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Why “Creation of Wealth”?: Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet Is An Amulet That Creates Wealth for You and Other Questions, Answered.

Published Setyembre 4, 2017 by jptan2012
Vaisravana Dzambhala Wealth Amulet

The Vaisavana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet has the consecrated copies of the mantras of King Vaisravana of the Four Heavenly Kings and the mantras of the Five Dzambhalas. Furthermore, there are some special ingredients in powder form that are included to add to the potency of the amulet. Before it is sealed it is furthered consecrated on the image of The Four Heavenly Kings.It is placed in a metal case, not just for its durability and protection but according to the Tantric Buddhist Scripture book where Guru Lama got the instructions for this amulet, it has to be placed in cylindrical metal case to symbolize continuity and stability.

Barely three days since I have written about the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet and I have already been bombarded by various questions.

On this post, I will try some of your questions.

  1. How do you know that the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet is effective if it is a fairly young amulet?


In the Buddhist tradition, every now and then a new amulet is discovered either thru accident or thru deep meditation of high lama. My Guru Lama rediscovered the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet about 20 years ago, and yes an amulet that is only a few decades old is considered young. However, as I said, this amulet was rediscovered rather than discovered by my Guru Lama. It was in a copy of a 1,200 year old Tantric Buddhist Scripture or book called “Maha Biddhuya Vaircona Abihidisambohi Vikurvitadthisnana Vaipulya Sudrentaha Raja Nama Dharma – Paryaya”. A modern print of a copy of this book is kept in the library of their temple and when he was meditating on how to help one of his Sangha members, he under deep meditative state saw a copy of this book. When he came up of his meditation he went to get the copy of the book and read it, it took him months before he came across the initiation on how to this amulet.

The book is 1,200 years old and so the amulet or its initiation must have been at the very least also 1,200 year old.

As to the question whether it is effective, my Guru Lama first made it about 2 decades ago, and it worked for the person he made it for. He has since then made it for several other people and according to Guru Lama wit works every time.


  1. Why wasn’t it famous or rediscovered sooner?


Amulets are unique in that sense, there are a lot of amulets, and amulets will be gone and resurface again. Nobody knows the exact explanation for this but Lama Zopa Rinpoche once said that amulets sometimes come and go depending on the collective need of the people. Meaning, there are amulets that we don’t collectively need before but we collectively need now. What determines this is basically the ruling energies of the period we are in.


  1. How is the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet different from other amulet?


I have written about this in the introductory post about the amulet. But to put it simply, other amulets pull your wealth luck base on the different paths of your pre – destiny, which contrary to popular there are actually more than one path to our destiny/destinies.

Here, allow me to quote again what I have written:

Guru Lama explains that the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet is not an amulet that gives you a quick rich blessing. Although, he has seen this happened also. However, he said the main effect of the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet is protection; protection that you don’t lose your wealth or money, but it is also helps you create your wealth by leading you to the right people and to the right sources. Guru Lama explains that in “Maha Biddhuya Vaircona Abihidisambohi Vikurvitadthisnana Vaipulya Sudrentaha Raja Nama Dharma – Paryaya”, the Tantric Buddhist Scripture or book where he found the guideline for the initiation of the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet, it clearly states that this particular wealth amulet is an amulet that helps gather wealth sources for you, then helps you actualize your wealth, after which it will stabilize it and makes it a continuous process to help your wealth grow bigger and bigger. Thus it is imperative that the container is a cylindrical metal to represent continuity and stability. What does this mean? It means it is unique in such a way that it doesn’t pull out from your bazi or karma or own luck the money, but rather it creates wealth luck for you. Other amulets like the Vajrapani Ruel, which is mainly a protective amulet but has a very high percentage of wealth luck manifesting features, will bring wealth luck to you if you have wealth luck base on your bazi or karma. Our life are pre – determined, but this doesn’t mean that it is only pre – determined on a single path, it is pre – determined with various paths, the normal is 3 – 4 paths, sometimes more, but there are times that it is only 2. However, admittedly there is a single path is more dominant than all the other paths. And what the Vajrapani Ruel and the other amulet do is get your wealth luck from all the other paths. The Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet is unique in such a way that even if there is no wealth luck in all the ‘paths’ of your life, it creates it for you. So in a way it changes your wealth destiny. So this amulet is very good for people who absolutely don’t have wealth luck.Nevertheless, for those who have wealth luck already but are unable to tap into it, the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet helps pull those luck for you, make it attainable and then creates a new path for you so that it becomes sustainable and continuous, it is not a “one time, big time” thing.


  1. What is consecrated and how is this different blessing?


Blessing is like asking the Buddha or Bodhisattva or Deity to touch the amulet. Consecration is done with a special ritual where a high lama, and only a high lama can do this, will ask the Buddha or Bodhisattva or Deity to leave an imprint of the Buddha’s (etc.) energy on the item being consecrated. There are also a limited number of items that can be consecrated. Also, although a blessing done by a monk is definitely better, all of us can do a blessing ritual, but with consecration only a high lama with the proper knowledge to do a consecration ritual can consecrate an item or amulet. Not all monks or lama can consecrate.


  1. Why is the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet being made available now?


Guru Lama felt this is the right time to make the amulet available because (1) he notice than more and more people are experiencing some financial difficulty; (2) there seems to be a pervading worldwide of energy of financial instability which is cause by different factors, one of which is also political instability.


  1. How can we request for the amulet?


Powerful and rare amulets are always difficult to come – by. In the old days, an amulet is given by the abbot to Sangha members (temple goers) who they feel are deserving of the amulet and who do work for the temple. The work may be in a form of monetary contribution, but in those times it is usually actual physical work, like helping to clean, cooking or donating vegetables and fruits. Because there must always be an exchange of energies as a representation of a person acquiring it.

These days, because of the changes in time, people are no longer to spend time in the temple to do work for them. And certainly almost nobody donates fresh fruits and vegetables. So a stipulated donation is normally requested. The said amount doesn’t come ‘cheap’ only because one in a way has to cover the cost of the materials used, the offering offered (flowers, fruits, vegetables, oil, incense, bottles of water, gold flakes, etc.) and it is customary to sort of impose that the person donate an image of a Buddha or Bodhisattva for a temple. Technically speaking the amulet itself is not part of it, but there are some conditions for the exchange of energies to be fulfilled. Part of it also if for the feeding of the monks.

To understand this better please read my post called – THE EVOLUTION OF ACQUIRING AN AMULET.


  1. What’s inside the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet?


Inside the amulet are specially consecrated copies of the mantras of King Vaisravana of the Four Heavenly Kings, and of the Five Dzambhalas. Also inside are several holy ingredients in powder form. Before closing the amulet it is further consecrated the Four Heavenly Kings (to understand this better I suggest you read my post about the Four Heavenly Kings).

Putting it in a cylindrical metal holder or container is extremely important because it is specifically mentioned the initiation guidelines. This is to represent continuity and stability.

According to Guru Lama, it takes him 3 days to fully consecrate the mantras, while he can do several copies at the same time, the consecration before the closing of the amulet can only be done one at a time. Obviously, this is quite tedious so he can only make a few every now and then.

Lastly, the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet also comes with a 7 – Day ritual pack. You will have to do a short ritual everyday for 7 days before one can wear the amulet. This ritual is integral and an important part of the process for the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet reach it’s full potential in creating your wealth luck or in pulling your wealth luck.

You can read the following posts to know more about the Vaisravana _ Dzambhala Wealth Amulet:

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Tragedy this Hungry Ghost Month: 2017 Forecast Coming to Fruition?

Published Agosto 31, 2017 by jptan2012

I think it was late last year or early this year that I wrote my forecast for year 2017! One of the forecast is that calamity will happen this 3rd quarter or 4th quarter of 2017. If it happens on the 4th quarter of 2017 it will certainly start or be precipitated this 3rd quarter.

As we all know there is this calamity in Houston, Texas in USA. Hurricane Harvey brought massive rain that rivers overflowed so much that it is now officially been confirmed that it was the worst tragedy to happen in Houston in more than a century! Worst calamity in more than a 100 years! Add to that natural disaster is the disaster that it was said that the Trump US government was not ready for this calamity because of the fact that the two agencies involved in this kind of situation is at the present still unoccupied. To add to that tragedy, Joel Osteen, the Christian preacher and author of several books who has a house worth US$ 10.5 Million and has a large stadium that can fit thousand and thousands of people refuses to open its door for those who were displaced. This for me is worse than any natural disaster, for one person able to help somebody but refuses to do so.

Before Harvey, Typhoon Hato devastated Hong Kong and Macau, thousands were also displaced, this was one of the worst typhoon Hong Kong and Macau has seen in 50 years!

Isn’t it ironic that two natural calamities occurred in a span of two days at two different continents and they’re both ‘record breaker’ in terms of the devastation that they brought? And these things happened both during the Hungry Ghost Month which was preceded by the total solar eclipse!

But for me the biggest tragedy is still about to happen but it has already started when North Korea fired that missile that arced over Hokkaido even it eventually fell of the ocean. It was a clear provocation against Japan and the US who is currently having a joint training. It was not clear why neither Japan and the US didn’t intercept the said missile, but speculations say they avoided being embarrassed which means that they might be ready to intercept such a close encounter. Today, (time of writing is usually not the time of posting) North Korea has announced that the Japan missile is just a prelude to a Guam missile. While this incident doesn’t seem so tragic now, political analysts are already bracing themselves for an even bigger tragedy of worldwide consequence. It is pretty obvious that with Trump at the helm of things in America, he will not like to be bullied, much less by an Asian, and for somebody like him who seems to have strong racist tendencies, he will have taken as a direct provocation. Japan will definitely have to act on this also. We just hope that cooler heads prevail coupled with wisdom and humility and that the leaders doesn’t turn this into an arm – wrestle to determine who is more macho.

Several readers has contacted me asking whether these things are the ‘catastrophe’ that I have written about in my forecast for the year, and whether these things were aggravated by the Total Solar Eclipse on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Month.

I think these tragedies are what I said about the ‘catastrophe’ that will happen or start to happen on the 3rd quarter of the year. But what I’m afraid of is that there is more. I am not trying to be a prophet of doom, but modesty aside I have quite a high rate of accuracy when it comes to forecast. For example, I was the only Feng Shui writer who clearly indicated that there is going to be tragedy in Visayas that will cause famine when Typhoon Haiyan / Typhoon Yolanda happened, to the earthquake in Nepal, to the financial crisis. As early as middle of last year I Have forecasted that the US dollar would hit to more than 50 Philippine pesos. I said it might stabilize at 52 Philippine pesos but may hit as high as 54 Philippine pesos.

I’m saying these not to brag because my high rate of accuracy is not because I’m psychic but because it is of the accuracy in the interpretation of the ‘stars’ for the year, but that we should take these seriously. In the Philippines, we should also expect something to happen which is brewing already. This might ‘blow on our face’ either towards the end of the year or early next year.

And we are talking about this and saying we must take this seriously so that we can all be prepared, and we should all start praying. I believe and know that prayer works and so it is important to pray for our country and for this world.

In the meantime, on a personal level, the effect of the total solar eclipse on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Month could be some personal financial difficulty or illness. When this happens, it can continue until the end of the year. It is best to protect oneself with prayers or with powerful amulets like the Vajrapani Ruel or a gold Kalachakra pendant. My Guru Lama foreseeing this concern, has also recently released the Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet that is suppose to address this concern. The Vaisravana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet is a powerful wealth amulet.


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Bad Attitude May Negate All Good Karma and Good Feng Shui!

Published Nobyembre 29, 2012 by jptan2012

Hello again to all my readers! It’s been a little more than 3 months since I’ve written anything. I apologize for most of your emails went unanswered and your comments were not posted and or also went unanswered.

The long break is an unintentional blog rest. After the hungry ghost month I went out of the country for a business trip followed by a spiritual retreat where I visited some of the most holy Buddhist sites in the world. After which, I was swarmed with work and had to focus on my business.

Today, I would like to start writing again, and I would like to talk about the importance of good attitude in enhancing your Feng Shui and Karma, because bad attitude may negate all good Feng Shui and Karma!!!

Thought of writing this because of a reader who emailed me sometime August, just before I left for abroad. The said reader, let’s just call her M, emailed me to request for help because she is currently facing some problems. I initially refused to do another personal consultation because I was really busy at that time, however, she was quite persistent and I allowed myself to be swayed to offer some guidance.

I did her basic BAZI reading for free and in that reading I saw that she was supposed to have a lot of good luck. However, base on her stories, she had a good life but things have started going sour and that she is currently facing some financial difficulty.

M is an OF (Overseas Filipino) worker in Europe. According to her she’s been in Europe working as a caregiver for more than 10 years and that she already has helped a lot of relatives back here in the Philippines. However, according to M, things started going sour when about 3 years ago she was one of the staff that was laid off by the nursing home that she worked for. I can sense that she still suffers the pain from losing that job, especially since she’s been working there for 5 years. Furthermore, after losing that job, she found it hard to get another job and whenever she is able to get one she’ll lose them after a few months. The most recent one is when she was hired by an English woman to work as an in-house caregiver for the English woman’s mother. According to M they have an agreement that she’ll be the mom’s caregiver for a year, however, after 3 months she was fired for no apparent reason other than the English woman and her husband can no longer afford to pay for an in-house caregiver.

I was reluctant to get into her problem too much because I was busy myself and promised myself that I will not get too involve with the problems of my readers. Furthermore, I can see that she is not really a believer of Feng Shui and only contacted me out of desperation. She also clarified that this is her first time to engage in Feng Shui.

However, I can really sense her desperation and agreed to do a basic BAZI reading for her. I think she really started believing when I mentioned to her that her BAZI showed that she is not married, or that she doesn’t have the Peach Blossom luck. In fact, it showed that she is totally out of marriage luck. This means, that she was either never married, or if she did she is currently separated from her husband. I mentioned this to her and was surprised that I know that she was never married, and, in fact, according to her she never had a serious relationship in her life. Her life is fully devoted for her family (parents and siblings). The good thing is that her BAZI showed that she is surrounded by a loving family, and although she doesn’t have children of her own, her BAZI showed that her children loves her, w/c means these are represented by her nephews and nieces.

However, as mentioned earlier, her BAZI showed that she has a lot of good luck and good karma, and that she is at a staged where in she should be reaping her financial luck already. However, again base on M’s story that is not the case. Furthermore, she said that she feels so alone and that her nephews and nieces were not close to her. The only person that she gets to talk to is her mother and her siblings only get in touch with her during Christmas. It became obvious that a basic BAZI reading will not do and that I should do a full analysis of her BAZI. Since I really feel for her, I decided to do this for free.

What was revealed in the BAZI saddened me. It became obvious that she had a good life, should be having a good life, but for some reason she is simply losing it, even if her BAZI showed that she is suppose to continuously have a good life and will die rich surrounded by her loved ones. This saddened me because this could only mean that she is reaping so many bad karma for herself that she has negated all the good karma and Feng Shui install for her in this lifetime.

I had to double check this, because my experience with her had been very pleasant and I couldn’t reconcile what I’m seeing in the BAZI and conclusion that I have to draw from the fact that it didn’t manifest in her life. I thought I could be wrong or that she might have given me the wrong birth date and time and had to double check with her. Nevertheless, I have the correct details of her birth.

I decided to email one my Feng Shui teachers and consult him M’s case. He draw the same conclusion and advice me to give some Feng Shui charms to M that will help ground M. However, I still can’t reconcile the M that calls me long distance to discuss with me her problem and the M that we think is negating all her good karma and Feng Shui because what could be because of her bad attitude.

The only way to approach this is to be honest with her and to tell her the truth. I told her what her BAZI is showing and in the gentlest possible way I can, I also told her that more often than not, the reason for a person not getting the luck indicated in his/her chart is because they live in a house with really bad Feng Shui and/or the person is creating so much bad karma for himself/herself that it negates all the good luck created in the BAZI. I suggested that she email me pictures of her current house, however, to be honest my Feng Shui instructor and I believe that the only reason that M is totally devoid of all the good luck that she has is because of a bad attitude, bad home Feng Shui will also affect it but not to the extent that it will totally negate everything.

She emailed pictures and the floor plan of her current house, and while there are some things that should be ‘cured’ it doesn’t have anything that will totally negate her good karma and Feng Shui showed in her BAZI. This brings us back to the other belief that it could be her bad attitude that’s causing all these bad luck.

I discussed this with M, and she became a little defensive and said that she only has bad attitude because people treated her really bad. She also insisted on having some Feng Shui cures. I suggested some and advice her to get it online or thru WOFS in London. However, she insisted that she wants to get it from me. I discouraged her from getting her charms from me because (1) I’m really not a seller and while I do sell some pieces to friends and some readers, (2) the pieces that I have are much more expensive than the one you can find online because the pieces that I get are made from real jades, other semi-precious stones, and or real gold. Some of them are also rare pieces.

M was quite insistent to get it from me and when discussed with one of my Feng Shui teacher, he clarified that I have a moral obligation to help M because she is a reader of my blog and that I have some responsibility when I decided to start this blog.

Reluctantly, I agreed to ‘supply’ M some of her Feng Shui charms. Requested that she ask one of her relatives to see me here in Manila so I can just hand to them the Feng Shui charm/cure and so that they can just hand to me the payment. She insisted that she would rather that she directly transact with me. My mistake was I gave in to her demands again.

Her total bill was around Php 16,000.00 and because she was short of cash she requested that she’d just pay me Php 13,000.00 first. I agreed and even though she didn’t send money for shipment, I agreed to send her the charms.

To make the long story short, she claims that she didn’t receive the items, and started sending me hate messages and demanded that I return her money. A lot of you have ordered the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT & the WISHFULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT from me. You can vouch for receiving the items on time. Emailed M a copy of the proof that she indeed received the items at the address that she gave me. She said that those were not her signatures. She said that she wants her full money back although in truth she really haven’t paid me the whole amount. Furthermore, she threatened me that when I get to Manila, I was traveling at that time, I will see myself in ABS-CBN and that she will send somebody to my house to make me pay and to teach me a lesson.

She did send somebody to the house to threatened me, but the person was immediately pacified when I showed him my email and sms exchanges with M. Furthermore, the person that he sent was also duped into believing that M and I were long time friends and that I was hiding from her. The truth is I’ve never met M. The person who went to the house also introduced me to M’s family. Here the truth came out…

M’s family has been having problems with her. She indeed had a good life and was successful abroad, in fact, she had their house built and sponsored another sister to go to Europe. Unfortunately, M started showing signs of a change in behavior. They said she started becoming extravagant and would always tell her family that they only tasted the good life because of her. They also said that M was fired from the nursing home because she became too proud and told her superior that the nursing home will not prosper without her. Furthermore, the English woman also fired her because M felt and acted hat she know better than her charge’s family. On top of that, M also talked to one of his brother to send her daughter to Europe. The brother seeing that his daughter can now find work in Europe agreed to send his daughter; little did he know that what M plans to do is to marry her niece off to an old European guy. They believe that M sold the niece; it’s a good thing that M’s sister who is also in Europe rescued their niece.

The family apologizes to me because of what M did and they requested me to help M thru Feng Shui. Told them that only M can truly help herself, what they can do for her is to pray for her and if they want they can chant some mantra for her. They agreed to do both. However, I would like to end this post that only M can truly change her bad luck by changing her bad attitude. Hope she’ll do it soon!

I still hope that she’ll wear the charms that she got from me, because it will help M to get more grounded but again, only M can truly help herself.

Myth Buster 9: Bonsai Plants are Auspicious

Published Mayo 8, 2012 by jptan2012

A few years back a cousin requested for my help because he was encountering some financial difficulty. While his situation is not yet critical, his financial growth became stagnant. This is worrisome because the projected financial growth of his business is not meeting its expectations. He is also especially worried because he was relatively newly married (about a year) at that time and his wife was pregnant with their first baby. So the stress that he must be feeling is quite expected.

My cousin has always followed Feng Shui and I know that he has good business acumen. On top of that, his wife, before they got married, was base in Japan as a financial consultant and from what I know she is also shrewd when it comes to business. So I really wondered what could be wrong.

I did the Feng Shui of the house and office of my cousin, and he clarified that they hadn’t done much of a renovation. He also clarified, that his wife whose hobby is to do gardening is taking care of their garden pretty well. I inquired about their garden because I know that my cousin’s financial luck is largely ruled by the South where their garden is. Unable to find anything wrong, I decided to go and pay them a visit. I thought maybe there’s a new house or building around their area that’s affecting their Feng Shui.

Everything seems to be fine around their house, and inside their house everything was pretty much done the way I suggested. But when I saw their garden, I saw that while it’s now more beautiful and properly taken care of there’s something that might have been affecting their financial situation. Bonsai plants. My cousin-in-law who lived in Japan for about 7 years got fascinated with bonsai plants and went to study how to make bonsai plants.

My Feng Shui experience didn’t really involve so much bonsai plants so I really can’t be sure whether it’s the one causing the stagnant ‘growth’ of the financial growth of my cousin. However, I specifically remember that when I was in one of my Feng Shui class in Hong Kong, my Feng Shui teacher and a classmate talked about bonsai plants. Our teacher was explaining why Bonsai are unlucky, and my Japanese classmate was saying that it couldn’t be true because Japan and most Japanese who loves Bonsai are actually lucky. I really didn’t remember much of their argument but I told my cousin that the bonsai plants might be the one causing their financial concerns.

Bonsai may be pretty to look at, but because they’re stunted plants they’re essentially inauspicious.

Base on my own understanding, this is because Bonsai plants, while they’re really exquisite and pretty to look at, and can be considered to be quite an art, they’re actually not naturally small, they were stunted. Technically speaking, you have to ‘destroy’ their natural growth process for them to be small, you affect their Sheng Chi. Sheng Chi basically refers to growth, and in Feng Shui anything that is ‘stunted’ is essentially bad.

Of course, my cousin and cousin-in-law gave the same argument that my Japanese classmate raised. I told them that I’ll try to research more about it and will get back to them regarding the matter.

I called up my Hong Kong Feng Shui teacher, but just to be sure I also called up my Feng Shui teacher in Singapore. While they both essentially follow different school of thought of Feng Shui they both agreed that Bonsai plants creates bad Feng Shui. They also said that my interpretation was correct.

After being validated, I then have to raise the question if Bonsai creates bad Feng Shui, why then is Japan very successful. They said that while Bonsai is quite famous in Japan, the truth is very few people has them at home, this is because it is very hard to take care of it. Also, Bonsai only affects the luck of the sector where it is located. The bad effect to my cousin is with his financial growth because it was placed in his luck sector. If it was placed in the descendant luck sector, then the effect could be the absence of a children or bad descendant luck.

They also both said that they believe that it is affecting Japan’s descendant luck. They both said that Japan’s population is quite old, their old people are more than the younger ones, economically speaking for a country this is not a sound situation. They also added that Japan’s youth are not as respectful to their elders compared to their neighboring Asian countries.

Going back to my cousin, since my cousin – in – law is really unable to give up her Bonsai plants, I just had them place at a different section of their house. A sector where both of them won’t be really affected. I would have preferred that they totally get rid of the Bonsais but then again it’s an art for my cousin – in –law and there’s some emotional attachment. However, when their financial situation improved again after they transferred the bonsais, my cousin – in – law was the one who decided to totally get rid of the bonsais.

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