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Is Feng Shui Charms Essential for a Better Future?

Published Disyembre 10, 2014 by jptan2012

faith-consistency-and-hard-work-4The desire to have a better and a life that’s more comfortable is maybe the prominent reason why Feng Shui is enjoying so much popularity these days. As you well know I’m a staunch believer of Feng Shui and Buddhism and Taoism, primarily because I also aspire for a better and healthy and wealthy life, not to mention a peaceful one. And my approximately 20 years of formal and structured experience with Feng Shui add to the practically my whole lifetime of exposure to Feng Shui that lead me to believe that Feng Shui is indeed real. It is not superstitious belief, and that it really works.

A lot of people believe that practicing Feng Shui is essential for one to have a better and a more comfortable life. I for one almost believes this thus I wear my Feng Shui charms and even created the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, that became a hit with my readers. But you’ll noticed that I said almost, because at the end of the day, just when I start to think that Feng Shui is the main ingredient for these aspirations, I’m presented with a story that tells me otherwise

Mang Arnel is a driver who hit a jackpot when his former boss asked me to worked on a project. He ends brokering a certain project, which earned him almost 2 million Philippine pesos. He decided to invest his money buy buying a car that he can turn into a taxi and he also opened up a hardware shop. Eventually, his lone taxi gave birth to two more and a passenger jeepney. His children all finished school and he were on his way to a comfortable life, then Ondoy strike! All of a sudden, all his cars, his business were ruined and he was left with nothing!

Mang Arnel, became bitter and stopped working and never went out of his house. He is a Catholic but his faith waivered and started blaming God. Until, he became a ‘useless’ person. His wife and children would always tell him that they should be thankful that they still have their house and that they’re still together. However, for 2 years this would seem to fall on deaf ears. Until, his wife stood her ground and told him to shape up and work or they should just separate. This prompted Mang Arnel to realize that he should get back to his old self and work hard again to get all the comfort that he wants.

He started working again, and within 3 years he was able to save up enough money to buy his own taxi. He still on the road to his ultimate success but his outlook in life changed everything and made him see a good future again. He even started believing in God again.

His story should remind all of us the Feng Shui charms are just tool to help us get on the road of a better future. It is like a push, a propeller. In the end, it is still hard work and faith in our God that is truly essential.

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