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A Fruit Can Be A Vehicle of A Curse or An Hex!

Published Marso 6, 2017 by jptan2012

Whenever I see the fairy tale Snow White where in the evil witch put the curse or poison on the apple to make Snow White sleep, I always thought how close it could be to real life.

You see, fruits with seeds, especially if they are black seeds can be a vehicle for sorcery to enter your house. I’m not saying we should not eat fruits, all I’m saying is that we have to be careful from whom do we receive our fruits

I thought of writing this because of several of my readers who experienced receiving some hex through fruits given to them or their staff.

I won’t be able to tell you the exact stories because I was not able to ask permission from them that I would be writing their story down.

But you see, a good sorcerer can put a hex in the seed of a fruit without them breaking the fruit. Remember, the fruit itself is not the vehicle but rather the seed, but to bring the seed in to your house, they will need to give you the whole fruit. It is more likely that when you eat the fruit, the seeds will still stay inside the house for a few more days. This is when the hex is release inside your house, when you finish eating the fruits. papaya

Three of my readers have experienced this; one of them had a fight with her mother’s cousin about a property. After several years of a court battle, they seem to be winning the court case, when the mom’s cousin decided to make peace with her. They were quite surprise with her act because it was out of her character and she was quite clear that she will not settle. Although they were a little surprise, they thought it is better to make amends. And so when she sent them a basket of fruits, they accepted and reciprocated by sending a cake. Although at that time the mom’s cousin said that they should delay a case and come up with a more appropriate resolution for both parties. They agreed.

However, that’s when the horror started, her kids started to get sick, one of them was in and out of the hospital without a clear diagnosis as to what is causing his illness. Her husband seems to have hit a bad luck and lost his job. Soon they were in debt, and the cousin of the mom suggested that they just sell the property to help them in their finances. They felt it was a very sound advice.  But one of her friend suggested that she consult me first, she did. I then in turn consulted my Guru Lama about her case, and it was there that we found out that a hex was put on them.

I wasn’t aware of the fruit given to them, and she didn’t mention it to me, she has almost forgotten about it. But my Guru Lama saw that she was given a fruit and I asked her about it, that’s when she remembered that she was given a basket of fruits (apples, oranges, mangoes and lanzones)!

It is very possible that the hex was put in the seeds!

As a cure, my Guru Lama suggested that she get the Vajrapani Ruel and for all of them to take some salt bath. That was 3 months ago, and she said they didn’t sell the property and they’re back in court with the mom’s cousin. But everything is starting to get better with them again!

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Myth Buster 20: Don’t Offer Sour Green Mangoes to the Buddhas

Published Mayo 17, 2015 by jptan2012

green mangoOne of the most common misconceptions I have ever encountered is that it’s bad to offer to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Deities, and Taoist Gods unripe, sour, green mango. People believe that unripe mango is sour; it is not pleasant to the Buddhas, etc. I really don’t know where this belief came from but as I mentioned this a misconception, and the belief that offering green mangoes to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Taoist Gods, Deities, etc. will create bad luck is but a myth.

The truth is when offering mangoes to the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Deities, Taoist Gods, it is better to offer green mangoes first. However, one should wait for these mangoes to ripened first before taking it off the altar. In doing this, this signifies that you submit the ‘sour’ things in your life, the bad things in your life; your bad karma of your life to them so that they can help you sweetened them and makes your life good. Even if your life is going smoothly, and you feel like there’s no problem, doing this is still better.

One thing that you have to watch out for though is when the mango refuses to ripen, or when it seems to go to rot right away and it seems to skipped the ripen stage, that would mean that you might be having a problem soon. When this happen simply chant mantras to help ensure that the problem doesn’t push through.

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