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Money Comes In With A Simple Wish While Holding the Vajrapani Ruel: Another Personal Testimony of A Reader!

Published Abril 20, 2016 by jptan2012

Wait, before you say it is another Vajrapani Ruel miraculous story and before you complain this is what I write a lot about, hear me out.

I write a lot about the Vajrapani Ruel because I can’t help it but to be really happy when I receive positive stories about the Vajrapani Ruel no matter how often it happens. To date, the Vajrapani Ruel continues to enjoy a very high personal testimony from readers who has requested for it. There are a lot more stories that I have written about here on this blog. Some of these stories will appear on my upcoming book called MIRACLES IN A POUCH: THE VAJRAPANI RUEL STORIES, which was titled by another reader called Atty. B!

Anyway, as mentioned the Vajrapani Ruel enjoys a very high miraculous stories. I think there are only three persons who said that it is not working for them or has worked for them but it is quite slow. I am unable to offer a concrete explanation to this but I believe a large part of this is because of Unseen Miracles, or the problem is peripheral, or karmic.

Another reason why I enjoy so much writing about the Vajrapani Ruel, is because aside from being a limited amulet, which was last made about half – century ago. Furthermore, the Vajrapani Ruel in some way has become controversial only because there are two or three people for some reason that is bent on discrediting the Vajrapani Ruel. But the greatest testimony of the Vajrapani Ruel is the people who have them and have experienced their miracle because of it. On top of that, several of these people although initially given only initials on this blog, have agreed to come out on the book and be properly recognized.

Vajrapani Ruel

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

Today, allow me to share with you another very simple story. Remember Aling Erlinda who as a loving mother and grandmother bought several Vajrapani Ruel, Illness Suppression Amulet and Surangama Mantra Amulet for her family and friends and househelp!

Aling Erlinda gave a Vajrapani Ruel to her son – in – law. The said son – in – law is not familiar to the Vajrapani Ruel and is not a reader of this blog. He was simply told that the Vajrapani Ruel is an amulet. One day, the said son – in – law told his wife (Aling Erlinda’s eldest daughter) to ask how come every time his store sales is low, all he needs to do is bring out the Vajrapani Ruel and hold it on his hands and voila money will come in! A customer will come in and a sale is transacted!

Well, who can argue with that? It’s a Vajrapani Ruel miracle even to a non – believer!


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