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Simple Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Wealth Luck

Published Hulyo 1, 2012 by jptan2012

One of the first few posts that I’ve written about is – FENG SHUI TIPS TO ENHANCE WEALTH LUCK. Today, allow me to share a few more.

RECEIPTS IN THE WALLET/POCKET CREATE BAD MONEY FENG SHUI. Most of us tend to keep receipts in our wallet or pocket and just forget about it. In fact, it is not surprising that some of us may have some receipts in our wallet that’s been there for months or years. However, you should note that keeping a receipt in your wallet or pocket might create slight bad money Feng Shui. It signifies that you always have bills to pay.

SALT IN THE WALLET. Another way of creating good wealth luck is to always have a small packet of sea or rock salt in our wallet. Salt is a great chi cleanser, and having this in our pocket helps enhance wealth/money luck.

PUT A WEALTH SIGN OR WEALTH SYMBOL AS  WALLPAPER ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Feng Shui is all about symbolism, and putting a symbol of wealth as a wallpaper of your mobile phone helps a little in giving our wealth luck a little boost. You can use either of the following: three legged toad, pictures of gold bars, gold ingots and/or different currencies.

PUT THE WISH FULFILLING MANTRA AS WALLPAPER ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE. I’ve talked about the WISH FULFILLING MANTRA and the power of MANTRA in my previous posts. Putting the symbolic script of the Wish Fulfilling Mantra on your mobile phone helps in actualizing your wealth luck wishes.

WEAR A NINE-EYE DZI BEAD. A DZI bead is a special Tibetan bead that is suppose to have come from heaven. The DZI beads available in the market now are not original but they work as well. Wearing a 9-eye DZI bead either as a pendant or as a bracelet creates a lot of wealth luck.

Nine Eye DZI Bead on a string of Citrine.

WEAR A CITRINE BRACELET ON YOUR RECEIVING HAND. Citrine is a powerful wealth stone. It can be worn as a pendant but wearing it as bracelet is better. You should wear it on your receiving hand and not on your giving hand. Your dominant hand, meaning the hand that you use to write is the dominant hand, and thus it is your giving hand, the other hand is your receiving hand.

2012 Year of the Water Dragon Feng Shui Essential Charms

Published Enero 12, 2012 by jptan2012

I’ve been receiving email and inquiries as to what are the Feng Shui essential charms (lucky charms) for protection from the negative chi and enhancers for the positive chi for the year of the Water Dragon.

I listed the essential charms in my previous posts…

2012 Year of the Water Dragon Feng Shui Flying Star Forecast

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Feng Shui-Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2012 Year of the Water Dragon (Part 2)

However, if you just want to found out about the essential cures(protectors) and enhancers without knowing the reason behind it. Please read thru the rest of the posts.



Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks / Symbol of Double Happiness, Amethyst Geode with Red String tied on the foot of the bed.

Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks

Chinese Characters or Words are very symbolic. Does they become effective Feng Shui tools also.

Amethyst Geode with Red String


Victory Banner / Image of a Horse, Three Celestial Guardian

For people who stays in the section of the house or office please wear THE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.

Victory Banner

When choosing a horse for feng shui purposes, its important that you choose a horse that has a winning or winner look.

Three Celestial Guardinas consists of the Fu Dog, Pi Yao (Piyao), and Chi Lin (Chilin).

The front side of THE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT has the image of 'The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven' Sun Wukong.

At the back of the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION is the title GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN in Chinese characters, followed by the 3 Celestial Guardians, and then at the bottom are the Five Element Pagoda and Ksitigarbha Fireball. I'm also currently looking for a jeweler who can carve the images and symbols of the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT on a jade, that is because Chinese loves jade and a lot of people have been inquiring about a JADE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.


Crystal Balls / 6 White Jade tied with a Red String

For 2012 its better to use a red crystal ball.

6 White Jade tied with a Red String. You need not have the Wu Lou at the end.


Faux Gold Bars or Ingots or Coins / Wealth Deities (Maitreya Buddha or Kuan Kong or Sun Wukong)

Faux golld bars, ingots, and coins.

In choosing an image of a Happy Buddha, you have to look carefully at the face. It has really to look happy.

In choosing a Kuan Kong look for something that has a fierce face. Kuan Kong or Guan Gong is a famous wealth and protector god.

'The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven' Monkey King called Sun Wukong is a very powerful wealth and protector god that's both highly revered in Taoism and Buddhism.


Image of Sun Wukong (aka Monkey God) / Image of Guan Gong (aka Kuan Kong) / Mantra Plaque / Image of Elephant with Rhinoceros

Mantra Plaque

Elephant and Rhinoceros Plaque

Foe head of the family/business/corporation/organization whose room is in the Northwest section of the house. Please wear one of the following: Sun Wukong Pendant / Kuan Kong Pendant / Mantra Pendant / WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.

The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION has one of the best images of Sun Wukong that's in a pendant. It's really difficult to look for a good Sun Wukong pendant.

This is a Tibetan Mantra pendant. I'm not in the process of having my jeweler craft the Mantra pendant that I personally designed. It has the mantra of the THE MEDICINE BUDDHA, YELLOW DZAMBHALA (JAMBALA OR DZAMBALA) MANTRA, THE WISH-FULFILLING MANTRA, THE NEGATIVE KARMA CLEANSING MANTRA, THE SEED SYLLABLE OF GREEN TARA, and OM AH HUM. It also has the image of The Medicine Buddha, Yellow Dzambhala, Guan Gong, Kalachakra Symbol and the Victory Banner. It's another all-in-one pendant.


Ksitigarbha Fireball

For Matriarchs whose room is in the Southwest section of the house. Please wear or carry a small Ksitigarbha Fireball (pendant or keychain) / Maitreya (Happy Fat) Buddha Pendant.

The Ksitigarbha Fireball is a pearl hold by Ksitigarbha Buddha that fires up when there are negative energies.

Happy Buddha Pendant. Again, you need to look for something that has a postive feel.


Wu Lou (Holy Gourd) / Image of Medicine Buddha

For people who stays at this section of the house, and also for middle sons and people born under the sign of the Rat, please wear a Jade Wu Lou or a Medicine Buddha pendant (preferably with Mantra).

Wu Lou or Holy Gourd

Medicine Buddha

Jade Wulou Pendant

Medicine Buddha Pendant


Please move out of this section of the house. Does the first cure. If not possible, please put-Five Element Pagoda, Image of the Goddess of the North Star (Dou Mu Yuan Jun) which has been blesses by a Taoist priest,  a pair of Piyao.

Five Element Pagoda designed by Lillian Too of World of Feng Shui (WOFS). She also has other versions but you need not get the different version. This one will do. I also have a supplier who is able to make one at a more affordable price.

Dou Mu Yuan Jun (The Goddess of the North Star)

Pi Yao is a Celestial Being that pleases the Tai Suey God.

For people who stays in this section of the house please wear the following-Five Element Pagoda Pendant, Dou Mu Yuan Jun Pendant/Piyao. The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is a very powerful cure also.

Five Element Pagoda Pendant

Dou Mu Yuan Jun Pendant is a pendant designed by Feng Shui consultant Joseph Chau.

Piyao Pendant

Most of the charms mentioned above are available in the malls (except for the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT). However, they can pretty expensive. I can help you get some of them thru my friends in HK or Taiwan. Please just email me at or leave a comment.

Also if you’re interested to know more about the personal charms base on your animal zodiac, please read the following post:



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