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Goodbye, Dolphy. It’s a Sad Day for the Filipinos.

Published Hulyo 10, 2012 by jptan2012

It’s confirmed that the Comedy King who has been ill for quite some time now passed away at 8:34PM tonight. Although, he has been sick for awhile now, the news still came a surprise because we’ve been receiving news that he is getting better and that he even started smiling again or maybe it’s just that we don’t want to entertain the thought that he’s moving on.
I grew up laughing at his jokes. I grew up w/ ‘John and Marsha’ and ‘Kevin Cosme’ of ‘Home Along da Riles’.
Hindi ko alam kung ilan tawa ang tinawa ko dahil kay Dolphy.
I was able to interview him once when I was still working as producer for a broadcast media. I think he was the most special person in the room, but he made all of us who are working on the feature really special.

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