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Myth Buster 5: Arowana and Fish Horn are Lucky Fishes

Published Marso 5, 2012 by jptan2012

Technically, this not a myth, taking care of Arowana and Fish Horn may bring luck to a person, specially if you got the a very auspicious looking Arowana or Fish Horn. The past decade or two saw the rise in the Arowana and Fish Horn business precisely for the belief and anecdotal testimonies that these fishes has brought so much luck to some people.

These testimonies, I would presume, are mostly true, because Arowana and Fish Horn are considered lucky fishes. In fact, a lot of professional Feng Shui consultants have capitalized on this truth that they started selling Arowana charms or Fish Horn charms.

Although, I’m writing about this belief under my Myth Buster series, this is actually a truth and not a myth, at least, technically, they’re not. There is truth to the belief the Arowana and Fish Horn is lucky fish. However, I don’t have either of the fish mentioned here.

Why? Because taking care of an Arowana and/or a Fish Horn would require me to have an aquarium. A tank of water! That will be detrimental to my Feng Shui because my Basket of Element as indicated by my Bazi shows that I have a very high weighting of the water element! As it is, without the proper Feng Shui cure for this, a high water element is creating some imbalance when it comes to my luck, and therefore I need to remedy it with Feng Shui. So having a tank of water around me such as an aquarium is like a Feng Shui suicide.

The only way of knowing whether you can have an aquarium is to check your Basket of Elements, which in turn can check only if you draw up your Bazi chart. In putting up an aquarium and taking care of fishes like Arowana and Fish Horn at home, it’s best to consult a Feng Shui expert.

Also, if you’re allowed to have an aquarium and take of auspicious fishes like the Arowana, Fish Horn, or Gold Fish, it is definitely inauspicious to feed them with live smaller fishes, worms, or even insects. I know this is what most experts recommend because this enhances the color and the beauty of the fish, however, in Buddhism; feeding them living foods create a lot of negative for the one who feeds them. You will just negate the entire auspicious blessing created by the beauty of the Arowana and Fish Horn.

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