can say is trust me you’ll know if the presence of the bird is a celestial message of good luck.

In fact, when the Vajrapani Ruel was first released, I was not allowed to have one. However, after some time my Guru Lama agreed that I invite one for myself. The very day I made the donation to invite the Vajrapani Ruel, I knew it is going to work for me as well because I saw 5 or 6 birds outside my window. Guess what? Two of them are not Maya Birds. I don’t know what it is but is slightly larger than the ubiquitous Maya Bird in Manila. I took it as a sign that the Vajrapani Ruel is indeed the world’s most powerful amulet.

As I mentioned birds have been visiting me lately. They would be outside my window tweeting even in the afternoon. The funny thing is I would notice them even when I’m in a meeting elsewhere. I knew then that they’re sending me signs that I’m in for some good luck.

But I want to ‘artificially’ extend this good luck. So right outside of my window I put some bird feeds and water for them. And I know they will stay longer and the effect will so extend my good luck. This would have been better if I was not thinking about the luck they bring, but this is the ‘I’m only human part’ that kick in.

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I’m Not Psychic But I Knew That This Was Going to be A Good Day!

Published Hunyo 23, 2014 by jptan2012
Photo Uploaded from Google Images

Photo Uploaded from Google Images

Just a few days ago I was lamenting to my good friend DU how it’s been awhile since I last saw a bird outside of my room. Regular readers of this blog will know that I love being ‘visited’ by birds because birds are great omens that something good is about to happen. They deliver good news that a good luck is about to happen. In fact, I have previously written about them in a post called – BE RECEPTIVE TO CELESTIAL MESSAGES: OMENS OF GOOD LUCK!
However, when I wake up this morning, when I opened my window there was a large grayish bird outside my window. Mind you its not a Maya bird (the most common bird in the Philippines, and maybe the only bird that thrive in the city), it is double the size of the Maya bird but they are of the same color. This was not the first time I saw this particular bird and whenever I see it outside my window and hear it chirp, I know that something really good is about to happen. So, as soon as I saw this bird I knew already that there’s going to be good news soon.

When I step out of the house, I was surprised that a flock of Maya birds, approximately 15 of them descended on our front porch, stayed there for a few seconds before flying off again. Hmmm….the good news must be really big. Then when I was about to get on my car, again there was a flock of bird that flew over me! That’s when I knew that there’s big good news awaiting for me and it is going g to happen today.

Earlier this afternoon, around 3pm I received my first good news, I participated on a pitch to become the consulting company of a medical machine business, I’m the underdog because I was the only single proprietor agency who participated, all the others were international franchise, then I was also the youngest company there. But guess what, I got the news that I got the contract! First good news.

I barely able to fully digest the news when another client called up. He said that my contract with them is about to end, and unlike before they are not going to automatically renew it, because they want a new contract to indicate that they are giving me an increase with my retainer. I didn’t have to ask for it, they thought of it and offered it! Second good news!

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