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5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Evil Eye and/or Witchcraft!

Published Hunyo 16, 2016 by jptan2012

“How do I protect myself from witchcraft or evil eye?”

I have been asked this question a lot. That if I were to charge ten Philippine peso per person every time I’m asked this question, I would have earned several thousands of peso by now.

In order to save time from answering this question, I thought I’d just write about it.

But before we talk about that, it begets the question as to evil eye or witchcraft is real?

If we were to base our answer on Buddhist Sutras and Taoist texts, the answer is definitely yes. In fact, one of the Shakyamuni Buddha’s disciple, Ananda, was bewitched by a witch so that he will break his vow of celibacy and sleep with her daughter who happens to be a hospitality girl. This is where the Surangama Mantra started, and it was followed by the Surangama Sutra.

Evil Eye is basically “usog” in Filipino. This happens when a person who has a strong neutral or bad chi looks at you and intentionally or unintentionally wish you bad thing, and that bad thing happens to you. Or when a person gives you that look and you start to get sick. This is quite common than we realize.

Witchcraft on the other hand is not very common. I believe that it still exist, however, it is not as common as most people think it is. Doing witchcraft is much more complicated and requires a lot of chi. however, contrary to popular belief, despite the negative connotation of the word; witchcraft does not necessary mean evil. There are positive witchcraft, it really depends on what energy you use. But for the purpose of this article, witchcraft here refers to something evil or bad.

Here are top 5 ways to protect yourself from evil eye or witchcraft:

STAY POSITIVE AND STAY GOOD. If we stay positive and if we stay good we only attract positive chi. this should help protect us from all those evil eyes or negative power of witchcraft.

WEAR AN AMETHYST OR CLEAR QUARTZ. Wearing these two crystals will provide us with a positive auric shield. However, this is only effective for evil eyes and light form of witchcraft. If you are attacked with something stronger then this definitely will not work.

TAKE A SALT BATH. If you suspect that you got the evil eye or witchcraft is being done to you. Take a salt bath, make sure you use rock salt, sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, or the rare black salt. Put approximately 1 tablespoon of the salt on a small pail of water and use this at the start before you shampoo or soap yourself. For a bathtub, use about a cup and soak in it for a minimum of 5 minutes. Do this for one to three days for evil eye. If you suspect witchcraft, do this for 7 to 21 days.

WEAR A POWERFUL AMULET. One of the best ways to protect you from evil eye and witchcraft is to wear some powerful amulet. My favorite is definitely the one that is regarded as the world’s most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon called Vajrapani Ruel, but of course the Surangama Mantra Amulet blessed by a high ranking monk should work very well as well, the Illness Suppression Amulet is also a very good protective amulet for evil and witchcraft. The Jatukam Ramathep Amulet is also a very powerful amulet for this purpose.

CHANT PROTECTIVE MANTRAS IN A DEEP MEDITATIVE STATE. Chanting protective mantras in a deep meditative state, in a state that you are almost not aware of your surroundings is a very good protection against evil eye or witchcraft. The following mantras should prove helpful if chanted one after the other: (1.) OM AMI DEWA HRIH       (2.) NAMO SAPTANAM SAMYAKSAM BUDDHA KOTINAM TADYATHA OM CHALE CHULE CHUNDI SOHA       (3.) TADYATHA OM ANALE ANALE KHASAME KHASAME BHAYRE BHAYRE SAUMA SAUME SARVA BUDDHA ADISHTANA ADISHTITE SOHA OM SARVA TATHAGATHA USHNISHA SITATAPUTRA HUM PHAT HUM MAMA HUM NI SOHA.

Chant it 108x each mantra.

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In – Laws Causing Marital Problems and Taking Over Household

Published Disyembre 5, 2013 by jptan2012

A few months ago, a friend called me to ask for help. His sister is starting to have marital problems since her mother – in – law and sister – in – law moved in with them.

LL is a 34-year-old happily married woman with 2 kids – a girl and a boy. According to LL, life has been good to her and life was almost perfect. However, things started to change when her mother – in – law and unmarried sister – in – law started living with them.Monster-In-Law_6

Her mother – in – law and sister – in – law used to have a house of their own, however, when LL’s father – in – law passed away, LL thought she should invite them to live with them because their house is in a seedy part of the city. She was the one who talked to her husband about this but little did she know that this would start their problem.

Like a typical Chinese LL gave her mother – in – law and sister – in – law who is older than her husband the respect of an elder in the family. Everything seems to be fine in the beginning but things gradually became bad from good.

LL won’t be able to tell when it did start happening, but it seems to be a gradual thing that started to creep in to their life. Maybe because they have nothing else to do both mother – in – law and sister – in – law has nothing else to do, they started to meddle with LL’s house. They would decide what should be eaten for dinner and then they started arranging the furniture. Soon they started meddling with the affairs of LL’s family.

To be fair to LL’s husband, he did try to manage his mother and sister, however, things has gotten really bad already that they seem to be out – of – control and it has started to affect LL’s relationship with her husband. Out of desperation, LL asked her brother to call me and help fix the problem.

I, when LL’s in – laws were out of the house went there. LL was there with her husband; this for me is a good sign, because it signifies that they both acknowledge the problem and wants a solution for it. The first thing I notice is the LL’s mother – in –law and sister –in – law both occupies rooms that has the best Chi. This is not exactly bad, but usually the best chi should be given to the head or leader of the family. In this case, while they’re older than LL and her husband, it is still LL’s husband and LL that should be considered as the head of the family. The only solution I find here is for them to switch rooms.

Switching rooms is the only alternative because aside from the fact that LL’s in – laws has the room that has the best chi in the house, they also occupied the patriarchal sector of the house, thus empowering to head the household.

LL and her husband had to make up stories to switch rooms. But the good news is several months after they’ve switched rooms; LL reports that things are so much better.

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