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Published Setyembre 25, 2015 by jptan2012

A lot of people request for the Vajrapani Ruel. But the truth is it is quite pricey and it is not for everybody. Or sometimes they ask for what amulet is suitable for them, and if they can’t get it right away they tend to worry that their problem might worsen. But as I said, in Feng Shui, staying positive is your first line of defense, and you’d be surprised to find out that sometimes it is the only line of defense that you need.

Now allow me to share some ways to help you stay positive:

  1. FIND THE GOOD IN THE BAD. No matter how little there is always going to be something good in a bad situation. This is one of the most important steps in a trying to stay positive. I remember once, while I was talking about this, somebody asks me what is good in the 911 attacks where thousands and thousands of innocent people died! The answer is quite obvious, isn’t the heroism of a lot of people who enough to keep you positive in that dark history not only of New Yorkers or Americans but also of the whole world. There is always a positive in the bad. You are running out of money, what can be positive about it. You can have the chance to train yourself to adjust your lifestyle, and you’ll get the opportunity to see who your real friends are.
  2. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVITY. Veer away from people who are negative. Be careful with what you read, watch or listen to. These things affect us in tremendous way but we don’t even recognize it. I remember once that a friend who loves tragic Broadway musicals started getting negative. He love Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Sunset Blvd., etc. and mind you there is nothing wrong with this, but this particular friend seems to have attached himself to all the tragic songs, so much so that he sings them everyday, he listens to them everyday. Soon he started becoming negative. Told him to stop listening to that music and try to listen to something happier. Guess what? He started being positive.
  3. DON’T EXAGGERATE. Because people are naturally averse to anything negative, we tend to exaggerate all the negative things happening to us. And because we project negative thoughts we naturally attract more negative things, then we project bigger negative thoughts by exaggerating the negative thing that happened. It becomes an endless cycle. Next time something bad happened. Do not exaggerate it. Stick to the facts and go back to the first item mentioned here.
  4. FAKE IT. You can fake being positive just so you try your best to become positive. Your brain won’t be able to tell that you’re faking it, and then it will start showing you all the positive things that you initially faked.
  5. MEDITATE. Meditation calms your mind and helps you get focused and make you see the real picture.
  6. USE LITHIUM QUARTZ. Yes it contains the mineral lithium, which is also use in a lot of anti – depression drugs. But of course here you’re only getting its energy. Wear it as bracelet or as a necklace. Put it in your rooms. It should work it’s magic.

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