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Sentient Objects: Jewelries or Other Objects that are Inhabited by Spirits!

Published Disyembre 7, 2015 by jptan2012

In the very successful and worldwide hit book series, which was later made into a movie series, Harry Potter, author JK Rowling coined the term Horcrux. She described a Horcrux as a powerful object in which a powerful witch or wizard, especially those of the Dark side, has hidden a fragment of his soul for the sole purpose of attaining immortality. In the series, creating one Horcrux gave one ability to anchor one’s own soul in this world even if the physical has to go through its inevitable decease. The more Horcruxes one made or create, the closer the person to achieving true immortality. Creating multiple Horcruxes is said to be costly to the creator because it diminishes its humanity and it can even physically disfigure the said person.

The term Horcrux that author JK Rowling invented is unique and definitely very appropriate for what she wants to convey. But the concept, with some slight changes is not unique. Horcrux being an object that carries a soul or spirit or energy is not unique. This is a universal belief that carries some facts. The only difference in JK Rowling’s explanation is that a Horcrux is made by a living person (albeit a witch or wizard) and that those who belong to the dark do it.

Allow me to share with you a real life Horcrux, and allow me to explain the difference between fact and fiction of what a Horcrux really is in real life.

In Buddhism, Taoism, Feng Shui, and I believe in other religions the idea that a spirit inhabits an object is fact. For Catholics, I think this may be up for contention but a lot of Catholics I know believes this to be possible. The Chinese even has a term for this, but I can’t find the direct translation for this, if I were to translate it, I would say that these kinds of item that is inhabited by a spirit or a soul is called Sentient Object.

Sentient comes from the sentience w/c means the ability to feel or perceive. So I think when using the term Sentient Object, sentient most likely came from the Buddhist perspective that describe a sentient being to somebody who has feelings or consciousness. I know that these days a Sentient Object usually refers to high tech computers who are capable of making their own analysis.haunted jewelry

For Buddhism, Taoism, and Feng Shui, an object becomes a Sentient Object if a spirit or soul lives in an object, most often than not, these are objects that belongs to a person who passed away and became a hungry ghost (or a troubled soul). Strictly speaking any object can become a Sentient Object, however, base on my Feng Shui teacher’s experience, and that of my Guru Lama, more often than not these spirit or entities usually attach themselves to objects with pulsating energies that is generally yang or good chi. These item are precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and gold for metals. They can also attach themselves to objects that resemble a human being like dolls or mannequins; this is especially true for spirits that used to be human beings. They may also attach themselves to any items that have a mirror.

Why these objects? Allow me to explain.

For mirrors, because it is a portal, or a door to a different dimension. However, it doesn’t mean that there is a door one can simply open it and pass through it. So sometimes, having recognize a portal makes them attached to the said item whether they are able to pass through it or not.

For human – like objects such as dolls or mannequins or even display items, the reason these spirits or entities attached themselves to it is because they want to inhabit another body. However, because they are technically from a different dimension, they are unable to see that what they are inhabiting or possessing is an inanimate object. They see the human – like resemblance only.

But for me the worst of all these possession or inhabiting of objects are with the jewelries. Gold, and diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds, sapphires are gems or minerals that have a strong innate yang energy. However, they also imbibe negative chi, and while they are not self – cleansing stones or metals, technically speaking they do not lose their yang energy.sentient object

Human spirits and otherworldly entities even if they are from the ‘dark’ or has yin energy will naturally want the feeling of a yang energy or good chi. I think I can akin this to a mentally ill person who is depressed or maybe extremely grouchy. While they may be sad, or rude, they naturally want to be around the positive surroundings. However, they may not be able to help themselves to get uplifted, they still want to be around positive surroundings or people, although sometimes these things might make them even more depressed.

It is the same with hungry ghosts (human spirits who has not reincarnated or move on to the higher dimension) or negative entities. They want to be around yang energies. Thus a lot of them gets attracted with gold, diamonds, rubies, emerald, pearls, or sapphires, especially those that jewelry or gem quality. If they are weak yin, then these items help them to become either yang or move on by way of cleansing them. But sometimes if they are strong, the yang energy of gold, pearl, ruby, diamond, emerald, sapphire might repel them and they won’t be able to go near the said items or if they are so much stronger, then they enjoy the yang energy and start inhabit the said items. Thus making the item a sentient object.

What is scary about this, sometimes several spirits or entities might inhabit the said object that they morph or merge into one entity. This usually happens if human spirits merges with an otherworldly entity that they start to lose their individual identities and become one. In this case they become stronger. However, what is even scarier is when they don’t lose their ‘being’ but as impart a portion of their energies to the said items so that they can never be fully destroyed or ruined. For example, if an exorcist tries to get rid of an entity of a house, they might be temporarily driven out of the house, but because the said entity has impart a part of itself to an object, then it functions like an Horcrux as described by JK Rowling in the Harry Potter Series, however, the only difference, in real life it is impossible for a human being to do this, but it in Buddhism, Feng Shui and Taoism it is only hungry ghost combined with otherworldly entity who can do this.

Surangama Mantra Amulet N

Pure Land Buddhists believes that when you wear a Surangama Mantra Amulet, heavenly beings that has an affinity with you will hover over you.

By taking away these sentient objects, the entity or entities become a little weaker, but taking part of their spirit or energies away from the said items is a difficult task that can only be performed by a Buddhist monk or Taoist priest. Not even a Feng Shui expert can do it.

In my entire 23 years of practicing Feng Shui, right from when I studied it to the present, I only have encountered this kind of Sentient Object that is so strong that it has inhabited itself to several pieces of jewelries and still have a separate entity, twice. The second time, which was fairly recent, was so strong that the person living in the said condo unit became really sad. And it was so strong that I felt it right away. In fact, it was so strong that I was able to pinpoint where this said entity has made a sentient object or Horcrux out of some jewelry even when I saw the actual jewelries. Just by stepping into the room I was able to tell the owner, you have some jewelries hidden here, because I can feel the energies emanating from the said sentient objects or Horcrux, which is a very sad energy.

Vajrapani Ruel

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To avoid this kind of problem, it is good if you continuously use your jewelry, as in very often, or cleanse it other sunlight or over a small bed of rock salt every now and then. You can also put near your jewelry a powerful amulet like the Vajrapani Ruel or Surangama Mantra Amulet.

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