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Published Enero 12, 2012 by jptan2012

I’ve always wondered why Feng Shui experts hasn’t come up with a “All-in-One” Feng Shui enhancer and protector. I think wearing a lot of charms is simply not practical and may cause a toll on the pocket.

Since I have my own training on Feng Shui and the power of symbols, I decided to make my own WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. The truth is you need to be an expert to design this one. All you have to do is know the consistent annual protectors and incorporate it in one pendant and just make sure you’re not violating any Feng Shui rule.

Anyway, after doing some research and after looking for a good craftsman, I was able to come up with my very own WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.

THE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT - Front Side. It has the image of the powerful and highly revered Taoist and Buddhist God 'THE GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN SUN WUKONG'. In Buddhism he is known as the VICTORIOUS FIGHTING BUDDHA.

The front of the pendant has the image of The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong also known as the Monkey God, Monkey King or Victorious Fighting Buddha. Having the image of The Great Sage is like being close to Kuan Yin also because it was Kuan Yin who pave the way for Sun Wukong to become a Buddha. The Great Sage is also both greatly revered as deity/immortal of Taoism and a buddha of Buddhism, so technically you have a link to the powers of both religion.

Try to know more about The Great Sage by reading my previous post – GETTING TO KNOW ‘THE GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN’ MONKEY GOD CALLED SUN WUKONG. By reading the post that Sun Wukong is a good strategist and protector, which makes him a Wealth and Protector God. Also, because of his affinity with Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Sun Wukong, indirectly becomes a powerful healing buddha also.

At the back of THE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT are the image of the 3-Celestial Guardians which deals with the 3 Killings; 5 Element Pagoda which deals with the Five Yellow Star; the Ksitigarbha Fireball which deals with Argumentative Star.

It should be note also the Three Celestial Guardians has the Piyao also and this basically pacifies the Tai Suey God.

At the back of THE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT is the title 'GREAT SAGE, EQUAL OF HEAVEN' in Chinese character, followed by the 3-Celestial Guardians with the Piyao and at the bottom are the Five Element Pagoda and Ksitigarbha Fireball.

I’m not a commercially practicing Feng Shui consultant. I decided to invest on studying Feng Shui because my family believes in it and we realized that it will be more practical and cheaper if one of us just study Feng Shui to avoid the high cost of the consultations and to avoid being ripped off with expensive Feng Shui charms that may not be essential.

I decided to make the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT for myself and my family. But soon friends and other relatives requested for it also. If you’re interested I can also offer it to you all you have to is email me at or leave a comment.

The gold one can get really expensive but its also available in silver.

I’m also currently looking for a jade supplier and a sculptor who can craft the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT into a jade or other precious and/or semi-precious stones. It would be nice to have a JADE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT or maybe a CITRINE WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT or an AMETHYST WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. It is also to address the love of Chinese to wear Jade. But whatever we use its the symbolism that makes it work. I just want to find ways to make it more affordable.

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