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What to Do With the Ashes of a Burned Incense and Wilted Flower Offerings?

Published Enero 5, 2018 by jptan2012

When we burn incense, naturally there would be ashes left behind. Or when we offer flowers and it has become wilted (although one should not allow the flowers to wilt on the altar), what do we do with them?

Flowers that were offered to the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas, or incense that were offered are considered items that has become holier than their ordinary counterpart because they were offered to supreme holy beings.

It is customary in Zen Buddhist temples that these items are not thrown out directly. So how do we dispose of them?

Incense should be collected then scattered over plants or the garden. Flowers should be taken out before they wilt. Once they are fully wilted, it is suggested to bury them so that become fertilizers, or at the very least put them in a clean red papers bags before throwing them out.

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Philandering Husband, Consumed by Success or A Case of Bad Feng Shui?

Published Hulyo 10, 2012 by jptan2012

I recently got a call from a former officemate who knows my interest in Feng Shui. She was asking for help because she has confirmed that her husband is having extra marital affairs. She herself said that she don’t think that they are serious but still the husband is getting some physical attention from other women.

This is quite surprising because I also personally know the husband and I was a witness to their courtship and love affair. The husband is quite devoted to my officemate, F. I expressed this to F and she said she believe that her husband was consumed by their financial success. This is when she shared that they have been experiencing some career and financial success and has recently moved to a new house.

We arranged for me to do a Feng Shui audit of their house, and when I arrived in their house, I saw right away one of the culprits. They have a very beautiful water fountain in their garden, which happens to be on the right side of their main door. Right side here is from the inside looking out, meaning it’s on the left side if from outside looking in.

I won’t be able to explain why this causes one of the couple to go ‘wandering’, and I’ve never seen any Feng Shui who is able to explain it clearly, but while we don’t know why having a water feature on the right side of the door (from inside looking out) has this effect, it has been proven that it’s one of the major cause of having a spouse to have extra marital affair. I mentioned this to F and she said she’d get rid of the water fountain.

Other than the water feature by the door, another Feng Shui cause of the extra marital affair can be found in their bedroom. They have placed a mirror in the bedroom that reflects their bed, this has an effect of doubling the romantic energy, which for married couples can be very bad because this invites a third party into the relationship. But on top of the mirror, they also have a wide screen TV in their bedroom that also reflects their bed. This again acts like a mirror and has the same effect. I mentioned this to F, and she said she’d get rid of both!

Taking Home Some Good Chi from Holy or Sacred Places

Published Marso 31, 2012 by jptan2012

Whenever I go on a trip, I always make sure to visit a holy or sacred place. In China, I always try to visit a famous temple or a sacred site like Mt. Putuo. In Bangkok, I visit the famous Four – Faced Buddha. In France, I try to visit Lourdes.

An image of the largest Kuan Yin in the world which is found in the holy mountain in China - Mt. Putuo.

It doesn’t matter whether the holy or sacred place is a Buddhist site or a Muslim site or a Catholic place. As long as it’s considered holy or sacred I try to visit it and take with me a slice of good chi from the holy site.

I do this by getting a small amount of earth from the site, or in the case of Lourdes I buy some ‘holy water’, or I get some burnt incense ash from their incense burner.  I then bring them home and put them on my altar or in the garden.

The natural things found in these places imbibes the positive chi of the holy or sacred place and bringing them to your house will ‘bless’ your place with their chi.

However, you should make sure you mentally ask permission first before you get anything from these places. It is also advisable that you do a thank you offering for the ‘blessing’ that you’re taking home.

There are different ways of doing an offering. You can either offer some flowers, incense, or donate some money.

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