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What To Do When You Always Have Miscommunication Problems With Your Boss?

Published Mayo 12, 2017 by jptan2012

I recently have a reader who emailed requesting for the Vajrapani Ruel(1). According to her she’s having problems with her boss. She clarified that her boss seems to be a nice person but they both always have miscommunication problems. He will interpret what she said in another way and vice versa. This has become such a burden for her that she really wants to leave her job but she the pay is good and her office is of a comfortable distance from her boss.

When I heard about this, I asked her why she thought of the Vajrapani Ruel(2). She said because she believes that the Vajrapani Ruel(3), which is considered as the world’s most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon is the only thing that can save her from having the miscommunications problem.

Indeed the Vajrapani Ruel(4) is one of the most powerful amulets and it sure will help with her miscommunications problem. But miscommunication is not life and death situation and I think in her situation she doesn’t need the Vajrapani Ruel(5) or an amulet, but that a Feng Shui charm or Feng Shui cure will do for her. She just thinks her problem is so big and hopeless because this has been going on for a long time and this has caused her severe amount of stress.

The cure for her problem is quite simple. I told her to wear a Lapis Lazuli beads bracelet with an apple charm. That’s it! And she did.

Six weeks after now she claims that she can feel the significant improvement to their relationship. She said that it worked and the second week was the first time in her career life with her boss as her boss where she didn’t have an argument with him for a week, while usually they’ll have an argument at least three times a week!!!!

This is because Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that helps in communication and the apple charm helps promote harmony.


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The Many Benefits of A Sutra: How A Sutra Is Also Used As An Amulet! (A Special Recite – A – Sutra Article)

Published Oktubre 13, 2016 by jptan2012

In my series, Recite – A – Sutra, I have talked about the different wonderful benefits or blessings one gets when one recites – a – sutra. By reciting these sutras loudly, one invokes the wonderful energies of the many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and because of this one receives a lot of wonderful blessings and good chi.

However, if you have read some of the sutras that I mentioned, especially “THE SUTRA ON THE ORIGINAL VOWS AND MERITS OF THE MEDICINE MASTER LAPIS LAZULI LIGHT TATHAGATHA” (better known as the Medicine Buddha Sutra) or “THE DIAMOND OF PERFECT WISDOM SUTRA”, (also called “The Vajra Cutter Perfection of Wisdom Sutra” or “The Vajra Sutra” or “The Vajra Cutter Sutra” or “The Diamond Sutra“) or “THE SOVEREIGN KING OF SUTRA, THE SUBLIME GOLDEN LIGHT” (also known as “Suvarnaprabhāsa Sutra” or “The King of Glorious Sutra” or “The Sutra of Golden Light” or “The Golden Light Sutra”), you would have known by now that simply having these sutras will shower upon the holder or owner of the copy of the sutra tremendous amounts of blessings and most importantly protection. In that sense, a sutra is already an amulet, however, to some extent it is much more than simply being an amulet.

It is in the same principle that I’m a big advocate of wearing Kuan Yin with The Heart Sutra Pendant.


This is a small Medicine Buddha Sutra Amulet and a Medicine Buddha Lamp Amulet. I shall be writing about the Medicine Buddha Lamp Amulet soon.

Now each Sutra are the same that they offer protection and some blessings, but each sutra might also differ from the other. For example, THE SUTRA ON THE ORIGINAL VOWS AND MERITS OF THE MEDICINE MASTER LAPIS LAZULI LIGHT TATHAGATHA brings with it a blessing of protection, healing, good health, and wealth. So simply having a copy of the said sutra will give you all the wonderful blessings that I just mentioned.

THE DIAMOND OF PERFECT WISDOM SUTRA brings protection and different kind of auspiciousness and wealth luck. In fact, it is considered as one of the most powerful sutra to have with you.

THE GOLDEN LIGHT SUTRA is also very powerful protective sutra amulet, especially if you are in a managerial or leadership situation.

Again, all sutras have a protective blessing but each one differs in the other aspects of the blessings that they bestow to a person or owner. But everyone agrees that having a copy of the said sutra especially if it is printed a ‘traditional’ sutra manner carries with it some powerful energies, that is why a lot of Buddhist carries small sutra amulets and if they can get hold of it, they put traditional sutra amulets at home.


This is a copy of the big and small THE DIAMOND OF PERFECT WISDOM SUTRA (traditional sutra amulet and sutra amulet) that my Guru Lama sent me. They are quite limited. I only have 10 of the big ones, and 7 of the small ones.

Allow me to share with you the story of Chuan Biao, a Filipino – Chinese who was born in China and who migrated here to the Philippines. At a very young age, just when the communist are about to take over China, Chuan Biao’s father had the foresight to leave and escape China and come to the Philippines. Chuan Biao was only about a year old then so he doesn’t have much memory of what happened. His father soon became a businessman here, and he was often told by his father that Feng Shui plays a big role in the success of his business.

Chuan Biao didn’t finish school, he didn’t even took up even just a year of college, but being the eldest son, he was trained by his father really well to handle their business, and soon Chuan Biao was handling their business and when his father passed away when Chuan Biao was only 30 years of age, he was prepared enough to handle and take over their business. Chuan Biao was also married by then, and aside from his own family; he took care of his mother, two sisters and younger brother.

After a while, his siblings also got married also, business was doing well, and he has expanded to other business. However, like many families, they started having problems because of their family business. When his brother got married, the wife wanted to get their share of the business and leave the family business. Many of you will not understand this but for Chinese families this is a big no – no. It is considered a taboo to do this. If you want to put up your own business, you just save up for it and put up your business, you don’t pull your share out of the family business. This created a big rift that broke the once peaceful family. With Chuan Biao and his sisters in one camp, then his brother in the other camp. Chuan Biao admitted that their tried to keep fair and be understanding to all her children but she really hate what Chuan Biao’s brother was doing and blamed the wife for all this.

Chuan Biao will be the first one to admit that he some what became bitter with how his brother and sister – in – law acted towards their business and their family that it became his goal to destroy his brother’s business. And so he put up the same business and naturally this made their rift even worse. So things got really serious that because of their family feud her mother had a stroke and passed away. Then this became the start of their bad luck.

Both Chuan Biao and his brother started losing money, their business went bad, and they have to start selling properties. Chuan Biao’s sisters’ family didn’t seem to have escaped the bad luck that strike. One of the sister’s husband left them for another woman, and Chuan Biao’s nephew from his other sister had an accident that rendered him paralyzed.

It is at this time that Chuan Biao’s wife seeks the help of a Buddhist monk. This particular Buddhist monk suggested that they put a sutra amulet of THE SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF THE BODHISATTVA KSITIGARBHA also called THE SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF EARTH STORE BODHISATTVA or simply EARTH STORE BODHISATTVA SUTRA or KSITIGARBHA BODHISATTVA SUTRA.


This is a copy of the traditional SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF BODHISATTVA KSITIGARBHA that my Guru Lama sent me.

NOTE: Although I have talked about Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and mentioned and put a link of his sutra, I really haven’t included this sutra in the RECITE – A – SUTRA series. But this is one of the most powerful sutra in the world.

Chuan Biao’s wife decided to follow the Buddhist monk’s advice, even though at that time her relationship with Chuan Biao is also already under strain because he seems to refuse to listen to her advice that he should make peace with his brother. She was also in luck because acquiring a traditional sutra amulet is quite difficult and is quite pricey. However, she was fortunate that the Buddhist monk who gave her the advice has a copy at that time.

Anyway, Chuan Biao’s wife decided to put a copy of THE SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF BODHISATTVA KSITIGARBHA on their altar and sure enough things started to get better. In fact, at present Chuan Biao and his whole family, including his brother’s grandchildren and great grandchildren will always have a family reunion 3x a year. Her sister who was left by her husband, is now back with her husband who repented. Chuan Biao’s nephew wasn’t able to walk again but he is now also a businessman, contrary to what the doctor said at that time that he would not be able to work again and think properly again. His brains are now fully functional.

How do I know this? I met Chuan Biao in a temple in Manila; they were saying a sutra for family members who passed away. At that time I was quite surprised to see them because it was the first time I saw such a big family. My father has 12 siblings but even our family reunions pales in comparison with what I saw. One of the Buddhist nun invited me to partake in the Vegetarian lunch sponsored by Chuan Biao’s family at the temple (it is customary for Buddhist to sponsor a vegetarian lunch at the temple where the whole family will eat also when they pray for the family members who has departed), and this is where I met Chuan Biao or Uncle Chuan Biao as I call him. He was the one who shared with me his story after 3 or 4 meetings when we were both waiting for something at the temple.

Chuan Biao is now 83 years old, he and his wife still goes to the temple a lot, and both believes that it was THE SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF BODHISATTVA KSITIGARBHA that brought the family back together again and brought their business back to it’s old glory. Chuan Biao believes that her mother passed away with a heavy heart that caused their bad luck.

At that time, when Uncle Chuan Biao found out that I am a student of Feng Shui, Taoism and Buddhism, he asked me whether I know where they can avail of the Traditional Sutra, because he wants all his family members to have one. Most temples have it but it is never given away or even sold. But at that time I don’t have anywhere to get a copy. That was about 3 years ago.


This is a small Medicine Buddha Sutra Amulet and a Medicine Buddha Lamp Amulet. I shall be writing about the Medicine Buddha Lamp Amulet soon.

But imagine my surprise when my Guru Lama called me to inform me that he will be sending me a few copies of traditional sutra (amulet) of the THE DIAMOND SUTRA and THE SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF BODHISATTVA KSITIGARBHA! Apparently, he got several copies from a Pure Land Buddhist monk in China, and he sent me 10 copies of each for me to be able to share with my readers in exchange for a specified donation that will go to food and an image of a Buddha. This has something to do with the exchange of energies, and to understand this better please read my post called – THE EVOLUTION OF ACQUIRING AN AMULET.

I was allowed to get one copy each so only 9 copies of each the traditional sutra (amulet) is available.

On my next post, I will talk about how THE DIAMOND SUTRA amulet and THE MEDICINE BUDDHA SUTRA amulet can benefit us.

You can download the sutras mentioned above by clicking on the link below:

  1. The Golden Light Sutra
  2. The-Sutra-On-The-Original-Vows-And-Merits-Of-The-Medicine-Master-Lapis-Lazuli-Light-Tathagata
  3. The Diamond Sutra
  4. Sutra of the Past Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
  5. The Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra


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Chant – A – Mantra (3b): Daily Mantras to Chant – The 4 Main Bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism!

Published Hulyo 12, 2016 by jptan2012

In the preceding post, I briefly talked about the importance of chanting mantras daily. Sometimes, chanting mantras takes getting used to and the more we do it, the more we get used to it, the more it is easier for us to learn new mantras. But more than that, chanting mantras should be considered like taking vitamins, we have to take it everyday for us to build resistance, and in this case resistance to negative chi. Furthermore, aside from building resistance to negative chi or negative energies, chanting mantras daily makes us more attuned to the cosmic energy of the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas whose mantra we are chanting, not to mention it makes more attuned to the cosmic energy in general.

While we won’t be able to recite the entire mantras daily, because some of them are long and there are really a lot of mantras available for us. Chanting daily mantras of selected Buddhas or Bodhisattvas will also make us, as mentioned earlier, more attuned with the cosmic energy, to the divine cosmic energy of the world of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, in such a manner that when we have to chant a specific mantra for a specific purpose, because we already have a ‘relationship’ with the divine cosmic energy, it is easier for us to be attuned to the energy of the new mantra we are chanting, even this is for only a specific purpose.

Yesterday, I shared with you the initial list of the mantras I chant daily. Namely of the 3 main Buddhas of our time and they are Amitabha Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha (Sakyamuni Buddha) and the only celestial Buddha among the three, Medicine Buddha.

Note: Medicine Buddha is the simplified name. Medicine Buddha’s formal name is Bhaisajya – guru – vaidūrya – prabhā – raja or King of Medicine Master and Lapis Lazuli Light. His Tibetan common name is Bhaisajyaguru.

Today, allow me to share with you the other mantras that I chant everyday. They are 4 Main Buddha of Chinese Buddhism, especially for Pure Land Buddhism and Zen Buddhism.

Note: Zen Buddhism although has Japanese name actually started in China. It’s the English-speaking world that ‘popularized’ Zen Buddhism, but in reality it is called Chan Buddhism.


  1. NAMO DA PEI KWAN SHI YIN PU SA & OM MANI PADME HUM (Mantra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin) – Kuan Yin (also known as Avalokitesvara, Kannon, and also spelled as Guan Yin, Kwan Yin, Gwan Yin) is more popularly known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Sometime people also refer to her as the Buddha of Compassion (although she is not a Buddha) or Goddess of Mercy (although she is also not a Goddess). I have written about Kuan Yin Bodhisattva many times, so I will put the link to those articles below. But it should be noted that perhaps Kuan Yin Bodhisattva is perhaps the most famous and most revered Bodhisattva in all lineage and school of Buddhism. She has become so famous that even the Taoist has adopted her as one of their Goddess. I personally make sure that I always chant her mantra.You can read more about Kuan Yin Bodhisattva by clicking on the links below:


  • NAMO DA YUAN DI ZHANG WANG PU SA and OM AH KSTIGARBHA THALENG HUM and OM PRA MANI DANI SOHA (Mantra of the Bodhisattva of Great Vow, Ksitigarbha) – Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is known to have committed to the Buddha that he will not enter Buddhahood unless he has freed all sentient beings from hell or from being a hungry ghost. This is his great vow. Chanting his mantra will help ensure that we are freed from suffering and help ensure a good rebirth. To under stand Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva better please read: Ksitigarbha Buddha is a Bodhisattva Who Vowed to Help All Those Who Suffer in Hell and In this World.


    Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

  1. NAMO DA XING PU XIAN PU SA and OM AH HUM AH A KAR SA LE OD A YANG OM DU (Mantra of the Bodhisattva of Great Conduct, Samantabhadra) – Samantabhadra Bodhisattva is a Bodhisattva known for her great conduct. She is also known as the Bodhisattva of Truth, because it is her sincerest desire the real truth be exposed does she has the famous TEN GREAT VOWS OF BODHISATTVA SAMANTABHADRA, where in each item of those vows has something to do with the permanent truth of Buddhism.


    Manjushri is a disciple of Sakyamuni Buddha. He is also a great Bodhisattva.

  1. NAMO DA ZHI WUN SHU SHI LI PU SA and OM A RA PA CHA NA DHI (Mantra of the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Manjushri) – Manjushri Bodhisattva (also spelled as Manjushree) is a Bodhisattva known for his commitment to make all sentient beings attained the perfect wisdom or full enlightenment. He is usually depicted holding a sword and a sutra book. The sword represents the slashing of false knowledge, and the sutra book represents that we are only able to attained perfect wisdom with the help of the sutra or words of the Historical Buddha, Shakyamuni. Chanting the mantra of Bodhisattva Manjushri will help us attain wisdom and guide us in making our daily decisions.

So you see, aside from the mantras of the 3 main Buddhas of our time, I also chant the mantras of the 4 main Bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism. But that’s not all, in my succeeding posts, I will share with you the other mantras I chant everyday.

You can also read other posts in the Chant – A – Mantra series:

  1. Chant – A – Mantra: A Reintroduction to the Wonderful Benefits of Chanting A Mantra.
  2. Chant – A – Mantra (2): When You Need Compassion, Wisdom, and Power!
  3. Chant – A – Mantra (3a): Daily Mantras to Chant!

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Recite A Sutra (2): Get Healed or Good Health, Create An Aura of Protection, Attract Wealth with the Power of ‘The Medicine Buddha Sutra’!

Published Abril 8, 2016 by jptan2012

In the preceding post, I reminded people about the effects of the #2 Flying Star or Illness Star that also cause accidents. One way, to protect you from it is to wear the Illness Suppression Amulet, and this amulet is proving to be a very useful tool to serve as a shield against the effect of the Illness Star.

However, there is another way of protecting oneself from the effects of the Illness Star, and that is to recite the THE SUTRA ON THE ORIGINAL VOWS AND MERITS OF THE MEDICINE MASTER LAPIS LAZULI LIGHT TATHAGATHA, which is more popularly known as the Medicine Buddha Sutra. But before that, in my previous post called INVITE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE BY RECITING A SUTRA. I talked about the importance and tremendous benefit one may get when reciting a sutra. By reciting, I mean chanting it out load, reading it out loud, reciting it out load. If you can recite it by heart (memory) then all the better because the merit that you get is multiplied by a hundred fold. Personally speaking I have already memorized the HEART SUTRA, THE BUDDHA SPEAKS OF THE EIGHT REALIZATIONS OF GREAT BEINGS SUTRA, THE 42 CHAPTERS SUTRA, and THE MEDICINE BUDDHA SUTRA. 

Since this year the ruling star is the Illness Star, reciting the Medicine Buddha Sutra will definitely bring a lot of benefit to all people. One is sure to get good health by simply reciting this sutra. However, more than that as you read the sutra you will know that one of it’s promise is also that you get protected from evil spirits and evil intentions of other people, but more than that you can also attract wealth simply reciting this sutra. Little do people know that Medicine Buddha is not simply for good health and protection but Medicine Buddha is also a powerful Buddha that helps attract wealth. In fact, the Illness Suppression Amulet, while primarily made for protection against the effect of the #2 Flying Star, because of the fact that it is consecrated under Medicine Buddha this means that it is also a good wealth amulet.

You will find the link where you can download the Medicine Buddha Sutra below but I have written about it before and I have written about Medicine Buddha Himself before. I’ll put in the links below.

But it should be noted though that before reciting a sutra, it is customary the one should brush their teeth first and wash their face, it you take a shower better.

Put your palms together and say – NAMO FUNDAMENTAL TEACHER SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA 3X. After that one should say also the Sutra Opening Gatha:





This is basically an invocation for the Buddha Shakyamuni helps you understand the sutra.

Please click the link to download the actual sutra – The-Sutra-On-The-Original-Vows-And-Merits-Of-The-Medicine-Master-Lapis-Lazuli-Light-Tathagata. The version I’m putting here is that the one translated by Chung Tai, which is in the lineage of Zen Buddhism.

You can read all the other post about the ‘Recite A Sutra’ Series:

  1. Invite Wonderful Blessings in Your Life by Reciting A Sutra!
  2. Recite A Sutra (1): Create Harmony and Peace Thru The Powerful Sutra Called ‘The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra’!

Here are the links of my Medicine Buddha posts. And you will find His mantras and sutras within these posts:

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2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Base on Bazi, Flying Stars, and 24 Mountain Stars Formula: An Imbalanced Year Filled with A Number of Good Stars (Part 1)

Published Disyembre 21, 2015 by jptan2012
fire monkey

Image not mine. Downloaded from Google Images.


It is that time of the year again when people are asking about what’s in store for next year. As early as now people have been asking whether the coming is a good year or a bad year, but like I always say a year is rarely all bad and rarely all good. It will always be a mixture.

I have made my chart several weeks back, but as usual making the analysis and writing it is a big task. In the past few years due to the careful analysis I was able to pronounce that accurately some calamities. For example, modesty aside, and I say this without pride I was the only Feng Shui writer who was able to accurately predict the Typhoon Haiyan (Typhoon Yolanda) that happened in the Visayas, then I was also able to predict the weird weather that happened in 2014, and for 2015 I did say that there might be a strong earthquake that will happened in Asia. Admittedly, the earthquake might be symbolic in some sense, but as I stated in my forecast, I strongly feel that it is going to be an actual earthquake.

Now, allow me to share with you my forecast for 2016. Again, this will be shared with you in 3 major parts. Namely:

  1. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Base on Bazi, Flying Stars, and 24 Mountain Stars Formula: An Imbalance Year Filled With A Number of Good Stars (Part 1)
  2. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Base on Bazi, Flying Stats, and 24 Mountain Stars Formula: An Imbalance Year Filled With A Number of Good Stars (Part 2)
  3. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey 12 Animal Chinese Zodiac Feng Shui Forecast

For this year, the last part is going to be divided into 12 parts. One post each for each animal sign to make it an easier read. I have been receiving a lot of request for me to do this because sometimes it gets some readers confused if they want to read only certain Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs and all the signs. On top of that I will have a separate posts about the Tai Suey God of the year.

As mentioned this is the year of the Fire Monkey and it officially starts on February 8, 2016. Regular readers will know that I always say that as we usher in the New Year of the Western Calendar, this still doesn’t include the energies of the succeeding year and I have always stressed on that, however, for this year forget about that because we will experience the energies of Lunar New Year 2016 early on, in fact, as early as this December. This is especially true for some signs, which will be discussed later, but I would like to stress on those people born under the year or under the sign of the Ox. More on this later.

The good news is base on the 24 Mountain Stars formula, this coming 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey is a record breaking year because it will usher in several Auspicious Stars and two – thirds of the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac will benefit from these stars. Furthermore, most of the signs, actually only those people born under the sign of the Ox is excepted from this, will have some good stars. In this aspect this should be a good year. But of course there are other aspects that have to be considered.

First let me tell you something about the Fire Monkey. By nature, the Monkey is a smart and very strategic to the point of being devious, and it may also be cunning. A review of the past ‘Monkey’ years shows that it is quite an unstable year in such a way that you’ll see that energies of the year quickly changes. So if you’re not a person who can easily adopt to change, chances are you might be in little bit of trouble. However, if you’re stable and/or someone who can easily adopt to change, then you’ll be safe this year.

One of the biggest problem of the year is that the Bazi/Paht Chee chart of the year is terribly unbalanced or imbalanced. Fire is very strong while water is sorely lacking. I will discuss this further but off hand generally speaking in Feng Shui the water element represents water. Although for the year 2016 it represents resources and support. So this off hand indicates a lack of support and resources, but since water generally represents wealth luck, then wealth luck might be affected also. Again, I will discuss this further later.

I would like this part of the forecast to focus more on the Bazi or Paht Chee chart of the year, I would like to mention that the year is ruled by the Flying Star #2, or what is better known as the Illness Star. Regular readers of this blog should know by now that the Illness Star also causes accidents, so we might see a rise in accidents and people getting sick. This might range from simple feeling under the blue or grave illness. Those people who are already battling an illness should be extra more careful in 2016. My Guru Lama has made a special and highly consecrated Illness Suppression Amulet for this.

Illness Suppression Amulet2

The Illness Suppression Amulet or Illness Protection Amulet is a special highly consecrated amulet made by my Guru Lama as a cure for the Illness Star a star that also causes accidents. It has the energies of the Medicine Buddha, Namgyalma Buddha, Amitayus Buddha and White Umbrella Goddess. Furthermore, the small black thing you see at the bottom of the glass amulet holder is a Dharma Pill, which is made from a second – class relic of a confirmed holy lama. It also has a small amount of ash from the last Medicine Buddha holy initiation conducted by my Guru Lama, and aside from individual special consecration, the whole amulet was further consecrated under the Tooth Relic of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Another thing that bothers me is the fact that the Flying Star #5 or what is known as the Five Yellow Star flies into the North East. I will explain further on the part 2 of this forecast, but this year because it flies into the earth sector the 5 – Yellow Star will be a lot stronger. And people born under the sign of the Ox and Tiger, as well as people who stay in the Northeast sector of the house office, building, home, or room are greatly and gravely affected. This year you need a stronger cure for this.

But as I always say what is the use of knowing these things if we cannot do anything about it. We cannot just torment ourselves with worry. So I hope to be able to provide some suggestions on how one can protect oneself from these hostile energies.

2016 bazi chart 2

I always do my chart manually and I don’t have a software to make it into a presentation format. Thus photo is lifted from Google Images.

As I always do, I want to look at the year’s Bazi or Paht Chee chart. As mentioned earlier there is a strong fire element in the chart and it is completely lacking of water, which means it is quite dry. What dominates this year’s Bazi or Paht Chee chart are the elements fire and metal. For those who are familiar in Feng Shui knows that Fire destroys Metal, and this simply cannot be good. Again, for those of you who are familiar about the relationships of the elements, and also who are familiar with a Bazi or Paht Chee chart knows that this year’s chart is not very nice. Earlier, I mentioned that the general representation of the element water in Feng Shui is money luck or financial luck or wealth luck. So it’s absence can only generally mean that money will be a little hard to get this year. However, this is tempered by the fact that for this year, Metal represents money, and as mentioned the Metal element with the Fire element dominates the chart. So what does this mean? Are we going to have money or not? Am I conflicting myself?

Let us focus first on what the Metal element represents this year. For this 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey, the Metal element represents Wealth. So there is going to be wealth and financial luck. But it is not direct, which means this year we have to be more creative and find ways to earn money. The usual way will not work. What I’m trying to say is, if you’re a businessman selling a certain product, you will that in marketing your product you will have to think of new strategies because doing the usual marketing will not work. And if you’re a regular employee, it’s a year where you might find your regular income missing because of complacency.

For this year, water represents authority and power. So the lack of this element means authority and power will be severely diminished. So rebellions might be a problem this year both in the political and business arena. This problem combined with the wiliness of the Monkey might create energies of treacheries and duplicity. To guard yourself against this it will be extremely beneficial for you to wear or carry one of the following: Kalachakra Pendant (made of gold, or clear quartz, or jade) which is also one of the Holy Trinity of Protection of 2015, Vajrapani Ruel, Sun Wukong (The Monkey God).

kalachakra pendant2

The Kalachakra Symbol is a powerful protection symbol. It is actually ten syllable mantra compressed into one symbol. The mantra is HO HAM KSHAMALA VARAYA HUM PHAT. However, it is usually chanted with OM AH HUM thus making the complete mantra as OM AH HUM HO HAM KSHAMALA VARAYA HUM PHAT. It is because off this that I decided to put the symbolic script OM AH HUM on top of Kalachakra Symbol.

Now the question everybody will be asking now is how do we compensate for the lack of water? Should we all be wearing blue or black (colors that represents the water element), or wear blue semi – precious stones like Lapiz Lazuli or Sodalite? Well, the clear answer is yes, but I guess this is the year that I guess you will have to learn how to check your own Paht Chee or Bazi chart to check how much water do you have. Because if you have 5 or more water element on your chart, you need not wear blue or black. And if you have 3 or more water element on your chart, it’s time for you to celebrate because this is going to be a good year for you.

So how do you determine how much water element do you have?

I will not be able to teach you how to draw your own Bazi or Paht Chee chart because that will take years to learn. But you can go online and Google Bazi or Paht Chee counter. There are three or four of them online. Take the top 3 and follow the instructions given. They will request you to input your full birthdate, after which a chart similar the one above picture will be drawn up. All you have to do is simply count how many water do you have. But please don’t just use one, because there is one of those famous Paht Chee calculators that are not very accurate. Obviously, I’m not at a liberty to share which one so I suggest do all three, and chances are the two that’s similar follow that. Well if all three are the same then good for you.

As I said, if you have 4 or more water elements on your chart, then good for you because by having a high water ranking will already make you luckier next year.

Now for those of you who have a high fire element on their chart, then I suggest that you wear lots of blue or black and wear a blue stone. Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite are fine, but if you can get a Tanzanite, all the more so much better. Tanzanite’s energy is a lot stronger.

But that doesn’t end there. If you have high metal element on your chart, when it is higher than 4, you will have to exhaust it by wearing a blue stone also.

I will have to clarify that there are hidden elements, but this is something I’m not capable of discussing here because it will take up a lot of space and time for me to write it. So as of now, use the above as a simple basis.

Sun Wukong2

Sun Wukong

Going back to the 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Bazi or Paht Chee chart, and those of you are familiar with Feng Shui the production – destructive – exhaustive relationship of each element will have noticed this right away, there is some destructive relationship. Namely, as I said earlier, Fire destroys Metal. And so what I’m about to say might get more confusing again to the nouveau Feng Shui practitioner. We have already established that the water element generally represents money luck / wealth luck / financial luck in Feng Shui and so the absence of water signifies that money will be quite difficult to come by this year. However, this is somewhat compensated by the fact that the metal element for 2016 represents money. So because of this, it mean that bleak prognosis because of the lack of water element is alleviated, albeit money luck goes to the person who is more creative and hard working. BUT THERE IS FIRE IN THE CHART WHICH IS AS STRONG AS THE METAL ELEMENT, FURTHERMORE, THEY BOTH APPEARS ON THE YEAR AND HOUR PILLAR! This means the destructive cycles of these two elements are significant. What does this mean? Unfortunately, this indicates that there is a potential for financial crisis to happen or might incite to happen during the first quarter of the year and the last quarter of the year. If it happens of the first quarter, the effects might be felt on the middle of the year. If it happens towards the end then it will be felt by next year. But remember this is base on Lunar Calendar, so it happens in the first part of the year, we might start feeling it by August or September. And remember I use the word incite, because the trigger might not have anything to do with the ‘finance’ world, it can be political or something else. Especially affected by this are people who currently don’t have any ‘reserve’ money either in the bank or in their business. Also greatly affected are people who have a very high Fire element in their chart. To remedy this, I believe it is important for you to wear a blue stone like the Lapis Lazuli but for this year I’m partial for the precious stone Tanzanite. I will discuss this further on a different post. Also allow me to clarify here that the effect of this destructive cycle of the fire and metal are not only significant for the macro perspective, it can affect individuals by the fact that their wealth gaining activities will be met by challenges or opposition via a strong competition.

Vajrapani Ruel

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

At this point, allow me to share that the strong presence of the fire element next year will also mean that generally speaking the whole world will be warmer or hotter. This is basically nothing new because here in the Philippines the news has been talking about the fact that we will experience some drought. However, base on my annual reading, I would like to propose a slightly different scenario. I agree that the world will be warmer, but while a lot of places will experience some dryness, there are areas that will be generally very wet. Why? Because the chart also shows the presence of the Dragon, which this year brings in hidden water element, and this also means that generally speaking this is good because it alleviates some of the bad effects of the high fire element. But, we should not count on this so much.

In conclusion for this part, you will notice that although the year’s Paht Chee shows that this might be a challenging year but it is something that we cannot remedied. In the days to come I will be sharing with you this year’s essential charms but note, this is a year when people born in the year of the Ox and Tiger must take great care and they would need to protect themselves. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. For now, remember that in order to protect yourself from the wiliness and treacherous energy of the year you have to wear one of the following: Kalachakra (made of gold / jade/ clear quart), Vajrapani Ruel, Sun Wukong pendant. You also have to check your Bazi chart and depending on the number of presence of the elements that I have discussed above you have to wear a blue stone (sodalite, lapis lazuli, tanzanite) either as bracelet or pendant.

Again to better understand the 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey it will be good to read all the forecast. I know it is quite long but it is important for you to see the big picture.

  1. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Base on Bazi, Flying Stars, and 24 Mountain Stars Formula: An Imbalance Year Filled With A Number of Good Stars (Part 1)
  2. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Base on Bazi, Flying Stats, and 24 Mountain Stars Formula: An Imbalance Year Filled With A Number of Good Stars (Part 2)
  3. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey 12 Animal Chinese Zodiac Feng Shui Forecast

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Serendipity and Affinity (Part 1)

Published Disyembre 27, 2014 by jptan2012

One thing that I really love about traveling is the fact that I can use the waiting time at the airport to write, and because I have been doing a lot official/business traveling the past few months, most of what I’ve written lately came from all the waiting at the airport. My next 7 or 8 posts are all written at the airport also, so expect several posts in the next few days. They will be automatically published via scheduled posting.

But before we move to the main topic, I would like to remind everybody who is interested to get a general view of what’s in store for the coming 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep to read the following articles:



Today, I would like to write about serendipity and affinity. The first is a widely accepted occurrence in Feng Shui, Taoism, and Buddhism, while the second one is a debated phenomenon in Buddhism, but widely accepted in Taoism and Feng Shui.

A reader of this blog who since then become a very good friend, DU, has exhibited the truth that serendipity really happens. I do not doubt that this phenomenon really exist, but I’m writing it here because I just want to make a point that we should not ignore the serendipitous moments in our life.

I’m making DU as an example here because by virtue of my closeness to her, I also witnessed a lot of this serendipitous occurrence in here life. A lot of these manifested in the form of her being able to acquire the needed charms or amulets either for her or for her loved ones.

DU and her husband is one of the few people who contacted me to request for the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. As most of you know, requesting for the pendant comes with a Bazi or Paht Chee reading as well. The chart of DU’s husband shows that he will need a Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant. For those of you who are familiar with acquiring either gold or semi – precious stones pendant would know that there is no Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant that has been manufactured that’s really close to what a Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin should be, or as close as to her image. But much to my surprise, somebody offered me one a few days before my meeting with DU and her husband, and to make the long story short, with a heavy heart even though I really love the pendant it went to them.

This is a very rare Thousand - Hand Kuan Yin pendant. Most Thousand - Hand Kuan Yin pendant will only feature a little more than ten hands, but this one has a lot. Not to mention that it is made of good quality jade.

This is a very rare Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant. Most Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant will only feature a little more than ten hands, but this one has a lot. Not to mention that it is made of good quality jade.

Not to mention the price of the pendant, although it’s made of high quality jade is not very expensive. I think in peso it was only about Php 20,000.00 or Php 25,000.00. More than a year after they got the pendant, I was able to come across the same pendant online, and while it’s made of cheaper quality of jade, it costs several thousands more. I don’t really remember the price but I think it’s about US$ 40,000.00!

Also for DU’s husband, just recently because he is about to go through some changes in his life, he is in need of a Bat with Coin made of Lapis Lazuli pendant. Again, for those who are familiar with it, its quite difficult to get this particular combination, but surprisingly, there is one reputable supplier of good quality Lapiz Lazuli who has it in the particular image that DU’s husband’s needs. And it’s the only one left. Needless to say, they acquired it.

DU ‘s brother also need an image of La Tza, again this is a very difficult image to find, especially one carved in jade. I told DU that it is quite difficult to get this, but I think she was the one who told me to call up my supplier, which I did, and lo and behold there is one piece. Again needless to say they acquired it, and when a Taoist monk was blessing it, the monk expressed surprised that we got hold of such image.

DU had so much more experience regarding serendipity. I don’t really remember all her serendipitous experience, but recently, we just found out that she’ll need an original design Lock Coin, however, there are several kinds of lock coin in the Feng Shui market and not all of them are appropriate. Somehow, she remembered in our past conversation that someone is selling a lock coin, so when we called up the person, indeed she still has the lock coin and more than just having it, she’s selling it at a discounted rate. Furthermore, DU also needs a Star of David pendant, we’ve been looking for a Star of David for a few months because she really wants it but unfortunately, we didn’t found any. But the want has since become a need and surprisingly we found one and what’s more the Star of David is made of Citrine, a stone that DU needs and want also. So she inquired about the price, but is unavailable to afford it. So she had to let go of it. But then when the money for the Star of David came she inquired again, unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Naturally, we thought that it is really not for her. As it turn out, there is another Star of David made of Citrine that is gem quality that is coming, again needless to say she got it for herself.

DU has so much more serendipitous experience, every time she will need something, it seems like it will naturally come to her. I believe that it is fate telling her that she really needs them and that she should get them.


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An Unusual Powerful Symbol and Feng Shui Tip to Enhance Wealth Luck: A Bat with a Coin

Published Abril 29, 2014 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to introduce you to one of the most unusual powerful symbol to enhance your wealth luck, which is the image of a bat with a coin. I say unusual because for a lot of people a bat is a scary thing, Westerners usually depicts a bat as sign of bad omen and in movies or books, a bat is usually said to a vampire in disguise.

However, as mentioned in one of my previous post – MYTH BUSTER 4: BATS BRINGS BAD LUCK, bats are actually a sign that good fortune is about to come your way. In fact, it is a powerful Feng Shui tip to enhance wealth luck.

For those who want to gain great financial or wealth luck, it is highly recommended that you tap into the power of a bat with a coin. While a symbol of a bat in general generates good fortune or luck, if the bat carries with it a coin, it becomes more focused on what kind of luck it will generate. It will become focus on giving a person good wealth luck.

I’m not sharing this on simple theoretical point of view. I have a friend who actually credits his good financial luck to the bat with coin pendant that I gave him about a year ago.

I’ve known JO for quite sometime now, but because he is a born again Christian, he never really believed in Feng Shui. However, when he encountered a big problem with his business and was in danger of losing everything that he has worked for, he was forced to ask me what to do. I initially suggested the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, but his religious beliefs prevented him for getting one. He said he couldn’t wear anything that has an image of a Buddha. He said he’ll be ostracized from his church and they’ll call him a backslider. I then suggested that he try a wearing a pendant that has an image of a bat and a coin. I looked into my collection and found one that’s made of lapis lazuli, which is a blue stone. Gave it to him and he wore it. If people ask him he just says that it’s a pendant given to him by his mom who got it in China. The design is very Chinese anyway.

The 'Bat with Coin' pendant I gave my friend mentioned in this post is very similar to this one.

The ‘Bat with Coin’ pendant I gave my friend mentioned in this post is very similar to this one.

According to JO, little by little he noticed that his problems left him and that in a year’s time not only was he able to survive, but more than that, he now has paid off all his debts, wherein the initial projection if everything goes well, it’ll take him 4 years to pay off all his debts. But in a year’s time he was able to pay off all his debts and is now saving money to do a little expansion.

So next time you badly need financial luck enhancement, try to get a pendant that has an image of a bat with a coin. It is better if the pendant is made of lapis lazuli or sodalite or any other blue stone because blue in Feng Shui symbolizes money or wealth. This will actually make the pendant more potent.

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