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Sweep Away Negative Energy

Published Nobyembre 30, 2012 by jptan2012

Thanks a lot to all of you who emailed me yesterday welcoming me again. I really appreciate it and make me want to write again.

Yesterday, I talked about how BAD ATTTITUDE MAY NEGATE GOOD FENG SHUI AND GOOD KARMA. Today, I would like to talk about the things one should do when one got involved in a ‘negative’ situation.

First of all, we should all understand that while Feng Shui help prevents bad things, there are times when you let down your positive consciousness, negative things such as what happened to me may happen. I believe that what happened could have been worse if I’m not protected with my Feng Shui cures, Buddhist amulet, good Feng Shui, and with my daily recitation of mantras.

Nevertheless, if something like that happened, no matter how petty, one should ‘sweep’ away the negative energy that happened. In my case, I need to sweep away the negative energy that was brought about by the hateful messages, by the negative thoughts, and by the lies that circulated.incense buddhist temple

There are a lot of things that one can do to ‘sweep’ away the negative energy. In this case, I went to a Buddhist temple, chanted a mantra and lighted some incense. At the same time, I made sure that incense was lighted at home, and brought around the house.

You can use any incense, but my personal favorite is sandalwood, because sandalwood on its own is able to cleanse the surroundings with negative energy. Just make sure that you use real sandalwood.

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